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Everything is Just Ducky for Uma Thurman at Walt Disney World Resort

Award-Winning Actress Uma Thurman Poses with Donald Duck in the Famed 'Engine #71' Fire Engine on Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park

I think most everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for Donald Duck. He loves the spotlight but doesn’t always get to bask in it. And that causes him to get slightly frustrated (and perhaps even a bit impatient) at times. But this past Saturday was different, as Donald was center stage to pose with award-winning actress Uma Thurman. Uma visited Magic Kingdom Park and Donald was a wonderful host. They took this picture in the famed “Engine #71” fire engine on Main Street, U.S.A. Uma seemed quite honored to pose with Donald, so everything was just ducky.


  • @Eric Looking for Classic Donald? Try Character Spot at Epcot. He is there in his sailor suit every day.

  • I wonder if Donald was scared after he heard the title of her Quentin Tarantino film. (Get it?)
    She looks comfy and fabulous, like she is on a real vacation.

  • Donald looks very fluffy!

  • Donald rocks!!!
    I’ve been trying to get a picture with him for quite some time now, but up ’till now I haven’t managed it…
    I’ll try my luck again in April… haha 😉

  • Uma poses with Donald?…Lucky: Character-spotters can NEVER find sailor-suited Classic Donald at the WDW park; he’s a 500-point spot! Those celebrities get everything. 😉

  • Uma looks terrific. (And Donald looks quite handsome as well).

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