Fall Into the Rabbit Hole at Mad T Party – Coming to Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Artist Rendering of the Mad T Party Coming to Disney California Adventure Park in Summer 2012

ElecTRONica is still powering up the nights at Disney California Adventure park into the spring, and soon guests will be able to experience an all-new nighttime family celebration when Mad T Party starts to stir up fun in summer 2012!

This psychedelic soiree will be filled with surprises and new takes on some familiar characters from the world of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Join us for a party like no other as you fall into the rabbit hole and land in a wild and whimsical world where up is down, this is that and nothing is what it seems. A live band, unique entertainment, fun-filled games and plenty of dancing all await guests seeking an escape into a bright and vivid alternate reality.

Throughout the Mad T Party, we will “tip our hats” to the world of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” with wild and fabulous imagery and imagination. Familiar faces will be re-imagined in fresh, new ways, all combining to immerse guests in a captivating world that’s filled with exclusive signature foods, beverages and merchandise offerings.

So get ready to step through the rabbit hole and into Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure park, coming summer 2012!


  • Shoot! It’s too bad that elecTRONica is going away! It should be a permanent installation at DCA. It has take on a life of its own with the DJs, guest dance troupes, and even people cosplaying (Yes, I’m one of them-sort of). 😉 I’m glad that it stayed as long as it did since it was supposed to only last until Spring of 2011. It is odd that they’re still showing the same preview especially when there is a NEW animated series, “TRON: UPRISING” debuting this year. BTW according to Bruce Boxleitner, “TRON 3” WILL happen. Let’s hope they bring elecTRONica back in the future. I suggest that when they do, they should tie it in to the third film as well as the T.V. series. I haven’t taken anyone there who has not loved elecTRONica. This Mad Hatter Tea Party may be the next elecTRONica or the next “Light Magic.”

  • I am glad that my family and I had the opportunity to experience EleTRONica and Flynn’s Arcade. I am sure the Mad T Party will be done well and keep with the after hours vibe. Just advised my wife and she said we will have to plan trip to experience it one last time before it goes away… Heck Yeah!

  • I think we’ll all miss Electronica – the art direction was great and the sleek looks were enticing, but it’s still just an overlay, and overlays can’t last forever. I look forward to seeing what they do with Mad T Party. However, I must admit that GlowFest was the best overlay to date.

  • I am SO SO SO SO SO upset to see ElecTRONica go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fiance and I were wanted to go this summer but I guess that’s not gonna happen! And I’m really glad i recently subscribed to this because our vacation plans have changed now since it will not be there. Perhaps just a beach trip in Florida. It’s much closer to where we live, but we were gonna spend the extra money to go see ElecTRONica.
    Perhaps if and when it comes back we will make that trip. =(

  • Very creative.

  • OMG Im so excited for this! Electronica was awesome but something new will be very exciting and I couldnt imagine anything more fun than a Mad Tea Party…Party!!

  • I hope Flynn’s Arcade stays behind. Maybe ElecTronica could be moved and scaled down to be near the End of Line Club. The new Tron cartoon will be out on Disney XD this summer and with the third Tron movie, TR3N, in production, so it’s still relevant. We thought the ElecTronica experience was just amazing!

  • Love it! i will miss ElecTRONica though.

    and i agree with Sarah! That is a great idea!

  • As a die hard TRON fan, I am very sad to see ElecTRONica leaving although yes, it ended up staying around a lot longer than anyone anticipated it to. I really really hope the powers that be at Disney will not let the TRON legacy die out at the Disneyland Resort. Retaining Flynn’s Arcade or putting a bit of Tron back into Tomorrowland as someone said above would be so appreciated. How about the return of Peoplemover with TRON Superspeed tunnel? Hee hee it was worth a shot.

  • Pretty cool news.

    I have to admit, I had gotten a little tired of ElecTRONica. (Flynn’s Arcade is awesome though!) but I also realize that the park needed something to keep people in the backlot at night because of all the heavy construction at the front of the park.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about Mad T Party.

  • Hmmm, maybe if someone fixed the supports for the people mover you could bring that back and put in a new updated version of TRON! Just a thought!

  • This sounds very interesting! Can’t wait to see how it goes.

  • My husband really wants to see ElecTRONica before it’s gone but all I can find is “spring.” Is there an exact date set?

  • I’m with the majority that thinks Flynn’s Arcade should stay, or retheme the existing Tomorrowland one–It’s still a reference to the old Classic film, even if the Legacy promotion is over.

    Just look at the appeal of the Buzz Lightyear’s Retro Arcade at WDW’s DisneyQuest…
    And as one poster on another board joked, even if we can’t keep Flynn’s arcade, what about Wreck-It Ralph’s? 🙂

  • Any chance the removal of ElecTRONica could lead to the much needed redesign to Tomorrowland? I think the Tron theme would be a great update as well as a light-cycle addition to the old Peoplemover/Rocket-Rods track. I know this has been a rumor for a while but I would love to see this happen!

  • Hmmmmm… Sad that Flynn’s will be gone. How about setting it up somewhere else and building a lightcycle ride? Sounds good to me…

  • What does “T” stand for?

  • i agree with luke also! i find it really annoying to walk through hollywood pictures backlot later in the night having to walk around all the people dancing. although im excited to see that they are putting something new back there i just hope its not something that disney replaces every year with a new theme just cause they have been doing it for a while now doesnt mean they have to have a dancing thing back there all the time

  • Not much of a TRONiac…never cared for ElecTRONica, however I respect all of those who <3 it and how you must feel. I do hope they create a special attraction for you. In the tradition of Disney change is always around every corner. I am looking forward to this new show. The concept drawing captured me instantly. Always happy to have a (tea) Party! 😉

  • not a fan of Michael Paul…. i think DJ Josh Billings would be a good fit for this one.

  • Sad to see ElecTRONica go. But figure it will be back next year with the release of Tron 3.

    Not really happy about Burton AIW land, but someone must like it.

    What I would love to see is Classic Alice characters interact with Burton characters…

  • Erin, is this a good sign for the Main St Electrical Parade to return back to Disneyland Park, since Mad T and World of Color seem to provide enough entertainment for an evening in DCA?

  • Please let us know what will happen to Flynn’s Aracde?

  • I am really excited about this and am a huge Alice fan! Are you guys going to be having a special opening night again just like you did for ElecTRONica on 10/8/2010? Thanks!

  • i am super sad to see electronica go!!! i <3 it im a hardcore disneyland fan and my family is obsessed w this <3<3<3 tron it is one of my favorite movies … flynn lives! and having electronica to me is always great i cant get enough of it, it will never get old for me ….im hoping they at least keep the end of the line club going its always fun to get a glowjito.. wish zeus was there lol.. we like to play tron on the game system and flynns arcade is priceless! for my family its like we get to step into the movie the only thing that would make it better is if garrett hedlund was there aka sam flynn 🙂 if disney at least preserves the back area for that i would be happy sad to see lazerman go but the dance aspect could go to the mad tea party iam tho excited to see what they do with this it could get interesting since its based on tim burtons alice in wonderland im sure it will be delightfull 🙂 dear disney please preserve a bit of tron for us tronathoners!!!! we will love u for it

  • ElecTRONica was fantastic, and a really cool event. The booming bass, dark alleys, and incredible building projections made it a dramatic and mature end to a fantastic day. I never saw the original TRON and only enjoyed TRON: Legacy because of Olivia Wilde, but I found ElecTRONica to be superb. I hope that this new event (which, by the way, is based on a movie that’s much older than TRON: Legacy was, Luke! :P) retains much of the same atmosphere.

    My question for Erin: I’m visiting in early May. Will I be able to see ElecTRONica, Mad T Party, or neither? Thanks!


  • I didn’t discover ElecTRONica until last summer. It was also the first time that I heard live house music and became hooked! DJ Michael Paul and Adam Auburn are the best DJ’s who always seem to rock the house with their great music! I hope that Disney keeps them around for the Mad T Party. It wouldn’t be the same without them!

  • I agree with Luke. I really dug ElecTRONica when it first came out…still do, to some degree. But I have to admit that up until New Years, I’ve seen the attendance dwindle and dwindle when I’ve gone through it on the weekends. Of course now, we’re still on the heels on New Year’s, so it’ll have a bit more zing these next few weekends, maybe. But nonetheless, it’s time for a change-up. Like most people on here, I’m surprised as well that it lasted as long as it did; correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge, I don’t think Glowfest lasted as long as ElecTRONica has. And I’m also surprised that the Tron 3D sneak peek is still around (I remember going to that twice when it first opened). So yeah DCA, we’re a bit overdue for a change.

  • It will be sad to see Tron go! I believe Tron deserves a permanent spot in Disneyland/DCA, even if the current movie may have been out for over a year. There are many attractions at Disney based on older IP and they still keep us coming back. I’ll have to step up my visits to Flynn’s in the next while & get more tokens to keep with my 10-28-10 meet up coin.

  • 1. I agree with Luke 100%
    2. I don’t know how I feel about this given all of the early 1920’s vintage enhancements that are happening to Cal. Adventure. Doesn’t seem like this will fit the new vision at all. Although I am sure the Imagineers have many tricks up their sleeve…just doesn’t sound like it really belongs. I guess we will have to wait and see the final product. But a GREAT concept drawing 🙂

  • Sad but knew it was going to happen to elecTRONica eventually. That being said, Disney I am willing to make the sacrifice and allow you to transport the entire Flynn’s arcade to my home for “safe keeping”. Happy to help out. Let me know ;^)

  • As much as I liked ElecTRONica at first, it’s a little silly that it’s still around. I mean, the movie has been out for over a year, yet they’re still showing that 3D sneak peek as if it matters anymore. I went to ElecTRONica very early in its life span, because the blog said it would be a limited time engagement. Had I known it would still be around this long, I wouldn’t have rushed. Also it’s a little noisy and difficult to get around. I’m excited for something new. Those complaining about it leaving should take solace in the fact that it’s been there for much longer than it made sense to be.

  • Will this new themed party only hold live bands or will a live DJ be back once in awhile to spin some dance music? Something I loved about GlowFest and elecTRONica was the dance music.

  • This will be fun but I can’t lie I sure will miss ElecTRONica

  • As a die hard ElecTRONica fan, I am so very sad to see it going away! I just love the feel and atmosphere of it all. I do know however, that things change, and I will give this new Mad Tea Party a try….

    P.S. A new Tron movie would make it better…..

  • Will Flynn’s arcade still be available after ElecTRONica ends or will it be moved to a new location?

  • no, thank you

  • What will happen to Flynn’s Aracde?
    Will DJ Michael Paul and Sean Ray still be there?

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