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Gearing Up for New Disney California Adventure Park Merchandise

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

New Merchandise Coming to Disney California Adventure Park, Inspired by Fabled Treks Across Route 66 with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, one of the new merchandise programs that you can expect to see when Los Feliz Five & Dime opens is of course driven (literally!) by Mickey Mouse and friends. A little more retro in style, you’ll find ladies’, men’s and kids’ tees and fleece, along with accessories and novelty items like key chains, buttons, ear hats and open- and limited-edition pins.

New Disney California Adventure Park Merchandise Including T-Shirts, Accessories and Novelty Items, Inspired by Fabled Treks Across Route 66

Inspired by fabled treks across Route 66, Mickey and Minnie are certainly geared up as they travel through Disney California Adventure park, stopping at various roadside attractions along their way including Soarin’ Over California, Ariel’s Grotto, Goofy’s Sky School and Ornament Valley. I think what I like most about this particular program is that it gives you the feeling that you toured along with them.

New Disney California Adventure Park Logo Pin, Featuring Minnie and Mickey Mouse as They Trek Across Route 66

I hope you liked this quick sneak peek at our Disney California Adventure park logo merchandise. There’s plenty more to see and I’ll be sharing a lot of it with you over the next few months.


  • Can’t wait!!

  • Oh my goodness, is that Lux Deville brand purse and wallet with a touch of Disney? Love the retro styling on the new merch, better save my pennys for the next big visit!

  • Wonderful!!! I know it takes time to develop these ideas and styles but please don’t forget the ladies! There are many of us that don’t wear regular mens T-shirts. Would love to see some of those designs on a ladies shirt. The V-neck showing in the photo is great but I’m sure that in a Junior size. Everything looks GREAT!!

  • We need the top image as a Wallpaper option please…..

  • I’m with Hannah. What is the date for Gear Up for Adventure. We’ve gotten updates for Florida, but California’s is first. Would love some info.

  • Mickey and Minnie on that t-shirt remind me of that old 1950’s movie with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz called “The Long, Long Trailer”, a hilarious journey with Lucy and Ricky as they go on a road trip with a big travel trailer. I am getting so excited for the brand new California Adventure we are getting this summer! I have always LOVED Disneyland USA, but I’m thinking I’m going to really love California Adventure just as much when it all opens this summer!

  • Is that a new costume for Duffy or is it the 12 inch predressed bear? I would love to see more costumes for the 17 inch bear.

    • This Duffy the Disney Bear is indeed pre-dressed, but I know they have a couple of fun costumes in store for you, so keep watching for them.

  • I can’t wait to add that street sign to my little boy’s collection/Cars room! 🙂

  • I want to get one of those shirts!

  • I LOVE the new Mickey/Minnie logo! For those outside of California, I hope you’ll be able to offer some of the merchandise online as well. 🙂

  • Speaking of “Gearing Up”…can you tell us the dates for the Gear Up for Adventure Pin Event that is taking place this June in DLR? At the Florida Project Pin Event the Pin team showed previews of the pins that will be released at the hard-ticket event. They said that they would announce the dates in a “few weeks”. LOL That event was in Sept. and still no dates. We are starting to plan our trip to DLR for the event all we need is the dates so we can book our hotels.


    • Hannah,
      I’m still trying to find out details, as I know that things are still being determined. As soon as I know, I’ll make sure to post it on the Disney Parks Blog. So keep watching.

  • Looks great! 🙂

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