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In Time For Valentine’s Day: A Sweet Meet-and-Greet at Magic Kingdom Park

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Do you remember meeting Mickey or Minnie for the first time? I certainly do. And chances are so do most Disney Parks Blog readers. It’s such a memorable experience that Disney Floral & Gifts has created a special meet-and-greet surprise just in time for this year’s Valentine’s season.

A Personalized Valentine for Mickey Mouse A Personalized Valentine for Minnie Mouse

So, here’s the scoop: The story behind this gift is that Mickey needs your little ones help to surprise Minnie (and Minnie needs your help to surprise Mickey) at Magic Kingdom Park from Feb. 1-15. You see, tucked inside this new offering are essentials for a “sweet” meet-and-greet experience in the parks. And, get this, it also includes a special Valentine, personalized to your little one from Mickey or Minnie; a Valentine coloring sheet they can decorate; and a special invitation to surprise them at the Town Square Theater inside Magic Kingdom Park.

In Time For Valentine’s Day: A Sweet Meet-and-Greet at Magic Kingdom Park

Now, imagine the look on your little one’s face as they present Mickey or Minnie with their colored Valentine they made just for them while wearing their Mickey Mouse ears and BFF light-up lanyard that’s included with this gift! And, not only is it a moment you’ll want to catch on camera, it’s a moment your little one will share with their friends when they get home too.

If you think your little loved one would enjoy surprising Mickey or Minnie with a special Valentine, simply click Mickey’s Valentine Surprise or Minnie’s Valentine Surprise to learn more. Remember, this experience is only offered through Feb. 15.


  • The experience is all about cost. It comes down to what you want for your child. If this is what would make them the happiest, then you re-budget and take out something else. At the end of the day Disney is a business. Yes, it hurts to have to say no to your child sometimes, but it shows them that throughout life these things will happen. You just don’t get everything. Just because they offer it, doesn’t mean your child has to have it.

    I am sure Mickey Will accept your valentine’s and he will be just as gracious or maybe even more with a handmade Valentine. Just being at Disney should be enough for a child. Well at least that is how I see it.

  • We will be arriving on the 11th. Is there any chance we can
    purchase once we are down there?

  • I love this! But i live locally so no need to stay in a hotel how would i do this????? who should i contact???

  • Don’t know what to say, just a bit disappointed. I have 3 kids and the cost is way to high. 🙁 I hope Mickey can accept the Valentines we already have.

  • My kids would love for him to be their Valentine!

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