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Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Ready, Set, Go!

I know that many of you saw my fellow author Darrell Fry’s post back in April about the newest runDisney event, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, scheduled to take place at the Disneyland Resort just a few days from now. As the merchandise blog author for the Disneyland Resort, my goal here is simple … to get you into “gear” that allows you to finish in record time and of course, in style. Athletes, spectators, friends and family alike will enjoy the many offerings available for this year’s Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon.


Your first step is to race into the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo Center at the Disneyland Hotel, January 27 – 28, because whether you are hitting the pavement or cheering your loved ones on, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look great. Here are a few highlights of what you can expect to see: fashion tees (cute!), novelty tees (humorous), performance tees and tanks (essentials), a zip hoodie and training jacket, running hat, Bondi bands, open-and-limited edition pins, drink ware and souvenirs. It really doesn’t stop there… there’s even Dooney & Bourke bags! Special Tip: Look for a special medallion featuring the marathon logo to appear on select styles.


For those of you needing to add a “dash of sass” to your race ensemble, Studio Disney 365 stylists will be on hand to perform Pixie Power inspired makeovers. For a complete look at all of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon merchandise, visit ArtofDisneyParks.com.


To all of you participating this year, I commend you and wish you the best of luck!

Are you taking part in this Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon?


  • Is there any chance more Tink Dooney bags will become available? I was at the event, but missed the bags by a few minutes. With 12000+ runners registered, primarily female, more bags should have been available. This was the one item I really wanted. HELP!!!!

  • Soooo sad that the tink purses went so fast Friday & all the jackets sold out too. I had a fantastic time & a great run, but these were two items I really wanted to purchase.

  • Is there any chance the jackets that were sold out on the first day will be for sale online? PLEASE???

  • SO SO Sad that there were not enough Dooney & Bourke Tink bags for all the runners that wanted to purchase them…..WHYYYYY????? Didn’t D&B KNOW how many women runners were registered??? It’s just sad that something sells out in TWO HOURS!! Those of us arriving Saturday didn’t even have a chance…and I think Disney knows that something like an ‘inaugural commerative’ item like D&B will SELL – even after the race was over they still would have sold…..

  • I ran the tinkerbell marathon. However I very upset because I trusted my friend to pick up my number and my shirt. She did not make it to the Expo before it closed on Saturday. Thankfully I was still able to run, but I was told that I could not get my shirt. I am really really really sad about it. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to get it still. I will even buy it off of someone. I still have the tag connected to my number. Please Help!!!!!

  • Hi there. Although I bought several tshirts, I didnt buy the “I did it” tshirt because I didnt want to jinx myself. Are there any left of those? Is there any way to get one?
    The event was great!! Love the medal!

  • i need this bag 🙁 boo not in disney world

  • I snagged mine too right at opening. It really is a beautiful bag. Disney merch powers that be: this bag is obviously a great seller. Even if the design needs to be changed a teeny bit so as not to infringe on the “inagural tinkerbell half marathon” exculsiveness I’m sure it will be a hot seller. **tink**tink**

  • George – Did they really sell out 2 hours after the Expo opened?? I’m so glad I had the foresight to get to the Expo before it even opened this morning. I had my D&B Tink bag purchased 10 minutes after the Expo opened.
    Thank you Dooney & Bourke and Disney for creating some really beautiful, perfect purses for us Tinkerbell fans!

  • The Tinker Bell Half Marathon bags were sold out within 2 hours of the expo opening, at which point the massive line emptied out. There are a few wristlets left, but they do not have the Tinker Bell Half Marathon medallion.

  • Hi Michelle!!

    PLEASE Let us know if the Tink Dooney will be available online to purchase for those of us not able to make it out to DL for the Tink 1/2!! I have patiently been waiting for a D&B that i really want…..and this one is SOOOOOOO it!! Dang, I really want that shirt too! Hope they have an equally awesome one for the Tower of Terror 10 mile!!

    • Jennifer, as soon as I know about any online opportunities I will be sure to share it with you, so watch for me to comment back. I’m not sure when I will have the answer, but promise to post it as soon as I do.

  • Please Please Please make sure to either hold back some “I did it” shirts for Saturday sales or make sure there are enough. So many people say they run out and don’t get one. I will be there Saturday 🙂

  • Love the purses! 😀

  • Omgoodness!!! I cannot wait to get there Saturday! I hope there is still a good selection of half merchandise available for purchase for those running! Will the tech tee included on our reg fee have any Tink or Disney decals??

  • Thanks Michelle, I really appreciate you checking into the availability at Walt Disney World! 🙂

  • Oh, wow. Are we able to use AP discounts and gift cards on the merchandise at the Expo?

    • Jessica, you can definitely use your AP discounts and gift cards. Have fun!!

  • Hi. I was wondering if any of the profits from marathon merchandise or registration fees are donated to charity or worthy causes?

    • Pauline, I don’t believe so, but I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure.

  • Will these new D&B Tink bags be available at Walt Disney World, since the race is at Disneyland? I love the new bags, but would really love to see them in person. When would they be available in Walt Disney if at all? Thanks so much!

    • Katie, I’m trying to find out if we’ll have them available at the Walt Disney World Resort as well (sans the medallion, of course), as soon as I know, I’ll update you.

  • Is that the long sleeve shirt we get for running??? I hope so! SUPER CUTE!!! Wonder if I can talk my hubby into that Dooney. Have the White Disneyland one…need to increase the collection! CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!!

    • Melanie, that’s actually one of the shirts we’ll have available for sale at the Expo. If you think that’s cute, wait until you see some of the other great tee’s (performance and otherwise) as well as the hoodies. You’ll be filling your closet with all marathon related clothes.

  • I am giddy with excitement! Literally!! I. Can’t. Wait!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Great post! Is the first shirt posted (white tech) the official shirt of the race? The one all runners get?

    • Thanks Katie! That’s actually one of the shirts we’ll have available to purchase. Wait until you see some of the other merchandise offerings. Super cute collections!

  • I will be running in this. It’s my first race and I can’t wait!

    • That’s so exciting!! I know you’ll do great! Good luck and remember, have fun!

  • Will there be a Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon vinylmation?

    • Hey Megan! Unfortunately there won’t be any Vinylmation specific to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.

  • I hope people actually take the shirt size they signed up for, that way certain sizes don’t run out by the time I get there on Saturday!!!!

  • Will the Tink Dooney & Burke purses be available after the marathon on line or at the resort? We are coming to DL this summer and my daughter (and me, for that matter) love Tink and would love to have this purse. Her first Dooney was the pink Minnie that she got on her first trip to WDW and this would be great for her first trip to DL.

  • How long will the Tinkerbell Dooneys going to be available? I am going in August and want one of these so bad!

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!! So excited for this event 🙂

  • I am going to be at the parks 2/12 – 2/14, will the tinkerbell Dooney&Burke purses still be available then?

    • @Demetra, @Shelby and @Chris, I’m so glad you are excited for this collection. I love it too. My best recommendation for you all is to inquire with Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477, after the marathon this weekend about any remaining quantities. Should quantities remain the Merchandise Guest Services team will be happy to assist. But I wouldn’t wait, there seems to be a lot of excitement for these.

  • Finally a Dooney I can’t live without. There are so many cute ones that I really like but I am a tinkerbell to the core. What time does the expo open on Friday so I can go shopping?

    • The Expo Center will open at 10am, both days.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Tink D&B! I love my Disney D&B purses and have been waiting for one with a Tink print!

  • Omgoodness, I am going to spend SO much at the expo! =O I cannot wait to run and get my Coast-to-Coast medal!!!!!

  • SO EXCITED! a friend of mine will be down there! if i get off work! we might be going too!

    • You definitely should come and check it out!

  • Do you know if the expo and/or special merchandise will be limited to participants and their guests?

    • Hi George! The Expo Center and the opportunity to purchase merchandise is open to all Guests. Hope you’re able to make it down to the Resort.

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