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Just a Walk in the Park (with ‘Cousin Betty’) at Epcot

I was at Epcot recently and couldn’t help but notice the colorful diversity of footwear guests wore as they hurried along the promenade. Footwear from around the globe inspired me to do a little time-lapse piece just for fun and I happened upon a fantastic piece of music – a kind of Cajun-Bop tune titled “Cousin Betty.” I think it captures some of the excitement that was so obvious to me on that day. I hope you enjoy this whimsical study as much as I do, and I really thank my pal Bryan Smoker for the awesome editing job.


  • Miguel- I began my career as a newspaper photographer and joined TWDC at a time when they were seeking a shooter with a news background. Good luck to you and know that there is no substitute for practice!

  • Great video, So how did you first start out as a photographer for Disney? Ive been searching online because im interested for doing exactly wat you do and just wanted some feedback.

  • I must say, I have been to the parks in both flip flops and tennis shoes. I prefer the flip flops. Something about letting my feet breathe as we walk through the park all day is very relaxing. And I agree with Vicki, if it does rain, my feet dry out very quickly when the sun does come out. 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the smiles. I must admit I’m always amazed by how many people where runners to the parks. I’m from the west coast of Canada & can where my hiking sandals here most of the year. I wear them in the parks & they work out great – sturdy, comfy & if a rain storm comes through I can just keep going, since they dry out in less than five minutes in the Florida sun.

  • Special note to Bert from WI: I just now discovered your comment and question, and apologize for missing it before. Feel free to drop me an email at gene.duncan@disney.com.

  • More than once my wife and I have sat on a bench atEPCOT with a glass of wine and tried to spot people wearing the stupidiest shoes for Disney. And it generally doesn’t take long to spot somebody wearing 4 inch heels.

  • Watched the video and based on what I saw….80% of people were smart and wore a good sturdy pair of running shoes or hikers for their day in the park. Some of those peolple with flip flops…were probably regretting their choice at the end of the day. Another Secret to success for a good day at Disney World Parks…sturdy, comfortable shoes!!

  • Dear Mr. Duncan,

    Thank you for sharing that amusing video of interesting footwear on this snowy, snowy, day here in Canada.

    Crocs work very well for me while visiting the theme parks as do Fit Flops.

    This video made me smile, thank you.


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