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Leap Year 2012 Brings ‘One More Disney Day’ to Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Leap Year 2012 Brings ‘One More Disney Day’ to Disney Parks

Happy New Year from Disney Parks!

As you may have just heard on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, we’re kicking off 2012 with a special announcement – an extra day of magic for you called “One More Disney Day.” For the first time ever, both Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park will stay open for 24 hours straight. That’s right, from 6 a.m., February 29 to 6 a.m., March 1, 2012, local time, you can fill the extra day of leap year with a marathon of Disney Parks fun.

Leap Year 2012 Brings ‘One More Disney Day’ to Disney Parks

We’re also launching our new OneMoreDisneyDay.com site this morning with a few surprises. Beginning today through Feb. 29, one guest per day can win a memory-making Disney Parks vacation. You can find details about the sweepstakes opportunity as well as information about a special package offer for guests of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts on the site.

So, what would you do with “One More Disney Day?” Let us know in the comments and be sure and follow the conversation on Twitter. You can get involved now using the Twitter hashtag #Disney24.


  • I can’t Wait; My Husband and I are season pass holders; and will be leaving the kids at home; and mom and dad get a day to play! looking forward to it! and Hopping to be able to enjoy every ride that we are restricted with; while we have our young children with us. 🙂 see you in a month!

  • It would be so much fun to be there on 2/29/12 for 24 hrs. That will be my 10th birthday since I am a leap year baby (yes,that would mean 40.)

  • Will there be Dining Reservations available earlier and later than usual on 02/29/12?

  • 2/29 is actually my 40th birthday. I would love to spend it at Disney with my husband and my two little girls:) That would be awesome:)

  • will there be fireworks and fantasmic at dlr? any special events for feb 29th?the web site shows the usual winter schedule of events.
    i changed my vacation week so i can do 24hrs at dlr. this will be cool

  • My husband and I are celebrating my 15th Leap Year birthday (60th) at the park for 4 nights including the 29th, of course. We’ll be staying at the French Quarter Inn at the park and I can’t wait! Are there any specials for Leap Year birthday babies that are celebrating that day??? Thank you!!

  • Does anyone know if you can get a one day hopper for this event??

  • Will those who enter the park at 6 a.m. be given a receipt / hand stamp / or other item to be turned in the following morning at 6 a.m. to enable those that endured the entire 24 hours to receive a paper commemorating the accomplishment / purchase a commemorative pin or similar / etc…..?

  • My birthday is 2.29.1968 I will be celebrating my “11th” Leap Year Birthday this year, yep that is right I will be turning 44 in regular years. I would love to win one of the Disney One More Day trips for my, my 11 year old daughter; she is really 11 years old so that makes us “twins” this year, and my 8 year old son and my husband. I have been entering everyday on the website and via text message. Please wish me luck and I really hope I win!

  • I will officially be 11 years old on Leap Year!!! Hoping I can get there! What a great place to celebrate a “real birthday”! I would spend the whole 24 hours in the parks to celebrate!

  • Sounds great! first post of 2012.

  • I have decided I will be there and we will try to do “everything”

    Wondering if there is any information anywhere saying what will be open all night long?

  • ‘Thanks’ to the show quality operations cast member that fixed the count down clock.

  • ok, so in my last post I said I was turning 12, I am really 48 but will be 12 in leap year years!

  • I’m a leap year baby and I will be 12 this year. I’m very excited that you are celebrating my special day. I feel like a rock star!!! Can I get in for a special price maybe??

  • Wouldn’t miss it!!! 🙂

  • How exciting! Will it require a special ticket for February 29th?

  • This sounds great! I would love to enter the sweepstakes but it won’t work on either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The webpage goes gray when I click on Enter Now. How can I get the entry box to come up???

  • For those getting the communications error, I too was getting it in Google chrome but when I switched to using Internet Explorer it worked.

  • This is disappointing, I was hoping for a whole year not just one day 🙁

  • February 29th is my Birthday and I’ll “officially” have my 8th Birthday, what a great way to celebrate 8 ‘Real Birthdays’ for me!!!

  • i would love to enter but it keeps saying theres a communication error is everyone else having a problem with the website that they cant enter? can any one help me out with this please

  • Too bad leap day isn’t in June…that’s when we’ll be in WDW. 🙁

  • What a great event! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • I would see all of my musical favorites one more time!!

  • I wish there was A Disney Day that Annual Passholders would get a discount when renewing their Annual Pass 🙂 We love Disneyland and we would love to keep going, but the prices keep going up 🙁

  • One more Disney day for me would not only be watching my daughter’s eyes light up meeting the princesses she admires, seeing my son on a swashbuckling pirate adventure, or my husband be enamored by the technology of tomorrow, but fulfilling the dreams of my parents to return to their “Neverland”. Though we didn’t have everything growing up, we had what we needed, and enough love that we never knew anything was missing. It was a really big deal for my parent to scrape enough together to get us to Disney World when we were children so we could experience a couple days of magic, and it changed our lives forever. We are now working to pass this magical gift on to our children. Every family should try to go once even if it is only one day. The magic you’ll encounter will be with you forever. Thank you Disney Parks!

  • Personally I really hope they have some rare or even retired characters out for this event!! You can bet once midnight hits few guests will be under 18 so why not bring back characters we haven’t seen in ages. Personally my list includes:
    Hercules and Meg
    Darkwing Duck and Launchpad
    Clopin and Esmerelda
    And this list can go on and on honestly. I just think it would be a cool idea to add this special bit of pixie dust to MK that day.

  • I would…dance with every Disney character, sample every savory and sweet morsel Disney offers, ride everrry ride, and thank our lucky fireworks and Disney too! 🙂

  • I tried to enter the contest but keep getting an error message and it won’t accept my entry. Can you please help?

  • I so want to go just so I can say I spent 24hrs in the Magic Kingdom. Even through on March 1st. I’d have to sleep all day!

  • I can’t make it down for Leap Day because we already have a trip planned, but I will be entering the contest every day and if we were lucky enough to win, we would come down near Christmas 2012 to experience Epcot’s holiday storytellers, the Osborne lights, & all the special parades. This year’s trip is our first ever (and maybe only) so to come again for to see the Christmas sights would be spectacular!

  • You don’t need to be in a Disney hotel (Extra Magic Hours) to stay for 24 hours, do you?

  • I would take my kids and try and make a vacation out of it they would have such a blast!

  • One more Disney Day…I’d spend it with my three darling daughters and our one handsome prince, Corey (my husband, their dad!)

  • Would love to bring the 2 grandkids down to Disney,what a treat to see them in such a happy vacation place.

  • We are going to be there on the 29th!!!! I think it will be so cool to do everything over and over again……

  • Every time I try to enter the sweepstakes, I get a communication error. Is there something wrong with the site?

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