Looking Ahead: 2012 at the Disneyland Resort

George A. Kalogridis

by , President, Dev and Enrichment, Walt Disney World Resort

Five years ago, the Disneyland Resort announced the second-largest expansion since the gates first opened in 1955. On the verge of its completion, it excites me to think that the next chapter in our storied history is about to unfold.

As you walk through the parks, hotels and the Downtown Disney District, I hope you sense the pride and enthusiasm building not only within our 22,000 cast members, but also within you, our guests, who have patiently and eagerly traveled along on this journey with us.

Radiator Springs in Cars Land Coming to Disney California Adventure Park

Every component of this expansion—from attractions, merchandise and dining locations, to new entertainment and re-imagined hotels— has been designed to craft new pages of our story.

So whether you are looking to whoosh down a monorail waterslide, stroll along Main Street, U.S.A., cruise through Radiator Springs or walk into a 1920s-era Los Angeles, memories await you at the Disneyland Resort in 2012.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead. I look forward to seeing you at the parks soon!


  • we’re local and everytime we drive by my kids ask when it will be opened. They have basically watched the place get built. Counting down the days til summer!

  • George, Thanks so much for the update and for continuing to carry on Walt’s dream and visions. I was raised in a Disney family and have been enjoying Disneyland since I was a kid and am now enjoying sharing it with my grandchildren! We are looking forward to our visit this year in October and seeing Cars land, and the Buena Vista Street and just being back in our “DISNEY” world. This year we are bring my son’s best friend and his family who have never been! Keep up the great work and uhhh can ya tell the character planners it would be great to see Beast! Maybe they could have him hang out in his library! I have been trying to get a pic with him since Beauty & the Beast came out!!!!!!

  • George:

    I would love to be able to see the Time Tunnel under the old administration building. Would be one of my most fondest wishes coming true. Can you give me a tour?


  • Can’t wait to go soon in August or September 2012. Hope it is done by then so we can enjoy it 🙂

  • Is there an address where I may send George a letter?

    • Hi Jennifer! Please feel free to send mail to P.0. Box 3232, Anaheim, CA 92803 with attention to me and I’ll be sure to get it. Thanks!

  • THANKS GEORGE! So looking forward to the changes. I was a Cast Member on opening day at DCA, and I have to say all of the changes are good and going in the right direction. I also love the plans for the new Fantasy Faire. But how about a Geyser-themed splash-zone in Big Thunder Ranch for those hot summer days?

  • George,

    Congrats on a great start to 2012. We can’t wait to experience all the new changes on our next trip. The DL resort is truely at a strong point in its history. As a guest it is so encouraging to see the large investment in making DL a place where I can bring my family for years to come.

  • This is our 42nd year enjoying Disneyland and we are constantly amazed at the innovation and change that keeps the Park “new” for us old timers and relevant to all of the youngsters. We enjoy the changes but really feel good when the “new and improved” respects the “old tried and true”!!

    The heart of Disneyland isn’t the rides, the shows, the food or entertainment it’s the way we all react to these things together. The heart of Disneyland is the cast members, the guests, and the way in which Walt wanted us to enjoy all of it.

    May all of those that make the decisions always remember Walt’s vision and respect it!

    Arizona Mike

  • George,
    Congratulations to everyone involved in this huge change for DCA. I clearly remember DCA 1.0, and it’s been great to watch the much-needed transformation. The efforts of everyone’s hard work, long hours, and late nights are about to pay off big time! Best of luck to each and every cast member as they survive this next summer. It’s going to be a season none of us, fans or cast, will soon forget.


  • My family has grown up with Disneyland. My mom was at Disneyland the day it opened in 55′. My parents went to Disneyland on their dates. It was $5.00 back then. They went to Grad nite in 68′ and I went in 90′. Now after waiting 9 years, after moving back to Ca., I finally got a annual passport. I’m very excited for the Cars land opening this summer, but I’ll have to buy a block out ticket. Hopefully, as we get closer to the unveiling, Disney will announce the exact day, Cars opens. I would like to be there for the opening day.

  • We are truly witnessing Disney History.

  • Is the new water slides and pool area going to have a section of pool for Adults only? Many of us go to Disneyland as a couple, you may have noticed, and would appreciate a pool or hot tub area for grown ups only.

    Thank You.

  • Dear George,

    Thank you for all that has happened to the Disneyland Resort since you became President. I have seen so many fantastic changes all for the better. I am so excited for this summer, I cannot wait!



  • Patrick–
    George is referring to the new Monorail themed water-slides and pool area at the Disneyland Hotel. 🙂

  • So exciting! After 27 Disney World/Disney Cruise Line/Disneyland Paris trips, this September we’ll experience Disneyland’s new offerings!

  • George – Thank you for your leadership during this move to new adventures! Your CMs and Imagineers are great!

  • Wait, wait wait…..monorail waterslide? Is this something new or is this the improved Matterhorn? No matter what, we are looking forward to seeing all the exciting changes when we visit this summer!

  • George, thanks for all the great things you and the all of the Cast Members have done to the Disneyland Resort. See you in the parks and maybe I will have the courage to say “hi”.

  • Thanks for the post George!

    Buena Vista Street is going to be beautiful, and I cannot even begin to describe how much I’m looking forward to Cars Land, I can’t wait to explore the town of Radiator Springs!

    I admit, its been hard to get around California Adventure with all of the construction walls, but it will all be worth it this summer!

  • One of these years I WILL get an opportunity to visit DisneyLand!! But, for now, I will just have to “settle” for Walt Disney World, as it is closer and easier for me to get to.

  • Being a Disney parent, a former Disneyland cast member and raised as a huge Disney kid. Thanks for continuing and expanding the memories for all of us.

  • Thank you George! Well said. We look forward to seeing you at the parks too.

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