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Magical Portholes on the Disney Fantasy

Just like her sister ship the Disney Dream, the Disney Fantasy will feature Magical Portholes, offering inside stateroom guests a “window” to the world with a real-time view outside the ship.


A cruise industry first, high-definition cameras on the exterior of the ship feed video to wall-mounted framed monitors that have the appearance of a porthole. Camera positions correspond with stateroom locations – port or starboard, from bow to stern.

Disney Parks Blog followers, you are the first to get a glimpse of the art renderings depicting entertaining animated characters that may appear in the Disney Fantasy Magical Portholes!

Rapunzel from “Tangled” just might swing by…


… Mr. Potato Head from “Toy Story” could give a wave…


…or maybe Scuttle and Flounder from “The Little Mermaid” will peek in as they fly by.


No matter which character pops by, one thing is for sure – inside stateroom guests on the Disney Fantasy won’t miss out on the beautiful ocean views as this majestic ship sails the high seas!


  • I have stayed in one and it is pretty cool, but I was unable to get anyone to confirm for me if the character appearances were on a schedule or just random. The kids will love it when they show up, but it was frustrating to watch and watch and see one only every once in a while or not at all. I probably saw 5 total when I was in the room and none were the ones above. But the porthole is an awesome camera view of what is outside and the characters were great when they appeared. You can even turn the porthole window off so the sunrise does not wake you in the morning. 🙂

  • Did the Disney Wonder a couple of years ago with the veranda and never once went out there. When I am awake I do not hang out in my room – there is too much to do on the ship. We are sailing on the Fantasy this June and we booked the inside stateroom expressly for the magic porthole.

  • We’ve always at least had a large outside porthole, as I feared the inside would feel like a dark closet. I’d love to cruise more, but the cost of an outside porthole or verandah make it such I can only afford about one cruise every two years. Perhaps I’ll have to give the inside another look.

  • Nice.

  • We had an inside room on the Dream last July and really enjoyed having the virtual porthole. My Son couldn’t wait to see who would be passing by next. We booked another cruise with an inside while we were on the cruise and counting the days until our next adventure.

  • Oh my daughter is going to love seeing Rapunzel when we go in September! This just made me even more excited for our cruise.

    Danielle – We book only Deluxe Insisde. Especially now with the magic portholes. :0)

  • It is quite interesting how the magical portholes on the Dream and Fantasy have resulted in the the inside cabins become higher in demand than the verandah and outside rooms. Of course the majority of the cabins are verandah rooms, but time and again I hear of people wanting to book an inside room rather than the “higher category” counterparts.

    Great creative thinking to the team that came up with this idea and it is nice to see new and classic characters join the cast and crew.

  • I always despaired of going on a cruise, since I could never afford anything but a “buried” inside stateroom.
    But now I almost want to start planning just for getting a magic porthole–Since the scenery is taken from some of the better ship camera locations, they say there’s a better view when the ship pulls in and out of port than you get from the “real” windows.

  • I loveee Scuttle and Flounder! They look perfect =)

  • True magic of Disney right here. Can’t wait to take my wife on a Disney cruise.

  • I’m staying in an outside stateroom with a verandah on my cruise in September, but I’d love to see an inside stateroom, so I could experience the magic portholes!!

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