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New Bobsleds Will Soon Race Down the Matterhorn at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Matterhorn at Disneyland Resort

On Monday, Jan. 9, the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland park will close so we can ready the iconic mountain for a new fleet of bobsleds. Featuring a new, sleek design, the vehicles will have three seats in each bobsled with two bobsleds linked together for a total of six guests.

So get your last-minute bobsledding done this weekend and the attraction will re-open this summer.


  • I’m looking forward to the new bobsleds.

  • So the new bobsled won’t change the height requirement on the ride, right? My 3yo just started riding and it’s his favorite ride. He’ll be bummed.

  • It would be a shame if this change to the seating necessitates a change in the height requirement. For many years our youngest son who is short for his age was only able to ride The Matterhorn with it’s 35″ height requirement, before later being able to “graduate” to Space Mtn and Big Thunder. Of course, when the ride opened more than 50 years ago there was no height requirement at all (I believe there was an age limit though).

    Also, having ridden the reconfigured cars at Space Mtn at Magic Kingdom today I sure hope the Matterhorn cars make you feel like you’re “inside” the car, rather than feeling like you’re riding on top of the car.

  • I agree Gabriela! My 3 year old would be upset too if he couldn’t ride anymore. Please tell us the height requirement won’t be changing!!

    I must say I will really miss being able to “cuddle” with him on the Matterhorn.

  • Wow! Yet another reason to go this summer!

    P.S. Don’t EVER close the Matterhorn permanently.

  • What some call cuddling others call head injuries πŸ˜‰

  • What month of summer will it re-open? We are hoping to go to DLR in June but we want to ride the Matterhorn.

  • Sweet idea! This should make the line move much faster, and hopefully make the ride more comfortable.

  • Oh so that’s why it will be closed while i am there, i guess that is a good reason. Can’t wait to go on it with the new bobsleds πŸ™‚

  • Hannah – I read it will re-open June 14th.

  • What? Why this weekend? I am going next weekend and in February my Annual Pass expires, and unfortunately I won’t be able to renew this year. I was looking forward to riding it for the last time. πŸ™

  • When will it be up and running again?

  • So with the new sleds, is the ride going to be smoother? My wife wont go on this ride due to the bumpy/jerkyness of the ride.

  • While I will be sad to see the old ones go because my grandfather was with the construction crew that built the Matterhorn, I think the sleds are due for an update. I’m looking forward to riding the new sleds! πŸ™‚

  • Bummer It will be closed on my boys frist visit to the park.

  • ok, this is exciting news. I sure hope this upgrade makes this classic ride much smoother. I’m getting older and the ol Matterhorn kinda beats me up a bit. Does anybody know if this will be the case?

  • I heard they will be just like or resemble the Space Mountain in WDW, is this true? Us tall people do not like the cars at WDW.

  • This is super exciting! But I will dearly miss the snuggling up you have to do to ride this ride. It was always a great “date” ride because of that. Guess we’ll have to cuddle up on Pirates πŸ™‚

  • Will it change the smoothness of the ride? It’s pretty bumpy!! I love this one– it’s a real childhood icon for me!

  • I saw some of these being tested and they look like they will be SOOOOOOOO much more comfortable. Really looking forward to it… πŸ™‚

  • I would really be bummed if my 2 1/2 y ear old can’t ride anymore. he has been riding this for a couple of months now and really loves it! He gets a kick out of the thrill in it for him! I hope that he still can ride in my lap!

  • I never ride the Matterhorn cause it’s so uncomfortable! I am psyched for the new sleds. See you this summer Matterhorn! πŸ™‚

  • I can remember when the mountain rose up from the tree line just off Interstate 5 – scaffolding and all….and then my first ride on the bobsleds. Amazing how special moments don’t leave your brain cells very easily.

  • This ride has been in need of some major refurbishing for some time. I will miss the old Matterhorn Bobsleds because of their roominess, and how much fun the old seating arrangement was. It would be nice if they could bring back the Skyway ride through the Matterhorn, but I do enjoy the Abominable Snowman they added with the last renovation.

  • Hopefully they will have better padding on the seats!

  • I am looking forward to the new bobsleds! I will be riding the new bobsleds matterhorn on the first day it opens during summer.

  • so excited….I love this ride, but hate how jerky it is too..haha…can’t wait for the updates!

  • I didn’t know this! Glad we got to ride the old cars one more time a couple weeks ago. Sad to see it change but can’t wait to ride it when it’s done!

  • Man, I know that the bobsleds needed to be revamped, but I’m sure going to miss the “snuggle” aspect of the ride. It’s still one my hubby’s and my faves because of it! :)And, I don’t know if my 3 year old will ride without sitting in my lap…kind of bummed…it’s the end of an era!

  • I hope the ride goes even faster!

  • I’m ready! Hope its a little more cushion!

  • A little bummed about this. Loved the old design where two people could be in one compartment. My son started riding this when he was 2.

  • The increase weight of the added riders should make the ride quicker, but there is no mention of the track being reinforced and rehabbed. Also, is there any word if they will begin running the racing configuration again?

  • Cool…..but not sure if my 4yr old will want to ride in a car by himself now πŸ™

  • So glad I went to the park yesterday! My friend and I were the last guests to ride the tandem bobsleds! It was a bittersweet moment. :’)

  • As far as the height requirements … more than likely, they’ll remain the same. It should be announced on this blog later what precise changes will take place.

    Also… consider that it’ll be six months before they’re open. Your kid will grow in six months! My 12 year old grew an INCH in only 2 months (seriously; he’s already over 5′ 8″). A lot happens in only six months (in kid-years).

  • Kind of sad I might not be able to ride the old bobsleds one more time…Oh well the new ones sound nice πŸ™‚

  • I hope they don’t use the same type car Space Mountain in Florida does. I have mobility issues and could hardly get in/out one of those. I don’t like making the wait longer for other riders.

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