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New Disney’s Premier Visa Card Launches with 8 Exclusive Designs

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Today we’re thrilled to share a first look at the newest Disney’s Premier Visa Credit Card from Chase offering a rewards program and special perks that many Disney Parks Blog readers will just love. With one of these new cards, Disney fans will have ways to earn rewards faster plus the opportunity to redeem toward airline travel.

 Disney’s Premier Visa Credit Card from Chase Offers Eight New Designs to Members

Take a look at the new designs. There are eight double-sided cards featuring some of your favorite Disney characters like Sorcerer Mickey, Tinker Bell and Lightning McQueen. And all of the custom designs are reserved exclusively for Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmembers.

Another great thing about the new card is that rewards add up fast. Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmembers earn 2% in Disney Dream Reward Dollars on card purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and at most Disney locations at Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line and Disney Store. Cardmembers earn 1% on all other purchases made with the card. Plus there is no limit to the number of reward dollars that can be earned. For more details, visit

Cardmembers can, of course, redeem Disney Dream Reward Dollars toward nearly everything Disney, like resort stays, theme park tickets, Disney merchandise and Disney cruise vacations. A new feature exclusive to Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmembers is the option to also redeem Disney Dream Reward Dollars toward airline travel on any airline to any destination with no block-out dates. It’s very easy: Cardmembers simply buy airline tickets with their card and then pay themselves back by redeeming reward dollars for a credit on their monthly statement.

Cardmembers get several year-round perks. Some of my favorites include a Character Meet ‘n’ Greet at our private Cardmember location at both Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort as well as special savings at Disney Theme Parks in the U.S., Disney Store locations and The card has a $49 annual fee. For full terms and conditions of Cardmember benefits, check out

You can apply for a new card at or call (888) 752-3788. But first, be sure to let us know which card design is your favorite in the comments.


  • Mr. Smith:

    I have called Chase several times about upgrading my current Disney VISA card. The upgrade literature from Disney indicates that the Premier Card would offer Visa Signature Benefits; however, Chase says this is not offered to anybody. It simply doesn’t exist.

    Can you please explain. Is the premier card a Visa Signature or does the premier card simply offer the signature benefits without actually being a Visa signature card?

    Also, one last question. For those of us with retired card designs, will we be allowed to keep those if we upgrade?

  • Thank you for this site. My wife was a “Charter” Disney Visa member and I have been one for 6 years. We visit the parks almost every year (+ cruises) and the Disney Rewards we accumulate are definitely utilized!
    I greatly appreciate that you have allowed multiple points of view in this discussion, since like many, I pay off the card regularly each month and don’t like paying annual fees. So it required a bit of calculation to realize that as long as I pay $4,900 a year to restaurants, gas stations, groceries and Disney (and I’m pretty sure I will), this will be a good deal.
    The clincher is that I realize that I am “all in” with my Disney Card . . . it’s the only card I keep in my wallet where my spend for the year is well over $20,000 and it has worked out well for our family. The Chase service has been great and it’s likely I will continue to enjoying the Disney Rewards.
    So yes, I just “upgraded”.

  • I’ve been a Charter Member since day one. I assume that the $ I have accumulated on my Visa will transfer to the new Premier Visa if I choose to get it? My real question is this: I love my card design. Do I have to change it, or will my old card still work. If I have to change my card, do the rest of my family members also have to change theirs? My husband and kids all like the designs they have now better than any of the new ones.

    • Hi, Judy. Yes, any Disney Dream Reward Dollars® you’ve earned will transfer over when you upgrade to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card. If you have any active Disney Rewards® Redemption Cards associated with your current card, those will transfer over, too. With the upgrade, you and your authorized users will receive new cards with the Disney’s Premier Visa Card logo but, in addition to the 8 new Premier card designs, there are 5 original card designs you each may choose from: Pixie Dust, Finding Nemo, Tinker Bell, Toy Story, and Vintage Mickey. You can view all available card designs at

  • I just literally received my Disney Premier Visa card in the mail and I activated it. While doing so, I asked if Walmart grocery purchases were covered with 2%. I was told no. Thanks to this blog and its more recent postings I saw a conflicting answer of yes. When I spoke to a new operator on the phone he confirmed to me that there were 2 different types of Walmarts, those who sell groceries and those that do not (actually, I worked at Walmart for 14 years prior to my current career so I certainly understand that distinction). As such, since my local Walmart does sell groceries then those grocery purchases will indeed be covered by the 2%! The non-grocery Walmarts are coded as discount stores.

    I’m not sure about a BJ’s Wholesale Club, which is where I do quite a bit of grocery shopping but initially I was told no about that as well as that was a discount store.

    Considering the benefits versus the $49 cost, I’m chomping at the bit to use the new credit card for my upcoming Disney Cruise!

    Btw – the Mickey & Friends picture looks so much more stunning in the Disney Premier version than the traditional Disney Rewards.

  • Two questions… I assume that the 90-day promotion is effective when the card is activated (3-5 days from applying) rather than the date you call or apply online? Also, will any purchases on DCL or WDW count towards the 5% promotion? For example, will shore excursions purchased and settled with the purser with the new Premier card count? Will purchases at DCL or WDW gift stores count? Hotel charges? WDW Meal Plan? Other dining options at WDW? Thanks!

    • Hi, Andrew. To answer your first question, the 5% promotion kicks in as soon as the Disney’s Premier Visa® Card upgrade is processed by Chase. If you upgrade by phone at 800-300-8575, you will start enjoying your Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmember benefits within 3-5 days, even while using your Disney Rewards® Visa® Card plastic.

      To your second question, yes, we’ve made every effort to ensure card purchases at Disney owned and operated locations qualify for the 2% earn. Since there are some cases where concessions or merchandise outlets are owned by third parties, the safe bet is to charge everything to your Disney folio so that all purchases will receive the 2% earn.

  • Do ticket purchases for Disneyland and Walt Disney World qualify for the 2%. Does it make a difference if they are purchased on line or in the parks?

    • Michael, Theme Park tickets purchased from Disney with Disney’s Premier Visa® Card (online and in-person) do qualify for the 2% earn.

  • Does the launch of this new Premier card mean that special earning offers will no longer exist for the regular Disney Rewards Visa? The past few years there have been offers (usually in Spring) where you could earn a bonus if you spent a certain amount each month over the course of a few months. I hope they continue these types of offers for non-premier card holders.

  • DARN!!!! I just used my Disney Visa to pay off my upcoming Disney Cruise!! Any chance if I call this week to upgrade I will get the 5% insteade of 1%????? That would make it worth it, otherwise Im out 🙁
    It really wouldnt be worth it for the $49 yearly fee right now..

    • Kelly, only purchases made after upgrading to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card will qualify for the 5%.

  • Hmm, ordinarily I refuse to pay a fee for a credit card, but this would certainly be worth it! I am also curious about clarification on whether or not purchases made at Walmart count as grocery.

  • I am very interested in the Walmart answer as well. On my year-end summary, Walmart is not in grocery, but in “discount stores”.

  • Hmm – I was just told WalMart would be a discount store and NOT eligible for the 2%, could you re-confirm with Chase on that? Between 2% at restuarant + 2% at walmart I could recoupe the annual fee.

    Actually what would make me switch is if this card offered 0% in foreign transactions fee even with the annual fee. I really don’t want another credit card, but hubby is overseas enough to justify a card with that benefit.

    • Michelle, Chase has confirmed that grocery purchases made with Disney’s Premier Visa® Card at Walmart and Target are eligible for the 2% earn.

  • The 5% bonus to sign up. Is there a cap on that and can that be used towards DCL Cruises???

    • Hi, Glenn. No, there is no cap on the 5% bonus reward dollars offer and, yes, you will earn 2% on Disney cruises.

  • In the past Target was never considered “grocery”. Since you say Wal-Mart and Kroger will get 2%, will Target be included as well?

    • Hi, Kelly. Yes, grocery purchases at Target also qualify for the 2% earn.

  • Thomas – can you tell me if charging vacations (Disney Cruise Line or WDW Vacation Packages) are 1% or 2% rewards?

    It says 2% at resorts and on the cruise line, but I didn’t know if this meant at retail shops only, or if the travel itself was eligible for 2%.

    • Christopher, Disney cruises and vacation packages booked through Disney (either by you or your travel agent) do qualify for 2% earn.

  • Where can I find a list gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants that qualify for the 2% ?

    • Hi, Betsy. The 2% earn for these categories of card purchases are determined by how merchants define the kinds of products and services they sell. If there are specific merchants you shop at regularly, I recommend you contact Chase at 1-800-300-8575. The advisor can look up one of your past statements to determine how the merchant is categorized.

  • CHase won’t let me upgrade because I’ve had my card for less than a year. I can understand not allowing downgrades but I’d think they would want to get that $49 annual fee as soon as they can. Very disappointed 🙁

  • I couldn’t wait to get home from work yesterday to look into this promotion. I’ve had the Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase since Day 1, back in 2003 I believe I was told on the phone yesterday and I called three times to check into the program details to see if it was right for me.

    I was initially very concerned about the $49 fee but I decided that between the possibility of getting an extra percent back on many of my purchases that the annual cost was outweighed by the potential benefits.

    Not only did my APR, credit line, and such stay exactly the same (one operator joked about how “we don’t penalize you for upgrading”) they reassured me that if I wished to revert back to the non-Premier card that I could do so at any time. The rewards aren’t “immediate” but take about 3-5 days to process once you call to upgrade. You keep your same credit card number but your security code and expiration date will change. Everything else was claimed to stay the same when I called.

    They also gave me a three month promotion where instead of 2% that those applicable charges would be honored at 5%, thus my points will build up faster & thus counter balance that $49 fee so much sooner. I think I racked up 25 Disney Reward Dollars last month and even if Walmart and similar stores aren’t included I could come close to doubling if not at least a 50% increase in DRDs with the new card.

    I use my Disney Reward Dollars to pay down/pay off my Disney Vacation Club annual dues and this new card will help make that investment even better for me over the years with the extra dollars!

    I selected the Mickey & Friends card with Mickey Mouse , Goofy & Donald Duck in the front but I agree with another poster, I would change my design to Figment (and especially Figment & the Dreamfinder) in a heart beat!

    I’m excited to get my new card and enjoy the new benefits!

    • Hi, Brock, just one note – after you request the upgrade to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card, you have 45 days to opt out. After that timeframe, you can’t change the product for a year. When a year is up, you can then call in and request to revert back to the Disney Rewards® Visa® Card.

  • I see that they are offering new cardholders a $100 gift card… if they also offered this to exisiting Disney Visa cardholders who upgraded I would definitely upgrade. Then at least it would compensate for the annual fee for the first 2 years while I figured out if the new card was worth the fee!

    • If you are an existing Disney Rewards® Visa® Cardmember who upgrades to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card, you will receive 5x earn on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations for the first 3 months. To qualify for this offer, you would need to upgrade by April 30, 2012.

  • Dear Mr. Smith,

    We are Canadian citizens who visit Walt Disney World twice a year and who will have cruised with Disney Cruise Line eight times come June 2013. It would be a real bonus for our family if a Disney Visa were offered to Canadians as well.

    Many of our Canadian banks are fully operational in many of your States and offer Visas to their customers. Perhaps Disney can approach the Royal Bank and the Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank and figure something out. This too, along with Disney’s current offers for Canadian citizens, would make your Canadian visitors very, very happy.

    We missed out on a lot of Visa perks throughout the years. Here’s hoping for some good news in the future. We’ll keep on believing.


  • I really think Disney needs to offer these cards to Canadian residents so we can enjoy some of the perks as well! Why is this not available in Canada?

  • Two big strikes against the card: $49 annual fee AND the limited 2% categories. Especially grocery, since Disney Visa does NOT classify Kroger nor Walmart as a “grocery” store so I still would only receive 1%. Thanks, but no thanks. I can earn rewards faster with my original card. Nice designs though!

    • Hi Jennifer, grocery purchases made with Disney’s Premier Visa® Card at Kroger and Walmart do qualify for the 2x earn.

  • I also don’t see where there is a comparison between the cards on the website. I did see the “Upgrade” section when I logged on. I go to WDW or DCL at least once or twice a year, but still don’t think it’s worth changing to the new card. As my BFF calculated, I have to spend $980 in 2% eligible stuff just to break even on the annual fee. If I was able to maintain “Charter Member” on my new card, I might start to consider it.

    Once I logged on, I saw the 5% promo for 3 months, which is enticing, but only if I was about to go on a trip (spend lots at Disney, rebook a cruise, etc.) If this was happening later in the year I’d consider it only per my trips in Sept., Nov., & March.

    So unless somethings change with the card or new details are released, I think I’ll be staying loyal to my original card.

    • No problem. To compare the two cards, just visit

      There’s also a monthly rewards calculator on the site at that helps you translate your current monthly spending into rewards.

  • The website lists “Signature Perks” available for the new Premium Card in addition to the normal Disney VISA perks. Any idea what these “signature parks” are?

    • As a Disney’s Premier Visa® Cardmember, you’re also entitled to special Visa® benefits, including zero liability coverage, emergency card replacement, and more. To learn more about Visa Signature benefits, call Chase at 1-800-300-8575.

  • Ever since the survey about this card, I have been waiting for it to be announced. Will I have to get a new card and account? or can I just have the upgrade on my account. I agree with someone else that posted – I don’t want to lose my “charter member”
    Although the new card designs are nice, my favorite is still one of the originals – the red with sparkles and a mickey head.

    • Hi Sherry, as a Disney Rewards® Visa® Cardmember, you may upgrade to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card without opening a new account. Simply call Chase at (800) 300-8575 for assistance. Once your upgrade is processed, you will receive a new credit card. If you like, you’ll have the option of keeping your current design. You’ll also retain the Charter Cardmember embossing.

  • I like the new card designs. My fave is the Sorceror Mickey. I’m a regular Chase Disney cardholder and will stick with that for now. I don’t like paying an annual fee.

  • Love Sorcerer Mickey! Now, if we could only get a Dreamfinder and Figment one we would be in heaven….hint hint.

  • We have the Disney Rewards Visa. I don’t want to pay an annual fee for my credit card either. For now, it looks like the only real difference between the 2 cards is the extra percent back in certain categories…and the $49 fee.

  • I have the original card and like the rewards and no annual fee. The Premier card will be a bonus for people who fly and take vacations.

  • I’m leaving for Disneyland on Friday. I’ll never get the new card before I leave. If I upgrade my existing Disney Rewards Visa to the Disney Premier Visa, will I get the additional rewards effective immediately, even though I’d physically still be using the old card?

    • If you upgrade to Disney’s Premier Visa® Card by phone at 800-300-8575, you will start enjoying your Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmember benefits within 3-5 days, even while using your Disney Rewards® Visa® Card plastic. Chase will mail you your new plastic which should arrive within a few weeks.

  • Gotta say “No Thanks!” to this card. Although, I like the designs, and already hold a regular Chase Disney Visa card, I refuse to have ANY card that charges an annual fee. The annual fee for this card is $49!

  • This looks like it could be a good deal up front. I will need to crunch the numbers and see if I will earn enough extra Reward Dollars with the new card to justify the $49 annual fee. If so, it makes sense to upgrade.

  • Two issues:
    1. I’m pretty sure if I had the castle one I’d totally get it mixed up with my KTTW card! (Except when I have the “gold” card when I lead a “VIP” group!)
    2. I too am a “charter member” of the original VISA. I like the ability to earn 2%, but am not wild about the annual fee and new look of the cards. (I want to keep my “charter member”!)

    • Hi Gayle, one way to distinguish between the KTTW and the Disney’s Premier Visa Card is the prominent ‘VISA’ logo on the front of the card.

      And good news. If you are a Disney Rewards® Visa® Cardmember with “Charter Cardmember” and/or “Cardmember Since Day 1” printed on your credit card, you will get to keep that special embossing when you upgrade to the Disney’s Premier Visa® Card.

  • This is different in that it is a premier card with an annual fee. However you are able to earn Disney Reward points faster with this card and you are able to use your points on airline travel.

    The Park and Cruiseline perks are still the same and won’t be going anywhere for anyone who doesn’t want to upgrade or get the Premier card.

  • Looks to me that the Premier Card can earn 2% Disney Rewards on certain purchases, and you can use all Reward Dollars the same way you do on the Original Card – except you can also redeem them towards flights. There is also an annual fee. Everything else is identical to the Original Card, so as of right now, your Original Card loses nothing.

  • Robert, if you go to the Disney Rewards website, they have an area where existing card members can upgrade to the new Platinum Card. It will show the differences in the two cards there. The new card has an annual fee, but you earn more on certain purchases. Hope that helps!

  • Same as Robert. Seems different from the current Disney VISA card. I guess more rewards. You just have to pay the $49 annual fee to get them.

  • I’m also a existing Disney visa card holder and confused about this new card. I see this one has an annual fee of $49, will the existing Disney visa holders also have to start paying this or fee only on new accounts? I would love to get a new card but really don’t like the annual fee.

    • Current Disney Rewards® Visa® Cardmembers will still enjoy all of the amazing perks they receive today with no annual fee. The $49 fee is solely for the new Disney’s Premier Visa® Card which is an additional offering that has a variety of enhanced features.

  • Ditto what Kyle said

  • Are there any plans to open the program to Canada and else where?

    • Hi Kyle, the Disney’s Visa® Cards are available to U.S. residents only. There are no current plans to introduce the cards in Canada.

  • Ok. Disney Visa “charter member” here – I’m confused as to what the differences are between this card my existing card?

    Will the existing Disney Visa cardholders be losing perks like the meet and greets soon?

    • There are no changes to the Disney Rewards® Visa® Card. Disney Rewards Visa Cardmembers will continue to enjoy their perks and earn 1% in reward dollars on card purchases with no annual fee. If you choose to change to the new Disney’s Premier Visa® Card, you will receive the same perks, but you will earn 2% on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations and 1% earn on all other card purchases. As a Disney’s Premier Visa Cardmember, you also have the option of redeeming reward dollars toward airline tickets purchased with Disney’s Premier Visa Card.

      If you would like to upgrade to Disney’s Premier Visa Card please call Chase at 800-300-8575.

  • Love the Tinkerbell card. Is this separate from the current Disney VISA program? (I.e. do we need to apply for a new card to get the new perks? )

    • Thank you, Ellen. The new Disney’s Premier Visa® Card designs are special Premier-only card designs. And, yes, there are some other differences between the Disney Rewards® Visa® Card and the new Disney’s Premier Visa® Card. In addition to the special 2-sided card designs, Disney’s Premier Cardmembers earn 2% in reward dollars on card purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations and 1% on all other card purchases. They can redeem toward the Disney stuff they love plus Disney’s Premier Cardmembers have the option to redeem toward airline tickets purchased with the card for travel on any airline to any destination, anytime. To learn more, visit or call Chase at 800-300-8575.

  • Love the Sorcerer Mickey. Classic and iconic, and like the added artwork on the back

    Lou M
    WDW Radio

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