Oscar Martinez Celebrates 55 Years at the Disneyland Resort

Betsy Villalobos

by , Senior Manager, External Communications, Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products


On December 29, Disneyland Resort cast member Oscar Martinez celebrated his 55th anniversary with the resort. Martinez, a cook at Carnation Café on Main Street, U.S.A, began his career at Disneyland park as a busboy at Fantasyland I and II. Over the last half-century, he has trained thousands of cast members and has become a favorite of many guests who visit him year after year. Martinez is the first Walt Disney Parks & Resorts cast member to achieve this 55-year milestone and the first to receive the newly created 55-year Snow White-themed service award.


Please join us in congratulating Oscar Martinez!


  • Congrats Oscar!

  • Congrats Oscar! I was eating lunch on that very day at the Carnation Cafe and asked to say hi to Oscar. They told me he was getting an award. Oscar arrived back at the Cafe before I left and showed us his award. He was so humble. What a wonderful man and his menu items are amazing.

  • Congratualtions Oscar. I will always treasure the picture you let us take with you. And the recipe for your “Baked Potato Soup. Thanks!!

  • Yay for Oscar!

  • CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR!! On being with Disneyland for 55yrs!! I am sure Walt is looking down and smiling at your milestone too!!
    Its always a pleasure to get to see you weather I am sitting eating one of the yummy meals at Carnation Cafe or I am headed up main street to get to one of the lands. When I was there New Yrs Eve, at first I didn’t see you and I asked out waiter to make sure that we were getting our visit with Oscar. And she assured me you were there. A few minutes later you came by our table and made sure our meal was to our liking. And gave us one of your awesome smiles. Also I want to thank you for taking a few minutes out of your time to pose for a picture with me. I will treasure that always!!
    I will look for you in a few weeks at the Jolly Holiday Bakery to get my smile and hello. Its a Cast Member like you that makes Disneyland so Magical not only to me, but the many others who have grown to love and see you!! THANKS!!

    What an achievement for such an awesome guy. I love all your history stories you tell about Walt and the Disneyland park. If I could spend a whole day with you. The stories of all your memories would be fabulous. Disney should compile all your stories in a book. Before you retire. so they are never lost.

  • In 2007 my husband and I had lunch at the Carnation Cafe while on our honeymoon.This lovely gentleman came to our table and chatted with us about our DisneyWorld wedding for a lengthy time. Several days later we went back for lunch again. (I couldn’t stop thinking about the baked potato soup!) Oscar visited our table again. He remembered our names, asked us about our visit, suggested some things we might enjoy and shared with me the recipe for that amazing soup! I had no idea we were talking with a legend! As we left, I said to my husband “that guy is exactly what Walt had in mind for his parks!” I hope when we visit Disneyland next year we will get to visit with Oscar once again! I always believe that it is the cast members that really make the Disney experience!

  • Congratulations Oscar and Thank you for making the greatest soup ever! (Loaded Baked Potato) I hope I can meet you one day! (I miss you every time! 🙁 ) Enjoy your 55th Award!

  • Congratulations Oscar, it’s cast members like you who make Walt proud. 🙂

  • Congratulations Oscar! Carnation Cafe is my favorite place to eat at Disneyland. The food is always so wonderful! Thank you for all your hard work and the many fantastic meals!!

  • Congratulations Oscar!

    I first met him ~4 years ago when our family last visited Disneyland. We were enjoying our lunch and my wife complimented the waiter on the food…shortly after which Oscar came out and chatted briefly with us (as well as dictating a copy of his recipe for her).

    He is awesome and I look forward to tasting his creations again in March when we return to DL. 🙂

  • Congratulations to Oscar! I was at Carnation Cafe yesterday for lunch, but he wasn’t there. I went specifically to congratulate him on the 55 years, and completely forgot that they were closing for renovation today. Deanna, a castmember there, told me he would be there today, so I made sure to go back for breakfast (and of course order Oscar’s Choice). He was on break when I got there, but thankfully returned before I left. Deanna (who is awesome!) was good enough to point me out to him, and Oscar came over and we had a nice little chat. He is a true Disneyland gem. What an achievement!!!

  • A Snow White award for cooking faithfully in the kitchens…How perfectly appropriate! 🙂

  • That’s amazing! Congratulations! That is an achievement at any job.

  • Congrats Oscar. What a great milestone for a really nice guy. Many more first time themed awards to you.

    Steve and Jennie

  • Congratulations to Oscar!! Last time we were at Disneyland we had breakfast at Carnation Cafe and he was so sweet to my little nieces and our food was so fantastic. A well deserved award.

  • congrats Oscar!! always a great seeing you when we visit carnations cafe,your an amazing person! cant wait to see you again

  • Congrats!! 55 years at the Happiest Place on Earth! What an achievement.

  • Oh– and I’ve been “visiting” him and met him looong before he became a celebrity!!!!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Oscar!!! and I ALWAYS Go have lunch and a nice chat with him EVERYtime I am there!!!! He is the Best and the Sweetest!!! I was concerned about him (re: closing of the Carnation-I was there in Aug and Nov) but when I was there on Dec 26th, he told me he will be at the “new” Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe!!! Can’t wait!!!! He Deserves (and loves) ALL the accokades and “attention” he receives!!!! Love the “new” statue!!!! xoxoxo

  • Oscar is THE BEST. He always has a smile on his face and truly embodies the magic of Disney. I always look for him and say hi when I’m there. Keep on rockin’ Oscar, we love you!!!

  • Wow! Congratulations to him!! That is a great accomplishment!

  • Congratulations! What an incedible achievement. The Snow White award for service is beautiful.

  • Congrats to you Mr Martinez! What a great accomplishment.

  • Congratulations Oscar!

    Although I’ve never visited Disneyland Anaheim, even here in Holland I’ve read about your great personality and food.

    I wish you good luck, happiness and many years in good health.

  • Congratulations Oscar! I hope to meet you when I go to the park sometime!

  • Congratulations to Oscar!

  • Oscar is such an amazing cook and an even more amazing person. Over the summer, my girlfriend and I ate at the Carnation Cafe for lunch and during our meal, he came around to each table, making sure that everything was cooked just right. I praised his work and he was very humble and appreciative, even taking the time to sit with us for a minute to talk and to take a photo with me. It’s Cast Members such as him that make Disneyland such a MAGICAL place to visit!

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