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Re-Imagined Test Track Will Put Guests in the Designer’s Seat This Fall at Epcot

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Beginning this fall, Epcot guests will be able to enjoy a re-imagined version of the popular Future World attraction, Test Track presented by Chevrolet.

Re-Imagined Version of the Future World Attraction Test Track Presented by Chevrolet Coming to Epcot this Fall

This new version of the attraction will transform the current testing workshop into the sleek “Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot,” where guests can become immersed in the fun – and fast – world of automotive design. Here, guests will become automotive designers and create their own custom vehicles. Next, they’ll buckle into a six-person SimCar ride vehicle and test out their design on the challenging track of the Test Track course.

Afterward, guests can take a fascinating look into the future of transportation by viewing a collection of the latest Chevrolet vehicles in an all-new showroom.

This fun new experience is the result of a renewed, multi-year business relationship between Disney and General Motors, companies that have worked together for more than 30 years.


  • Please remind the Imagineers that those who have to wait while in an ECV or expedited line due to circumstances such as autism would like to enjoy interactive features as well.

  • Do you have any idea of when in the fall that they are projecting the reopening of the ride? I am going for my disneymoon at the end of September!!

  • Were going at the end of April will it be closed at the end or the beginning of April? Is there a date it will be closing?

  • Jennifer, when is the exact closure date in April? Thanks.

  • Very excited about this, and the BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN refurbishment!! Hopefully both will be in full swing when we are there in October!!

  • I hope they don’t ruin the post-ride display area; it was always fun to see the newest GM cars there. And even though it’s going to be Chevy themed, I’d still like to see the Buick, Cadillac and GMC cars on display.

  • Sounds like a cool idea. Not too long ago, many were worried that with GM’s financial issues, we might see the end of Test Track, so it is great to hear that they are making a new commitment to the attraction. I am kinda bummed that it will be closed when we are there this summer, but that just gives us a good reason to return again in 2013 to see the new and improved Test Track, not to mention the nearly completed (by then) Fantasyland expansion.

  • I’m so sad that Test Track will be closing April 15th, we go on the 25th and I’d really like to ride it one last time.

    First we had to wait over eight years for the attraction to be imagined, built and tested, and now we have to wait another five months to see the refurbishments!!!

    So glad my husband came on with me one extra time right before we came home in August 2011

    Test Track is my all time favourite ride next to the Haunted Mansion, so please don’t change it too much like you did the Haunted Mansion with the upside down staircases, and bridezilla. Changing the queue is one thing (love Haunted Mansion), but changing the ride is another.

    Also so sad that you closed Food Rocks to put Soarin’. Soarin’ should be its own pavilion and then food rocks could have remained. This would eliminate the craziness inside The Land especially at dinner time when people are trying to eat at Garden Grill (my favourite restaurant)

    Basically I just don’t do well with change, and Disney loves changing the classics, (we nearly died when we thought that the Carousel of Progress was closed for good).

    “We’ll see you all a little later,” – Haunted Mansion

  • I can’t wait to check out the new ride! Hey Jennifer, any idea about extra entertainment this summer while they work on this ride? The crowds flock to test track and soarin’. The lines for Soarin’ will be *enormous* without another major distraction!

  • How fun! The Test Track is my favorite ride and I can’t wait to see the new Test Track!

  • This is my favorite ride in The whole World. I’m trusting that the refurb will only make the ride better, and be reopened by November.

  • I love Test Track!!! I wouldn’t miss going on it!! Hope they never change the ride part of it.

  • Will this change the actual ride layout? I hope not, because it’s one of my favorites!

  • Why the decision to close for summer during one of the busiest times of the year?

  • Please, pass along requests to make this attraction more accessible for wheelchairs and other disabled guests. I usually have someone in a wheelchair with me and they can’t ride TT because of the “must transfer” issue. Is there any way this can be changed in this refurb? Maybe with a sliding track like Space Mountain at Disneyland?

  • This could be a really good improvement for Test Track.
    I’ve always felt the queue was lacking, in that it didn’t feel like a pavilion like like The Land or The Living Seas. It always felt too open spaced and noisy. I’m sure the ride won’t have too many changes and a lot of the work will be on the presentation of the ride itself. Perhaps GM will showcase even more of their newer automobiles in the pre-show, rather then post?

  • Walt Disney World Is The Happiest Place On Earth. I Love Walt Disney World.

  • It’s closing in April and re-opening in Nov…hopefully before Food & Wine Fest is over!

  • Sounds great to me! Good ol’ Bill McKim will still be there, right?

    “Hi, I’m Bill McKim and welcome to the all new Chevrolet Test Track.”

    And don’t forget the surprise test! Pick one!

  • Thanks for the update Jeniffer! I’ve been waiting awhile for this announcement! I’m happy to see Test Track renovated and modernized.

    • Thank you, Craig.

  • This is going to be absolutely awesome!!!
    The ride has always been amazing, but the queue could get really annoying after a while (especially because of the music and the noises).
    I’m really looking forward to this re-imagined version!!!

  • After this is complete, please refurb Wonders of Life and Imagination next at Epcot! It’s so sad that WoL is closed down and lifeless, and Imagination is always empty.

  • Please ensure that the single rider line remains open. My family has no interest in an interactive queue – we prefer to simply ride multiple times in a row, skipping the existing preshow as single riders.

    This post is extremely vague and confusing – what is “the current testing workshop?” Is it the queue or the ride itself? Will the SimCar be located after the main attraction where the model showroom currently is? Is it going to be an addition similar to Sum of All Thrills? Or is the SimCar replacing the current ride vehicles?

    Can you explain how the sponsorship by both GM and Chevrolet will work? Will we see branding by both companies, or will GM be a silent sponsor?

  • i’m not entirely sure how I feel about this – I feel like I need a bit more info about Sim Cars and such first. As long as it doesn’t become full out simulator, I’m ok! I suppose part of this is, as much as I love the innovations being added to the park, I hate seeing rides I’ve grown attached to change. However, I do trust the Imagineers to do amazing work! 🙂 All I’m sad about is that it won’t be open when I visit in May- Bummer!

  • I LOVE the TestTrack ride! I’m torn here because I’m excited to see the changes, but I’m sad to see this change from a thrill ride to a simulator attraction.

    Is this change being made because they closed the BodyWars simulator nearby at the Health Pavilion?

  • All I want to know is how big the loop will be.

  • This ride makes me smile

    • Great to hear!

  • This sounds absoultley amazing in each in every way! I can see it is the classic theme of a test track but of the future and not of testing current vehicles, we get to design them! Disney Imagineers are certainly going to bring test track into the 21rst centry and beyond!

    • Thanks so much!

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