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Take 5: ‘Caption This’ from Disney Parks and Resorts

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Caption This: A Disney Snowfall

“Caption This” is a fun series we started on the Disney Parks Blog this past summer. Every few weeks we look back in our Walt Disney Archives to find some of the most unusual and unfamiliar images from Disney Parks and Resorts over the decades. Here’s a look back at some of our favorites. Miss any the first time around? Go ahead, “Caption This”!

Take 5: Caption This from Disney Parks and Resorts

  1. Caption This: Up and Away at Disneyland Park – This photo was taken in 1961 during a Disneyland television special and may be one of the most unusual we have on file.

  2. Caption This: Mickey’s View of Epcot – Here’s an unbelievable photo of Mickey that was shot at Epcot in 1993. Here, he’s truly on top of the world. Check it out!

  3. Caption This: Mickey’s 1972 Disney’s Contemporary Resort Stay at Walt Disney World Resort – Here’s a photo that was taken in 1972 in one of the resort rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resort. Who do you think Mickey is calling?

  4. Caption This: A Snowfall at Tokyo Disneyland – This photo was taken in the 1980s at Tokyo Disneyland after a snowfall.

  5. Caption This: Vintage Jungle Cruise at Disneyland Park – While we were doing some research, the blog team came across an interesting photo of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland park.


  • The most wonderful winter wonderland on earth!

  • Pluto, we’re not in Florida anymore!

  • Wow! I hope the schools are closed down today! We could get a blizzard of guests here!

  • Boy are the Canadians gonna be suprized when they see this…

  • Global warming in FL?
    or Blizzard Beach here we come!

  • Anyone wanna go work in southern California for a few months?

  • “Gawrsh Mickey… When you said we were performin’ ‘Disney on Ice’ you weren’t kiddin’, ah-hyuck!”

  • Who’s been playing with the snow machine again?!

  • (The character performers are loving this weather).

  • Has anyone seen Snow White?

  • Mickey: Wow Minnie, faith, trust and pixie dust really do work!
    Minnie: Oh Mickey, I just knew Tinkerbell would come through!
    **Laughter rings, are you listening
    In the park snow is glistenin’
    A magical sight
    Its snowing in florida tonight
    Walking in a Disney Wonderland**

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