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‘Time’ To Get Up and Go with Disney Parks Watches!

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

What happened to learning what time it was by looking at your watch instead of your phone? How many of you remember your very first watch? Do you remember what kind it was? Was there a character on it? My first watch… ironically was a Minnie Mouse watch, and I even remember the cool red band it had. I guess it was a sign of things to come. Other watches I remember having … well, there was definitely Swatch – you have to love watches that you can switch faces, bands and put accessories on that ultimately make you cooler, or so you think. Don’t get me started on the number of watches I bought when I started working at the Disneyland Resort. Needless to say, New Century Timepieces (currently Fortuosity Shop) was my home away from home and still is. So can I say that I love watches? Yes, I think I can. So, if you’re like me and your love of watches never faded, or if it’s time for you to kick it old-school and attempt to choose a watch to wear on your arm – yes, people still do that, here are a couple of selections I think you should consider.

Ingersoll – Inspired by the first Mickey Mouse watches that were created by the Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Company, these watches feature classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, paired with fashionable designs. Available at the Fortuosity Shop at Disneyland park and Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom Park.

Rock n’ Roll Mickey Artisan Watch

Artisan Watches – These custom, handmade watches are, simply put, works of art. For January, expect to see Mickey rocking a little bit of a different tune as we feature Rock n’ Roll Mickey, while next month we’ll celebrate Mickey Mouse Through the Years, the last in the series celebrating twelve months of Mickey. The artisan watches mentioned above will only be available at the Fortuosity Shop at Disneyland park, but to my fellow East Coast Disney fans visiting Magic Kingdom Park, make sure that you visit Uptown Jewelers to see some of their most recent artisan watch releases they have on hand as well.

Mickey Mouse Through the Years Artisan Watch

Alright gang, I’m just about out of time, so I better go. Before I do, let me know in the comments if you remember your very first Disney watch.


  • My first watch was a red plastic (swatch like)Minnie Mouse watch. I finally gave it to my sister-in-law as it got too small for me.
    My second one was the classic Mickie Mouse watch with the movable arms to tell the time. Since then I have acquired about 6 more (I loved it when they started selling them when you spent a certain am’t at a Disney store). My latest is a Mickie and Minnie watch with a red leather-like band and a pearlized face. I love it! I try to get them with a date square but those are hard to find.

    Thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one that loves Disney watches

  • I still have my 1st Disney watch, but I no longer have the original band. It is a Cinderella watch, but it does not have a picture on it, but rather where the watch maker name would be, it has the word Cinderella in script. I do not even remember how old I was when I got it, so it must be very old. It came with a lovely china figurine of Cinderella. No one in my family can remember what became of the statuette. I wish I had that statue now.

  • @Jo-Ann– I had that same watch! I got it also in the 1960s. It came in a tall box, packaged around the base of a plastic Cinderella figurine. Although my favorite princess was and is Snow White, I loved that set. I recently lost my most recent favorite Disney watch (clasp failure while at a county fair)– a goldtone women’s bracelet watch of oval rings, the links of which are little Mickey heads– and I keep checking back at Fortuosity to see if they have it in again, but they never do, just one in the display case that they won’t sell to me 🙁 Hope they will sell that watch again!

  • I get a new Disney watch every time we go to Disneyworld or Disneyland and we go at least once a year. Needless to say, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of them. I love them all. The only unfortunate thing is that they all seem to need a new battery at the same time!

    • I know exactly how you feel.

  • These both look fantastic I would be very happy to have BOTH!

    I have 3 Artisan watches- I collect Disney Watches and Every time I see one, when I am there, I get one. I have been blessed each time to have the artist close by so I can have my artwork signed and have photos with the artist.

    I hate to wear them so they are in cases but I love each and every one so unique and wonderful!

    I lost count of how many I just know the batteries are expensive to replace when it is time.

    • Aren’t the Artisan watches amazing. I only have one to this day. It’s from the 40th Anniversary of Disneyland, but I’ve always wanted to get another one. Given the fact that I used to assemble the watches, when I worked in the park, it holds a very special place in my heart.

  • I can’t wait to see those collectibles!
    I’ve got a limited edition Mickey Mouse watch from Disneyland Paris and somes others, included the famous Mickey Mouse watch with mickey’s arms turning.

  • My first Disney watch was a square faced/bodied Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse watch. A few years later I got a cool flip open Scrooge McDuck watch that has a gold flip open cover in the shape of a vault that covers the face of the watch. Did I mention how cool it is:)Still have both tucked away for safe keeping. Truth be told I am holding out for a Dual Analog Digital Mickey Mouse watch. Unfortunatly Disney dose not currently offer one:( Would love to see some Dual Analog Digital Disney watches hit the market sometime soon!!

    • Robert! I have to admit, your flip open Scrooge McDuck watch sounds so cool! I know quite a few Disney fans who would love that.

  • I have lost track of how many Disney watches I have. I bought one on my recent visit and have a second one in my mind to consider on my next trip. I have so many (I would guess 50 or 60) that I can’t keep them running all of the time! I can’t even pick a favourite. I have many limited edition ones but I wear them. I feel naked without a watch on and having a Disney one on has become my signature “thing”.

    • Stephanie, you definitely have me beat. Glad you enjoy watches as much as I do, it sounds like an amazing collection. It’s funny the ones that you remember. I distinctly remember a few, including a western Mickey watch, a classic Mickey watch and even a beautiful pocketwatch that I had purchased for my grandpa.

  • I still have my first one from the 90s. My Grandmother bought me one with a brown leather strap and Mickey Mouse on the face. His arms moved around as the hands of the watch. I still love it.

  • My first Mickey Mouse watch was a black and red Mickey divers watch I got at the Polynesian when I was in elementary school. I pick up a new watch every trip to Disney World now. As cool as the new watches are I still wish I had the first watch.

  • I have 25 different Mickey watches! Some of my favorires include
    a tennis watch where Mickey is playing tennis, a Goofy watch that truly is Goofy because the numbers are backwards, but my prized
    watch is a gold Mickey watch I received when I retired from teaching. It was from DL.
    My very first watch I received when I was a youngster was a
    Cinderella watch.

    • Cathy, that sounds like quite the collection of watches. I’m so glad that you have such special memories of them.

  • Everyday I still wear my Mickey Mouse as a Jungle Cruise skipper watch 😀

  • this makes me very happy! I was disappointed there was no 40th anniversary watch that I could purchase on my last trip to wdw, looing forward to seeing what’s available on my trip to disneyland in march!

    • Jason, I’ll see what I can find out for you, to give you a heads up on what you can expect to find in March. I hope you enjoy your trip here.

  • I have my first Disney watch!!! It was a Cinderella one! From the 1960’s

  • since our first visit as a family in 1992, i have always had a mickey or minnie watch. now i would like to have a watch that says Disneyland. wish i could find one.

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