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Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Jan. 23, 2012

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Have You Seen This Around Disney Parks?

You’d think a book without words would grab some attention at Disney Parks but I’m guessing this week’s mystery image is a “stumper.” If you’re observant, you can certainly spot our latest puzzler during a stroll around one of the parks because it’s in the open and not hidden. Have you seen it?


You got it, our mystery image can be found at Epcot. It’s right there at the Librairie et Galerie in the France Pavilion. And just like last week, if you look close enough in this area, chances are you’ll spot a Hidden Mickey.


  • There are several places where I think I see a hidden mickey in the brick, but then look closer and think it’s a reach. For instance, if you look at the bottom part of the bracket that’s holding the book, in the brick to the left of it is what looks to be a shape like the marking on a Mickey Mouse fish, only upright instead of sideways (like they are on the fish itself), but then I think, nah….imagination’s just working overtime because I can’t find one that is a distinct mickey.

  • I dont think there is a hidden Mickey in these pictures. BUT if you go inside the shop there is one by a pretty red rose from a very pretty book enthusiast. 😉 There are several in this pavilion that have been sited and confirmed!

  • I’m trying to find the Hidden Mickey…

  • Haunted Mansion interactive queue

  • Is it in EPCOT in France, Belle does love a good book!

    • Great guess, Barbara. That’s it. I didn’t think anyone would be able to identify this one. Thanks.

  • Wherever it is, its apparent the painting crew can’t find it.

  • Outside of snow whites scary adventure in the magic kingdom

  • Outside Sleeping Beauty Scary Adventure.

  • The American Pavillion at Epcot?

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