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A Marquee Milestone at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I’m happy to start off the week by sharing a fun update on Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

Walt Disney Imagineering Adds Finishing Touches to Disney's Art of Animation Resort's Marquee

Last week, Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) put the finishing touches on the new resort’s marquee. Measuring in at 46 feet, six inches, the resort’s sign now holds the record as the largest freestanding marquee at Walt Disney World Resort. (Incidentally, it’s 18 inches taller than the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign in Los Angeles, Calif.).

The photo, supplied by WDI, shows three layers of development the marquee went through in its creation – from digital design, to model, to full-scale installation.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which will feature four wings dedicated to popular films Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, will open in phases beginning May 31.


  • We’re checking into a Lion King Family Suite on December 3rd, and I can’t wait!! We stayed at Pop Century last time we were there and realized we needed more room. The suites here give us the extra space we need at an affordable price. I love what Disney has done so far with the resort, and I can’t wait to check in and check out all the magic first-hand!

  • We’re checking into a Cars family suite on Dec 9th. We’re oh-so-excited. And I read the blog post on the food court and it sounds awesome.

  • can’t wait to stay there starting June 17th. everything looks awesome.

  • Frankly, I’m still puzzled about the rationale behind there being a wing for Finding Nemo and a wing for Little Mermaid. Both are undoubtedly outstanding franchises, but I would think they’re too similar (esp with just four wings) to both be included. Any insight Jennifer? Still, I’m sure The Mouse will make the wings spectacular…

  • #5 – John from TX
    The prices you are seeing are probably just for the first phase which are family suites, the standard rooms open later (see October blog for more details).

    #6 – Nicholas from OH
    Is that a new policy?

  • Definantly will be staying here on our next trip!

  • I drove past this weekend and could see the sign from the road through the shrubbery. It looks really fun. Hopefully, we will get to stay there when they open.

  • Checking in on May 31st! CAN’T WAIT! OPENING DAY!

  • I saw it last week while I was driving around the WDW Resort. It looks wonderful. Can’t wait to stay there someday.

  • Staying there in december 2012 with the family¡¡¡ Can´t come soon enough¡¡¡

  • ‘s is in the name. Thought Disney was going with just Disney on everything.

  • Looks awsome.thought it was a value resort.but the prices are a lot more than the moderate resorts . Whats up with that?Jennifers post are cool though.Good updates.THANKS JOHN.

  • Can’t wait to check in on opening day!!! May 31rst only 100 more days! I’m bringing my sister, her husband, their 2 year od daughter and my 19 year old daughter! We are sooo excited to see it!!

  • We are staying there beginning June 16th. Can’t wait!!!

  • looking very good cant wait to stay there in january 2013 kids very excited

  • Can’t wait to stay there someday!

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