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Behind the Scenes of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park – In Omaha with Larry the Cable Guy

When Cars Land opens this summer and you enter Radiator Springs, the first attraction you’ll see is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. This attraction is going to be a blast! You’ll hop onto a baby tractor where you’re then pulled around in a series of figure eights to some of Mater’s favorite songs.

I had the pleasure of flying to Omaha, Nebraska, to go behind the scenes for the Disney Parks Blog and shoot a voice-over session with Walt Disney Imagineers and Larry the Cable Guy. He was singing seven original songs for the new attraction. It was an entertaining two days! The famous comedian and voice of “Mater” is a very down-to-earth guy who made the long sessions a lot of fun. And if you’re wondering why we were all in Nebraska, that’s Larry the Cable Guy’s home turf. It’s still show business, but far away from the Hollywood hills. Enjoy!


  • I live in southern california. I missed the opening of Disney’s Ca adventure because I didn’t have a car. I really want to be at the park for the opening of Cars land. They are probably going to have celebrity guests that day like the voices behind the two movies. Can’t wait.

  • Hey everyone, I just heard on the news that Disney has announced Cars Land will open in June. However, they have not yet confirmed an exact date.

    I know that some unofficial sources have mentioned a date, but just to be safe, I think its best to wait until Disney officially confirms it.

  • It is so wonderful when the originator of the character voice steps in and wants to be a part of all aspects of production. It is a testament to Disney.

    My kids are going to love this ride. I love how the younger kids rides are scattered through the park and near rides with height requirements, so ALL my kids are happy.

  • We are planning on coming to California to visit family this Summer, we are hoping Carsland will be open! My 5 year old daughter LOVES McQueen…… My 14 year old daughter likes all the characters….. And for me I LOVE Mater!!!
    Originally I heard it was to open up in Spring 2012, then it changed to Summer 2012. We are coming from New York so I hope we are there when it is open since we do not get to California often. Cannot wait to see Carsland!!!! So Excited!!

  • Walt Disney Imagineers were in OMAHA?! Be still my heart! LOL. It is so cool to see a Disney/Nebraska connection! The new Cars Land looks great! I’m from Lincoln, also a Disney fan & I’m with Kara–wish we could connect somehow.

  • I am so excited to see what they have done to Cars Land. My 5 year old is counting down the days, as wells as I am, for our September trip to visit Radiator Springs. Great job Disney team!

  • I am a Nebraska native, now living in OC and an AP holder! GO BIG RED in Disney!

  • I listen to lots of Disney podcasts every week with Disney geeks (fans) discussing these details. Some of the podcasters have close connections or even work for the company. I’ve heard everything from June to August so I would safely say July. Don’t plan to go for Cars Land until July. We will be there the week after Thanksgiving, we are WDW people so it will be great to get back to DL (the original park where it all started) and check out all the changes!>)

  • I agree with Daryl;

    To be safe, I think its best to wait until Disney gives an official press release stating the opening date of Cars Land.

    Wikipedia cannot necessarily be trusted, I was just checking their page and the date that they have listed doesn’t even have a source.

  • Official opening date is 6/15/12. While Disney sometimes has soft openings before official openings, I would guess that May is too early to be hoping for a soft opening.

  • I can’t wait to go! we can’t wait to spend the day in CARs Land; our boys both love cars; My oldest is a Major Lightening Fan; and my Youngest is a Matter Fan; We all can’t wait! and because of this ride we all got season passes this year! so we will be able to go and go and go! being 3 1/2 hours away it was the only thing to do! We can’t WAIT FOR CARS LAND!!!! and hope for a sneak peak too!

  • Way to go Larry! Its great to see all the behind the scenes of what goes into making Cars Land. I can’t wait to see it.

    Kara and Courtney- not to worry. There are lots of Disney fanatics in Nebraska (me included).

  • Are the rumours correct, is it opening at the start of May ????

  • I wouldn’t trust Wikipedia or any source other than Disney, especially for something as critical (and potentially nonrefundable) as booking travel. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone and indeed the date listed there has changed a number of times in the past month and will no doubt continue to change. Until there’s an official announcement by Disney, it’s all just speculation and rumor.

    I know everyone is anxious to know the date, but I truly believe your patience will be rewarded. 🙂

  • I was there on Monday and they were testing this attration. They were “cycling” it, over and over again. I tried to time it, (I peeked over the construction wall by standing on a fence.), and it seems like it will be a 45 to 60 second attraction. A carnival type ride, but with MAJOR theming! Looks really fun!

  • Is there an idea of when to expect the announcement of when it will open? I called Costco to book our family trip and was told by the travel agent it was expected to open in spring. Also, the mobile Wikipedia site lists the opening date as may 6.

  • Kara! Don’t worry – we fellow Disney Nebraskans are here – I wish I had a Disney friend, too! Are you in Omaha, too? I wish there was a way to contact on here.

  • So proud of our Nebraska man!

    As a Walt Disney World Mom, I really need to run into another Disney-fied Nebraskan!!

  • Sounds awesome! Thanks for the video. 🙂

    Is there any word on the exact opening date for Cars Land?

  • The hardest part for me is seeing Larry the Cable Guy NOT in character. I’m like wait a minute, hes normal!? Love him. Especially when he is mater.

  • I can’t wait. When is the opening?

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