Caption This: Flying Saucers at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

As we look down the road to one of the new attractions coming to Cars Land, Luigi’s Flying Tires, let’s take a peek in the rear-view-mirror at one of the most talked-about attractions in Disneyland park history: The Flying Saucers.

Now, hold on to your hats and “Caption This!”

Caption This: Flying Saucers at Disneyland Park


  • I think I’m going to yodel.

  • Oh I thought this was the line for the matterhorn…

  • These flying saucers were just not made to ride side-saddle….

  • …you put your hand on your head…and move your saucer to the right….do the pelvic thrust…it really drives you insa-a-a-ane…

  • George,Judy,Elroy! Wait for me!

  • Says my sister and I in 1961 (at ages 11 and 8): Mommy and Daddy – are you SURE you won’t let us take this ride….it doesn’t look all that scary. The girl with the hat seems to be enjoying herself. Well…just you wait, when we grow up and come back to Disneyland all my ourselves in 1969 (at ages 19 and 16), we WILL go on that ride!!!

  • “If I could be first in line for the ride, that would sure be a feather in my…oh, wait.”

  • Maybe Walt will see me and trade his pink feathered hat for the one I have!

  • Betty was waiting for just the right occasion to wear her new ‘flying saucer’ hat.

  • Have you seen Timothy Q.Mouse? I must be doing something wrong.The magic feather helped Dumbo fly…didn’t it?

  • The first ride opening at Lunar Disney on the moon is Zurg’s Zippers.

  • The Martians are coming! the Martians are coming! Er, uh, I mean Luigi is coming! Luigi is coming!

  • Now I know what a scrubbing bubble feels like!

  • When will she realize that she is wearing a BOYS HAT!

  • “OK, so Doc says that I need to get this thing up to 88 miles an hour. Better hold on to my hat before it falls off. Next stop: Cars Land 2012!”

  • “Simon says, put your left hand on your head”

  • I still have that hat from 1964,the feather is gone. This was my favorite ride too! What a great picture!

  • Stuck a feather in her hat, a yankee doodle spaceman.

  • Hang on to your hats n’ glasses, ’cause this here’s the wildest ride in the….. Future??

  • Jane faced a frustrating dilemma: She could either turn right or hold on to her hat, but not both. Either choice was fraught with perilous consequences.

  • Sadly, “Shuffleboard: the Ride” never quite caught on, early in the park’s history.

  • I hope that handsome gentleman over there notices my flying skills as well as my matching hat and balloon.

  • Unfortunately, Judy’s idea that feathers would help the flying saucer take off was mistaken.

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