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Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added

That’s right, Mobile Magic, our first official Disney Parks app, has hit the iPhone and it’s now ready for you to download for free from iTunes.

And Disney Parks and Verizon have another exciting update to share today. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you now have access to new premium features, including videos and games within the app.

Verizon Premium Features

  • More than 100 behind-the-scenes, seasonal, sneak peak videos.
  • ‘Pirates’ games that test your knowledge of the famous attraction.
  • Guess the character before the timer expires with Disney Character Puzzle.
  • Find out which character is most like you with the Disney Character Quiz.
Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added

If you haven’t tried the app out yet, you should. It offers accurate wait times as well as official Disney FASTPASS return times and availability for the park you’re in. The same system that powers wait times and Disney FASTPASS in the park, powers this app. With the new iPhone version, the wait times are also integrated into the Park maps, making it easier for you to decide where to go next.

Also, there are GPS-enabled park maps to get you to your favorite characters, mobile games and more to explore, including the ability to make dining reservations.

Not an iPhone user? Disney Mobile Magic is also available on a wide variety of feature phones as well as Android phones.

Go try the app and let us know what you think in the comments.

*Message and data rates may apply. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • I will add my voice to the AT&T crowd. I would love to use this app.

  • Please make it available on the Costa Rican App store as well! We can’t download it here! =/

  • Another vote for the British app store please. The app looks really great, and I would love this for our visit in August.

  • Please add the newer Samsung phones to the list of supported devices. I am desperate for this app after reading the reviews!

  • Why doesn’t this load onto my iPad with t he Verizon service?

  • Another vote for us Canadians, we’re planning our trip for this fall and would love to have this app.

  • Please make the Verison exclusive features available to all carriers. Those features sound great, and I would like to use it on mt AT&T iPhone!

  • Thank you so much! Sucks for the folks at MouseWait though…that was great while is lasted but I’d rather take official Disney wait times 🙂

  • Going back in February 2013 for my Sons 7th Birthday (we took him for his 5th and had a great time). We’d like to have this app as well.

    We’re heading out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada .. so yeah, iTunes in Canada would be nice.

  • Would love to see this available in the canadian Itunes store.

  • 1000’s of us here in the UK would love this app ! Please make it available on ALL Apple iTunes sites …

  • Currently the app is not available for the HTC Rezound. Does anyone if it will ever be available for the Rezound running Android 2.3.4?

  • I have the Galaxy Mobile on Verizon, but this is showing as incompatible with my device. Any plans to update?

  • Another vote for Canadian iphones!!

  • Could this be the work of one Henry Work of Disney?

  • Greetings all!! I downloaded the app on Friday and visited Disneyland on Saturday. The app is very professionally done, in true Disney fashion.

    As the app starts up, the GPS picks up your location. An alert appears that says where you are, even down to the specific land (we were on Main Street USA). The main screen (shown above) displays today’s schedule in a very straightforward fashion and is very useful for quick reference of that next Soundsational.

    Our biggest “need” for this app was the wait time function. A little negative, and a little positive. When not on property, the wait times just simply say “Wait: See Now”. Not only is that unintuitive, it just seems like an error. However, when the feature is unlocked, the wait time is displayed in specific minutes (i.e. “50 minutes”). I know there are other apps, but hey, this is the official Disney app, and I like it. Also when unlocked, the main screen shows a short list of wait times, but the list of about five attractions seems to be the ones with the shortest wait, and might not be the ones you are looking for. So you need to navigate to Attractions > Wait Time and scroll through the list.

    It’s very nice that the FASTPASS times are listed as well. The app told us that FP times for Space Mountain were 4:05 – 5:05 pm. We hightailed it over there from Jolly Holiday (yum…Salmon & Dill Quiche) and the FP’s instead showed 4:35 – 5:35 pm. Not a big deal but there was a time difference. A nice touch is that the app will push you a reminder of your FP time…Cool!

    The Characters feature is great, but doesn’t show the many spontaneous sightings throughout the park and day. Best bet is still to go to their known haunts or ask a Cast Member. Unless however, spontaneous is your bag.

    The Dining feature is straightforward and has a nice search feature. I look forward to the developers adding some path to reservations, whether it be making reservations themselves, or even simple “click to dial” phone number display.

    The “Other” tab has several additional features including Weather, Shopping, Games, Guest Services, Transportation, My Vacation Details and Help. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Disney Parks Trivia Game, but I forgot to see what games were unlocked when on-site.

    Overall, an excellent app that provides guests with a load of information and fun.

  • Another vote for the app available on the Canadian app store as well as on the iPad. I saw another comment about Disney Visa too. That would be nice in Canada too.

  • LOVE this! Just downloaded it last night to my Droid. We are arriving March 3. I’ve written a big tips post for first timers on my mom blog and I’m including this!

  • Great news!!! Thanks a lot!! But as an international Android user I couldn´t download de application at home. I would like to know if I would be able to download at Disney Resort or it wouldn’t be available for Buenos Aires’ Android telephones.
    Kind regards!!!

  • Will this be coming to the Canadian App Store? I was so disappointed that I couldn’t download this. 🙁

  • Will this be made availabe in the Australian iTunes store?

  • Glad to hear this is now available! Too bad it wasn’t a week sooner, as we just got back from Disneyland last weekend. Well downloading now and will check it out for next time!

  • Please make it available for customers who don’t have Verizon!

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