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Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added

That’s right, Mobile Magic, our first official Disney Parks app, has hit the iPhone and it’s now ready for you to download for free from iTunes.

And Disney Parks and Verizon have another exciting update to share today. If you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you now have access to new premium features, including videos and games within the app.

Verizon Premium Features

  • More than 100 behind-the-scenes, seasonal, sneak peak videos.
  • ‘Pirates’ games that test your knowledge of the famous attraction.
  • Guess the character before the timer expires with Disney Character Puzzle.
  • Find out which character is most like you with the Disney Character Quiz.
Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added Disney Mobile Magic Now on iPhone; Verizon Exclusive Games, Video Added

If you haven’t tried the app out yet, you should. It offers accurate wait times as well as official Disney FASTPASS return times and availability for the park you’re in. The same system that powers wait times and Disney FASTPASS in the park, powers this app. With the new iPhone version, the wait times are also integrated into the Park maps, making it easier for you to decide where to go next.

Also, there are GPS-enabled park maps to get you to your favorite characters, mobile games and more to explore, including the ability to make dining reservations.

Not an iPhone user? Disney Mobile Magic is also available on a wide variety of feature phones as well as Android phones.

Go try the app and let us know what you think in the comments.

*Message and data rates may apply. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • Just downloaded it and it looks GREAT! Can’t wait to use it:) Lots of useful tools – dining availability and reservations (parks and resorts), ride descriptions and heights, maps with a compass:) NO MORE PULLING OUT PAPER MAPS AND SCHEDULES!

  • Like a precious post, I can’t seem to find this in the app store. Any ideas?

  • This is available on other platforms as well. I got it for my android at the market.

  • Please, oh please make this app available internationally. I live in Australia but visit regularly disneyworld and would love to have this app on our next vist!!!

  • Thank you so much for this app now on the iTunes store for the iPhone!!! I have been wanting to download this app ever since I noticed an ad for it on the Disneyland park map, that I picked up this past July while I was there at the Disneyland Resort. I can’t wait to use it the next time I am at Disneyland again!

  • Thanks for making this useable for att users. Can’t wait to use it on our trip next February. I would like to vote for Wi-fi in the parks too.

  • Just got a Verizon iPhone 2 weeks ago. They need to change the Haunted Mansion photo, they have a Haunted Mansion Holiday photo. Looking forward to trying it out in DL and DCA soon.

  • Sigh. Canadian app store soon please? Thanks

  • Would if I could but I can’t so I won’t. Another vote for making this available in Canada.

  • Another vote for the Canadian app store!

  • Another request from Canada, please make it available for us too! (and Disney Visa card while I am asking for favours!)

  • It’s a shame this app is only for iPhone. Those of us with iPod Touch and/or iPad would love to be able to join the fun, too. I hope you’ll be making this a universal app very soon!

  • Please make this available to your international friends. We’re app-less in Canada!

  • downloaded it! and will be using while we are there for 5 days next week!!

  • Any date for the Canadian release?

  • Does this app alow be to accues to DLSW wifi spots through the parks or if the add wifi to guests in the park? No, than its not usable to the average user. You might as well just grab the map as you enter the park

  • It looks promising, but the fact that you can’t check wait times etc, from outside the park is a big disappointment. I get why Disney wouldn’t want us to know, but its a big bummer if you’re trying to plan your trip. Looks like I’ll have to use both this one and MouseWait still. 🙁

  • Please make this available for Canadians 🙁

  • As an Android user, I would love to have this app. Will it ever be avaiable for Sprint customers along with all other cellular companies?

  • AWESOME! I was there last week and tried to find it on my Iphone and couldn’t. Now I have got it!! Wahoo

  • So excited it’s now available to other networks (not just Verizon)! This’ll be helpful when I head down in August!


  • Any possibility the app will become available for Windows Mobile phone users? I’d love to see it for Windows!

  • Yippee! I’ve been waiting for this to be available for iPhone users. THANK YOU!

  • This is wonderful! I’ve been hoping this would come to I-phone users, and I’m in the middle of planning our next trip. I’ve downloaded it and can’t wait to streamline our vacation.

  • Thanks so much for making this available for non Verizon users!!! Looking forward to using it on our next trip to Walt Disney World!

  • I just got home from Disney World last Saturday! We missed each other by one week! At least I have it for next time.

  • Any hope for Blackberry users?

  • Can’t wait to use it on our next visit!

  • FINALLY!! This is so perfect, just in time for Wednesday!!

  • This just made my Friday!

  • Just installed it. It looks very promising even on ATT!

  • I can’t download this because it’s not available on the UK store.. Are there any plans to release it here? I keep up with all the blogs and would love for more things to be available here for when we do come over to Disney…

  • I’m so glad the VZW requirement is gone! I think it is fine that you give the VZW some bonus features but I really am glad to see this and I can’t wait to use it in June!

  • Another vote for Canadian iphones!!

  • I agree with Rodrigo; wi-fi in the parks would be great! I don’t have an iphone, but an ipod touch so wi-fi would be great!

  • What about us Canadians??? I was so happy to read the “great news” and now I learn that it is not available in Canada??? So sad 🙁

  • When will the Verizon requirement be dropped? You have a lot of AT&T and Sprint iPhone users that would love to have access to this app!

  • I always turn my phone off when I´m on vacation.
    I keep using the nice information screens in the park.

  • And another vote for the canadian App Store…
    I’m planning to go Disneyland Resort this autumn and that would be great to be able to use this app 🙂

  • Is this app only forVerizon Wireless customers? I’m not seeing it in the App Store 🙁

  • Definitely needs to be rolled out to the Canadian App store!

  • Will this be coming to the UK app store, Thomas?

  • Android PLEASE!!! I cannot stress enough to important it would be to have this app on the Android platform!! Is there any plans for Android development of this app?!

  • Another vote for the Canadian app store!

  • Yay! Thanks, Disney! Now I just need to start planning my next trip to WDW so I can take full advantage of it. ;^)

  • Please make it available on the Canadian App store as well!

  • Wow, great news! But the parks need wi-fi. As an International Guest, I can’t use my data plan overseas, so most of the features would be useless to me.

  • Finally! I can’t wait to play with the app when I visit Disneyland next month!

  • Thanks so much for bringing this to the iphone! I just downloaded it, and I’m already feeling the magic:)

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