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Dynamic Deal for Duffy the Disney Bear Costumes

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Duffy the Disney Bear Canada Costume

When Duffy the Disney Bear returned to the U.S. Disney Parks in October 2010, we introduced a series of costumes for the 17-inch plush bear. These costumes were designed by Disney Design Group Artist Monty Maldovan and featured different outfits inspired by places at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. A dynamic deal for these costumes was recently introduced where you can get three costumes for $30.00.* The promotion gave me an excuse to visit my favorite home away from home, World Showcase at Epcot, to photograph Duffy sporting his themed outfits. I spoke with Denise Edelmaier, product developer for Duffy, about the promotion.

Duffy the Disney Bear United Kingdom and Germany Costumes

“We have a lot of exciting things coming for Duffy in 2012,” explained Denise. “This promotion helps us do two things – give a great deal to fans of Duffy and helps us keep our assortment fresh.”

Duffy the Disney Bear China Costume

Luckily, it was another beautiful day (though slightly windy) when I visited Epcot to capture these photos. During this expedition, I also captured some images that will be used on his official Facebook fan page (look for them coming soon).

You have a few options if you’d like to take advantage of this deal. I invite you to visit Treasures in Paradise at Disney California Adventure park or Disney’s Traders in Epcot to see the largest assortment of Duffy items. The promotion is also being offered at other locations in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts that carry Duffy merchandise. Finally, you can shop from the convenience of home and enjoy the deal on the Disney Parks online store.

I would love to see your photos of Duffy on his Facebook page.

*Buy 3 and save pricing only applies when you purchase eligible promotional items in quantities of 3. Valid on select merchandise only. Regular prices apply when purchasing a single item or in odd-numbered quantities. Merchandise must be exchanged for identical item or returned at discounted price with valid packing slip. No adjustments to prior purchases.


  • I am excited about new costumes coming soon, but what about the vinylmation and popcorn buckets? Also I have heard rumors from several cast members that Shelliemay will be coming soon. Is this true? I hope so because she is very expensive to buy off ebay.

  • I was so excited to discover this deal! My Duffy just got the pirate, Scots, and sailor outfits at a great price! I admit I was a bit of a Duffy cynic at first, but I ended up being charmed by his utter cuteness.

  • My family also didn’t think much of Duffy when he first appeared in Epcot a couple of years ago, but he’s really grown on us over time. I don’t see an issue with his emphasis in World Showcase because his appearence helped our DD10 get more enjoyment out of that area of WDW. She went nuts over him last year with all of his cute outfits from around the world and he was the one souvineer that she really wanted to spend her hard earned money on. I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled she was to meet the “real” Duffy for a picture! I’m glad we gave him a chance- little Duffy is very special to our daughter and she says he can’t wait to go “home” to World Showcase for a visit this August!

  • I would love to see the Cast Member costumes available for Duffy (or even Build a Bear). Most especially a Haunted Mansion Cast Member costume, Pirates of the Caribbean Cast member costume, and any other of the awesome costumes we see here at Disneyland. I think I would buy every costume for every attraction.

  • Whoops that should be “I’ll be at WDW in less than three weeks” in my previous comment.

  • I’m so excited to hear there are new things planned for 2012! I think the newer outfits are overall much nicer than the first wave of US outfits, so I’m cautiously optimistic. Yay for Duffy!

  • I like that this deal is a way to start getting rid of the current lineup of costumes and bring in something fresh. I am anxiously awaiting the retro 50’s Mouseketeer costume. I heard it’s already debuted at Disneyland, so I’m hoping it will be at Walt Disney World soon. I know the costumes at the US parks will never match the quality of those from Tokyo DisneySea, but I hope more of an effort is being made to turn out some great new designs here in the States. I’ll be at WDW in less than weeks with my Duffy (and Shellie May) in tow.

    • @Dale – Hello fellow EPCOT Center fan 🙂 I too have enjoyed seeing the World Showcase development. More items are on the way this year as they have been a hit. And just wait until the Fall, specifically October. More on that later…

      @Amy – Awesome! Have a safe trip. You are correct in that the Mickey Mouse Club costumes have just arrived. Disneyland typically receives items about two weeks before Walt Disney World. So it should be here by the time you arrive.

  • Duffy is not my thing either — but I have loved seeing some of the country specific merchandise popping up around World Showcase, and vintage EPCOT merch — keep that stuff coming! I’ll be at Centorium, errr, Mouse Gears in April. 😉

  • Steve that is one of the things I love about Disney Merchandise: Not everyone will like everything but there should be at least something for everyone. I have seen so many neat things. I may not personally want to buy it but I know it would make someone happy.

  • At what point will Disney merchandising stop trying to force Duffy at the American Parks??

    • @Chris – I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. In my time with Disney Theme Park Merchandise (more than eight years now), I’ve learned that we like to introduce a variety of things for Disney fans to collect (e.g. Disney pins, Vinylmation, Dooney & Bourke bags, Disney Ear Hats, timepieces, action figure sets, etc). If Duffy isn’t for you, that’s okay. I hope that we have made something else that you may like. 🙂

  • Dear Mr. Miller,

    After eighteen visits to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, it is very refreshing and exciting to be collecting outfits for our little furry buddy Duffy.

    We can’t wait to collect more on future visits to the parks and while cruising!

    Thank you,
    Jackie Psarianos

    • @Anton – There is a France pavilion inspired costume (see:

      The Duffy team has been partnering closely with the Disneyland Resort Paris team. They will have several of the items that will be introduced this year. I still need to make it over to Paris! I heard it is beautiful 🙂

      @Jackie – Glad to hear you are having a great time! Eighteen visits?! Wow. You should join the Disney family as a Cast Member (that’s what I did after that many visits – ha!).

  • Wow, they look wonderfull! I would love to buy a few for my nieces! Unfortunatily traveling from Europ we are only allowed 1 suitcase (or pay a huge amount extra) so I need to be carefull in what I buy in the parks.

  • A special costume made in pavillon of France maybe ? 🙂 .

    If there are new merchandises arround Duffy in 2012, I suppose they will arrive at Disneyland Paris too.
    Because “The Disney Bear” has been introduced at Dlp for the last Christmas Season 😉 .
    And french fans appreciate him too.

  • Great Deal!

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