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Earl of Sandwich Coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort This Summer

If you read my posts last week about the changes coming to La Brea Bakery Café and the LEGO Store, you know that there are new and exciting things coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort, and today I am excited to announce that Earl of Sandwich is coming in early summer 2012!

Earl of Sandwich Restaurant Coming to Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort

The new restaurant, which continues to have historical ties to the inventor of the sandwich, the Sandwich family, will be located adjacent to AMC Theatres. Signature hot sandwiches will be available including The Original 1762, a sandwich of freshly roasted beef, sharp cheddar and creamy horseradish sauce all on freshly baked artisan bread. Soups, salads, wraps and desserts also are on the menu. Earl of Sandwich offers a vast array of hot and cold beverages including The Earl’s Grey Lemonade. Breakfast sandwiches and pastries will be available in the morning and a variety of catering options will be offered at this location.

This will be the only Earl of Sandwich in California and it is sure to be a favorite among our guests as it has been at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Paris.

We are very excited to welcome Earl of Sandwich to Downtown Disney District and hope to see you all there this summer!


  • I love this! We were surprised there wasn’t one when we were just there so I’m glad it’ll be there by the time we go back!!

  • So excited!!! This is one of our favorite places to eat at WDW. My daughter plans on being the first in line!! And with Ghiradelli’s coming too! Can’t wait for the summer!!!

  • Can’t wait!

  • This is great news. It’s one of our favorite spots to eat @ WDW. We make the pilgrimage to Disneyland a couple times a year, it will be an awesome additional 2 DLR!

  • Awesome, now we need a good sushi place in downtown Disney!

  • There are far more better sandwich QSRs than Quiznos. Ick! I love Togo’s and I recently tried Which Wich? in Fullerton, CA.

    I agree to those who request more restaurants that offer GF sandwiches and not saying that their GF menu is chips, soft drinks, and some salads… Subway is still in the works of creating a GF sandwich, but no word of their progress.

    About 5-6 months until this restaurant is up and running?

  • Oooo Mmmmm Ggggg. I am so happy I could cry. We just got back from WDW and we had no less than 3 trips to EoS over 4 days. I’ve been begging them for a shop at DLs DTD for years. I am so happy right now.


  • FANTASTIC NEWS!!! On our last trip to WDW we found this spot and totally enjoyed it from the Oriental Chicken Salad to the 1762 we are glad to see them coming out here!!! Can’t Wait!!!

  • Over the top excited about this new addition to Downtown Disney!!

  • I keep hearing about this place and never ate there the 2 times I took a trip to wdw. Now I can taste what every one is talking about. 😉

  • Finally, an affordable place for a good meal at DTD Anaheim. My family loves this place, and go there every time we visit Disney World. Downtown Disney Anaheim is really becoming a great place to grab a bite.

  • Yes! finally. Every time i go to Las Vegas I always make my way to Planet Hollywood to get some Earl of Sandwich. I love getting “The Full Montagu” and what’s awesome is they sometimes have holiday specific sandwiches which are so delightful you want to get two. I can’t wait summer needs to come sooner

  • I’ve never heard of the “Earl of Sandwich”, and I hope there will be more tables out front than there have been at Compass Books in the years before. My husband is diabetic, so we carry special foods along every where we go for him, just in case. I assume gluten free people do the same. Then you will probably find something “safe” that they can eat, no matter where you go. And if not, the person won’t starve, either. Will be glad to try this new place, but usually only get some quick coffee at the Compass place, due to lack of seating.

  • I probably shouldn’t be THIS excited, but I don’t care, BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM ANYWAY!!! Their sandwiches are SO GOOD!!!

  • This is wonderful!! I love it in FL and I can’t wait for it to come to CA!! Will there be coupons???

  • Sounds good but where is Starbucks going to go now?

  • WOW!! this is EXCELLENT NEWS!! My wife and I go NUTS for Earl at WDW… it’s not “just” a sandwich. It’s the tastiest fresh baked bread loaded with incredible combinations that have you coming back for sure. Even tho it’s not “stacked” deli style, it has a style of it’s own that’s warm and DEEElicious in it’s own way, with their own excellent sauces. Don’t be thinking it’s a standard Subway (ick) style chain either.

    One of my seasonal favorites is the All American with Roasted Turkey, Buttermilk Ranch, a warm Cranberry sauce that’s SOOO GOOD, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce & Roma Tomatoes and wow… I’m drooling now.. ha!

    I remember my wife wanting to try their Tomato Soup.. and it was a typical humid WDW evening.. and I thought she was nuts!! However, all it took for me was one taste with those large house-made croutons they drop in there and I was hooked. We always get Tomato Soup and a Sandwich which is way more than we should eat… but wow is it good!! HURRY AND BUILD IT! GTG!!… I’m going to go wait in line right now.. ha! 😉

  • I’m not sure what all this fuss is about over a sandwich shop.

    For a great post-Disneyland nosh I head to the Haven Gastropub over at the Orange Circle, but that’s just me. But, I guess this could be a fast meal option for people staying next door at the Disneyland Hotel?

    I’ll have to check it out this summer, I guess.

  • One more vote for gluten-free options!

  • OMG!! Can’t wait!! Ghiradelli’s and Earl?? Woot!!

  • I’m with Nicolo on this, I love Earl of Sandwich (La Brea Bakery probably doesn’t, lol, although they are different styles to me and I like them both) and am glad DTD will have one, but I am really sad to see the bookstore go.

  • …And I’m looking forward to visiting this location.

  • I have to admit, I kind of hate to see Compass Books go away, but this seems like it will be a good replacement.

  • Well, I won’t be as enthusiastic as everyone else unless they have some gluten-free options. But, what does excite me is that this is the third addition/update announced for Downtown Disney in the last week! I don’t know if I can visit Disneyland this year, but there certainly is plenty to look forward to!

  • omg!! so excited! no more driving to las vegas just for earls!! cars land and earls?! BEST SUMMER EVER!!

  • Yay, this is SO exciting! Earl of Sandwich is absolutely my favorite sandwich place and I’m so happy it’s so close! I can’t wait for my first Original in Anaheim.

  • This is my husband’s favorite place to eat each time we go to WDW. He’s already told me we are definitely going to be eating there once it’s done at Disneyland. Thank you so much for bringing this to California!

  • Nice location. Should be a real hit for movie goers.

  • Nice just a short hop from the monorail station will be the World’s greatest sandwich! Can’t wait to experience this newly improved Resort in November. Can we get a Wolfgang Puck Express, I won’t ever need to visit WDW if that comes!

    I agree with Chris to, no more reasons for me to visit Vegas! Straight on to DLR for me!

    Oh and not to be to needy but a Earl of Sandwich across the street from Aulani would not be to much of a wish upon a star would it?

  • yay! This made my day 🙂

  • Excellent! Downtown Disney Anaheim needs more casual affordable eateries.

  • OMG!!!!! Yes! Don’t need to go to Vegas to get my sandwich fix anymore:)

  • ooh, Cannot wait to see it come to the Disneyland Resort! Making me hungry just thinking about it!

    Although: I’m still extremely bummed to see Compass Books leave! That was one of my family’s favorite spots in Downtown Disney all these years!

  • Between Earl of Sandwich and the La Brea Bakery, I am good to go.

  • I LOOOOVE this place. It is a must do at WDW and even when I go to Las Vegas. I will frequent this one in my backyard all the time!

  • The best place to eat at WDW is now coming to DL, that is great news!!

  • Oh, it’s a favorite, all right: You West coast folks catching up with the other parks are in for a treat. 🙂
    The Earl makes some tasty hot-subs, like Quiznos with a touch of class–It’s one of the have-to restaurants for counter service at the WDW Downtown Disney, if you’re not getting sit-down seats for T-Rex or Raglan Road.

  • Great news! It’s inconvenient for us to head to Downtown Disney when we’re at Walt Disney World, so it’s great to hear that this will be coming to Disneyland where it’s easily accessible!

  • This is one of my favorite places to eat for lunch at WDW!!

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