Foodie Musings from Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland Park

Mickey Mouse Pretzel Available at Disneyland Park

Update on Refreshment Corner: Look for everyone’s favorite chili dog to return the week of February 27! Don’t look for big changes; they are mostly behind the scenes. Ditto for the menu – along with the chili dog, you still can get the chili in a sourdough bowl and turkey dogs for kids. Plus the popular Mickey Mouse pretzel (with a side of cheese dip, please).

In the meantime, if you’re craving a dog you can head to Edelweiss Snacks in Fantasyland (where we also love the chili-lime corn on the cob) or Pluto’s Dog House in Mickey’s Toontown. And nearby Little Red Wagon has hand-dipped corn dogs, a retro Disneyland Resort treat.

The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at Main Street Cone Shop in Disneyland Park

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor won’t be back until May, but ‘til then you can get your sweet fix at Main Street Cone Shop, where the ice cream cookie sandwich – 2 freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a generous scoop of ice cream in the middle – is our favorite indulgence. You also can head over to The Golden Horseshoe for ice cream treats – our favorite is the Barq’s root beer ice cream float. (We’re looking forward to the new floats on the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor menu.)

Everyone is talking about the beautiful new Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, but if you just want a cup of coffee, stop at the Main Street cappuccino cart – it’s still in business. And while we love the sweets at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, we find ourselves craving the quiche with a side salad . . . or the hot roast beef on a toasted onion roll. Delish.

What’s your favorite quick-service treat on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland park?


  • My favorite quick service treat on Main St. a caramel apple! I get at the end of my day. Best in the world!

    I have to say, that pretzel photo looks delicious but I’ve always found the DL pretzels to be too dry. Quite a disappointment for this lover of all soft pretzels and all things Disney.

  • Uh oh, my mom is going to be MAD! She loves the ice cream shop but we will be there in April. The cone shop just isn’t the same.

  • Can you get free coffee refills (regular drip or ice) at the Jolly Holiday Bakery?

  • I’m a big fan of the Cinnamon Tea Latte from the Market House shop on Main Street. It tastes like a churro in tea form and I haven’t found a drink like it anywhere else (though I suppose chai tea is close).

  • Does the Jolly Holiday plan on serving blended drinks?

  • they should expand the dole whip section of the park! the line is always so long! 🙂

  • Jumbo deli-style pickles from the fruit cart on Main Street, U.S.A. Super sour, crunchy and delicious.

  • Churros and Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Also Dole Whips in Adventureland.

  • Gluten-Free Hot Dogs at Refreshment Corner.
    Sooooooo good! Best G.F. Dogs on the planet.

  • Churro’s and Caramel Apple’s!!! Yumm!! I can’t wait, just a week and a few days and I will finally be back in the Happiest Place on Earth after 7 LONG years!!

  • Thanks for the update on the Refreshment Corner.

    I’m really glad that Main Street is getting this refurbishment.

    For me, I always enjoy popcorn or a soft pretzel.

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