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‘Go Wild’ For ‘Hidden Mickeys’ on Facebook

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Are you a “friend” of Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort on Facebook?

Walt Disney World “Go Wild” Facebook Sweepstakes Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Facebook Sweepstakes

Beginning today, Feb. 13, you can hunt for “Hidden Mickeys” in the new Walt Disney World “Go Wild” Sweepstakes and the Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Sweepstakes. The hunts will take place across several different Disney Facebook pages, including: Disney California Adventure, Disney PhotoPass, Disneyland, Disneyland Annual Passholders, Duffy the Disney Bear, Disneyland Latino, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, and Walt Disney World Latino pages.

For each Hidden Mickey you find, you can enter for a chance to win a vacation for four to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or Disneyland Resort in California. Find a total of 10 Hidden Mickeys and you could add a VIP experience if you win!

You can get a jumpstart on finding Hidden Mickeys by clicking on the ones above. Also, for future hints, follow @JungleCruise on Twitter. The resident animals got ahold of someone’s cellphone and have learned how to tweet. Word on the street is that they may reveal hints as to the location of some of these Hidden Mickeys in coming weeks!


  • Can someone explain this?
    I just found, on the WDW Star-wars site, a hidden mickey. IT had a url site. I click on it, and it credits it to my Disneyland Mickeys. I go to Disneyland Star-wars, find the same mickey, same url, and when I click on it, it says, i already found it. True-ish, but what became of me WDW Star Wars mickey?

  • Is it possible that some hidden mickeys (or safari mickeys) won’t show up on some browsers? Sometimes when I looking for a “submit” button on a page, there isn’t one, but when I fill in the same form on a different browser, there is the button. Sometimes it even includes the whole form being missing on one browser. I have found some, but still, when I clicked on the above two “free” ones, and then found one, I had three url links, yet only one mickey was posted (counting both sites). I realize the WDW/DL wants to make this interesting, but I think it may not be working on all browsers. Also, I have no idea what to be looking for on the jungle twitter..,. and I have tried to go to some animals that it mentions, but since the mickeys are supposed to be embedded in photos, somehow going to jungle photos doesn’t seem useful. Thanks for listening. Oh, is there somewhere specific on a Disney FB page where people are also discussing problems? And how would I get there?

  • Hey Nancy,
    When you find a mickey, don’t click on the mickey in the photo (I did this at first and it took me to the next photo, I was like “What??!!”). You have to click on the url in the description box, and thats how you collect them.

    If you’ve already collected that mickey, you are still able to see it and click on the url, it will just tell you you’ve already gotten it. If, by clicking the url, your page with the photos is being sent to the ‘collect the mickey’ webpage; try pressing down ‘ctrl’ while clikcing. This will open a new browser or internet page, and this will allow you to not have to keep pressing back through the photos.

    Sorry, I wasn’t clear exactly where the Urls were for the seperate facebook sites, so I will just type them here and you can facebook them:
    ~For Walt Disney World:
    -Walt Disney World Latino
    -Star Wars
    -Duffy The Disney Bear
    -Disney’s Photo Pass Service
    -Walt Disney World
    ~For DisneyLand:
    -Disneyland Latino
    -Star Wars
    -Disneyland Annual Passholders
    -Disney California Adventure
    I have only found 7 hidden mickeys eatch for DisneyLand and for Disney World, but there are a lot of people saying that they have been able to get all 20, so keep trying!
    I hope I’ve helped and keep asking questions

  • Hi Natalie….Thanks for trying to help. I will reread, and go one step at a time. But I know that I do not have anything in blue at the bottom, and there have been 3 hidden mickeys (or go wild mickeys) that have a site with a code that I have to click on, and when I do, it says I have found it already. (If that were true, then why isn’t it in my “head” count of mickeys?) But thank you for your concern…and yes, I have been looking at photos, but have seen only one, and when i clicked on it, it “jumped” back to another picture. Something is amiss.

  • Hi Jennifer! I found all 10 hidden Mickeys a couple weeks ago and was just wondering how long the “Go Wild” sweepstakes will be open. When and how will the winners be announced? Thanks so much! Yay Disney!!

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