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‘Go Wild’ For ‘Hidden Mickeys’ on Facebook

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Are you a “friend” of Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort on Facebook?

Walt Disney World “Go Wild” Facebook Sweepstakes Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Facebook Sweepstakes

Beginning today, Feb. 13, you can hunt for “Hidden Mickeys” in the new Walt Disney World “Go Wild” Sweepstakes and the Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey Sweepstakes. The hunts will take place across several different Disney Facebook pages, including: Disney California Adventure, Disney PhotoPass, Disneyland, Disneyland Annual Passholders, Duffy the Disney Bear, Disneyland Latino, Walt Disney World, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders, and Walt Disney World Latino pages.

For each Hidden Mickey you find, you can enter for a chance to win a vacation for four to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or Disneyland Resort in California. Find a total of 10 Hidden Mickeys and you could add a VIP experience if you win!

You can get a jumpstart on finding Hidden Mickeys by clicking on the ones above. Also, for future hints, follow @JungleCruise on Twitter. The resident animals got ahold of someone’s cellphone and have learned how to tweet. Word on the street is that they may reveal hints as to the location of some of these Hidden Mickeys in coming weeks!


  • Okay, I am not going to tell everyone where the mickeys are, but what I am going to do is put it plainly. If you’re having trouble looking for the hidden mickeys, look at the photos. To collect them, you will find the website url you have to click to collect it in the decription box of the photos.

    If you are having trouble figureing out the exact websites on where to find them, there are two ways I can explain it to you:

    1) If you have found atleast one mickey, go to your facebook page and look through till you found where you shared that you found your first (secound, third, fourth…etc)mickey to the rest of your facebook friends. Click the url that is automatically in that post, and it will bring up the webstie “congradulations, you found your (1st, 2nd, 3rd) mickey…” and go to the bottom of the page. There, near the end of the page, it will say; “Other websites you can find the mickeys at…” and there will be an arrow, and the names of the facebook pages will be in blue. You can click on the names and a new website will open up with that site’s facebook page. Like the page to acess the photos etc.
    2) if you have not found a hidden mickey, click on the mickeys above on this blog page and make sure you register, then, they will have the names of the facebook pages to eatch. (An example would be the actual Disney facebook page). You can click on the blue names and then that will open a new website page of that facebook page. Like the page to acess the photos etc.

    Brandi, you can apply to both since they are seperate sweepstakes.

    I hope I’ve helped and continue to ask questions on here.

  • Supposedly you get one Mickey for signing up. I never got that. I signed up and I’m collecting Mickey’s but I never got the first one. Does anyone know how I can get it?

  • If all of us great Hidden Mickey finders told everyone how to find them, it would not be much fun for those who are still playing. Keep trying.

  • Sorry for the running dialog, but thought I would keep you all posted. I went to one of the 10 Disney Faacebook sites…looked at the pictures in the album. When I looked at them when they were all displayed on the page, there was no hidden Mickey, but when I looked at them one at a time, one showed up. I clicked on it several times. Nothing. Then I’m not sure, i think I “backed up” a page, it showed up again and I clicked on it… and then it said you found a Hiddlen Mickey, and there there was a webaddress to click onto get creid, but again, it said I already had one.
    When I looked back at the album sidplayed all the photos together, there was the hidden Mickey…. but it won’t register for me. Thanks for your help.

  • When I go to say Disneyland Annual Passholders, and click on the photo inthe upper left corner, this is what is displayed. I still cant find where you are talking about. Sorry, I need help. thanks.

    By Disneyland Annual Passholders (Albums) · Updated about 5 months ago.

  • Comment 6–Lacey.. I am having the same concerns…. AND the 2 Mickey heads posted at the top, I assumed were for 2 different locations, but if you click on one, you get one credit…then when you click on the other it says you already have one Mickey. AND I have attempted to read twitter info…. It just seems like a bunch of nothing. I tried to go to pictures of giraffes… but that didnt help me find hidden Mickeys. Is it possible that some browsers don’t have the ability to display the hidden Mickeys? Whatever happened to just clues from
    one location, and not making me chase all over the place for things that aren’t there?

  • Found all 10 for both Disney World and Disneyland. Took me a few days, but once you figure it out, you’ll have no problem.

  • Does someone know why people from province of Québec Ca excluded from Sweepstake?

  • Someone, puhleeze help me!

    I have found 7 of the Disneyland resort mickeys, but am now stumped. Someone (in prior entry) said that they were also under “shared”…with all due respect, “shared” ..what? I clicked on Share Memories, and I don’t see any….I just want to find the remaining 3 mickeys for Disney Resort – are there any other hidden Mickey’s other than the “Photos” which were updated, “last Thursday” ??? I’ve been through all of those, at least twice, and can’t find more than 7…THANKS!!!!!

  • How are earth are you people finding these mickeys?!! LOL!!!! I’m still on 1 after an hour!!!

  • You mentioned the FB page “Walt Disney World Annual Passholders” I can’t find that one.

  • I think there is a flaw in the game. Since both the Disneyland and DisneyWorld pages have you find the hidden mickeys on the Star Tours Facebook page, once you find the hidden mickeys it only attributes it to either your Disneyland page or your DisneyWorld page but not both.

  • Nevermind. I found the last one. I am blind because I looked there dozens of times and didn’t see it! Plain as the nose on my face! That was fun. In the almost words of Mike Wazowski, “That was a lot of websites and photos to go through.” LOL!

  • Got all 20! Now just have to wait and see if I win!

  • Okay, I have found 9 “Hidden Mickeys” for the Walt Disney World Sweepstakes and I’ve looked in every album and every “Share Memories” section on every single page and I can’t find the last one anywhere! I’ve looked at least 5 times now! Someone said there are 2 in PhotoPass, but I am only seeing one. Am I totally blind or is there only one? If there is only one, can you give me a hint as to where to look for the one I am missing? Please! I’ve already gotten the freebie so that’s not the one I’m missing. Please and thank you! (Twitter is not helping so please don’t tell me to go there for a hint)

  • Hi! I am so excited about this sweepstakes! My question though, is can you play both? I really want Disneyland and dont want to chance being disqualified for playing both.

  • Thank you so much Natalie! I think I get it now!

  • I can’t find any? What am I doing wrong? Help

  • I must really be dumb because I can’t find anything. I’m not sure what pages I am looking at. I don’t see any pictures on the left side. On the left side of what? What am I doing wrong?

  • I also have had trouble finding anymore, and I’ve looked through all the photos that have been updates since last Thursday. Are they anywhere else besides the photos?

    For the people asking questions on how to “collect” the mickey’s: the only hint I can tell you is to pay attention to the description boxes on the photos. Wish everyone the best of luck! =)

  • where’s the link to claim it!!! I’m so lost I don’t a link just the link that brings me to this site!!! UGH!!

  • I have to say; my husband and I had such a blast doing this scavenger hunt! we did Disneyland; then moved to Disney world!
    Hope to win something!!! great game!

  • Confused, i’ve been to numerous (disney, disneyland…) pages, looked at numerous items, photos and haven’t found a single hidden mickey, I’ve even looked on pages where others have said they’ve found them with no luck, what am i doing wrong, is it because i’m using an IPad?????

  • I got all 10 for both DL and WDW!

  • I finally found all 20. *whew* That was a challenge to remember which pictures I had already looked at to try to avoid looking at the same ones over and over. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • I don’t understand how to find them. I can see them, but what do I do? So I like the photo or click on the Mickey? I don’t understand.

  • LOVING THIS CONTEST !! WHAT GREAT FUN ! As this is a sweepstakes with an AWESOME prize, leaning against posting any additional hints until the winner is announced, other than the official Disney hints from @junglecruise. Will be on the constant hunt though ! Can’t wait ! to find them all, I hope 🙂 Thanks Disney for giving us such a wonderful mission.

  • WOO!!!! Got all 20 done…10 for each Resort. Fingers crossed hoping I win

  • Yeah Im with everyone else who is lost!! I can’t seem to figure this out! I would very much like some help! Please?!?!

  • Ok…now I have 9 for WDW and 8 for DLR but my mind is going crazy trying to find these last couple. Is there a way to post up some hints to help people?? Maybe a hint for each Hidden Mickey??

  • I have looked up and down every page and can’t find any!!!

  • So far, I’ve got 6 for Disneyland and 8 for Walt Disney World. I am having a hard time finding the rest and I’ve been looking like crazy…and so far the Jungle Cruise twitter hasn’t really been helping. =/

  • I’m trying to enter as a Canadian which says we are allowed to enter…but it does not list the provinces to continue to register? So it is impossible to sign up to register.

  • for those who are confused you are not alone! But what you have to do is go to the “photos” at the left side of the page, click on each one, once you are in there look at the top left and it will say page last updated on ______-. you are looking for the set of pic’s that were updated on Thurdsay. There also in Disneyland look under “shared”. Good luck, I have found 8 and my Grandson and I have been looking for over 2 hours. It gets tricky after 8 as it say in the Blog above to look in Duffy and photo but the only ones we found there were for Disney World. But we will keep looking until we find them!

  • Found my “first” one but how do I find others?

  • I live in KS can I enter the Go Wild even though it says it is for Florida Residents

  • Oh, sorry. I see now there’s a DisneyWorld and a DisneyLand one.

  • I’m confused as well. How do you collect them?

  • I looked at the rules and this is what I saw
    I don’t know if that helps the people from Canada or not though..

  • Okay ~ figured it out. Found all 10 for Disneyland, but am stuck at 9 for Disney World and can’t figure out where the tenth one is 🙁

  • I’m confused as well. Been to every page and can’t find a one 🙁

  • The rules says Canadians can enter too, but I can’t find provinces on the list and it won’t accept postal codes….help the Canadian fans out

  • Lot’s of frustrated Disney fans about this Jennifer. Please help us out. I check all the pages and there is nothing to find. So far this is a huge Disney Fail

  • You’re not alone Lacey. Been on all the pages, through all the photos etc. Not finding anything either.

  • I am so freaking confused!!! I guess i’m dumb but I can’t figure out how to do the hidden mickey sweepstakes? I have been to every facebook page that is on there and Ido not get where the hidden mickeys will be? are they going to be pictures? Will we be looking on the side for them? I just am so confused? They need to at least give a little more info? From what I can tell i’m not the only one confused?

  • I am having the same problem at Cory. The Disneyland contest says its open to Canadians but will only allow you to choose an American state and use an American zip code. No options for Canadians at all.

  • Why does it say Florida residents Hidden Mickeys..I live in Pa..is this only for Florida residents?

  • When I attempt to register, the rules say that Canadians can join but it only recognizes American states and zip codes.

  • Good question…what do u do once you find a Mickey?

  • How does it work? Do you click on the hidden Mickey when you find one?

    • Yes!

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