Guests Celebrating One More Disney Day at Disneyland Park Could Receive Limited-Edition Commemorative Ear Hats

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Big news for those planning to spend One More Disney Day at Disneyland park on February 29! Guests entering the park when it opens at 6 a.m. will receive a limited-edition ear hat commemorating the event, while supplies last. Ear hats are limited to a supply of 2,000 for guests who enter through the designated turnstiles when Disneyland park opens at 6 a.m. on February 29.

I got a sneak peek at the One More Disney Day limited-edition ear hat myself today – check it out!

Disney Parks Blog Author Erin Glover Wears her One More Disney Day Limited-Edition Ear Hat

Here are some things you should know if you are planning to join us when Disneyland park opens at 6 a.m. on February 29:

  • Guests may begin lining up no earlier than 10 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28.
  • Guests planning to line up before Disneyland park opens must park in the Pumbaa Parking Lot on Disney Way between 10 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28 and 6 a.m. on February 29. Please note that the Pumbaa Lot will not begin to offer shuttle service to the East Esplanade until 6 a.m. on February 29. Click here for a map of Disneyland Resort parking areas.
  • Restrooms will be available for guests who line up before Disneyland park opens.
  • A special ticket booth will be available prior to Disneyland park opening for guests needing to purchase park admission for February 29. Valid park admission is required in order to enter Disneyland park and to receive the commemorative ear hat.
  • Commemorative ear hats will be distributed, while supplies last, to guests who enter through the designated turnstiles beginning at 6 a.m. on February 29, when Disneyland park officially opens. Limit one ear hat per person, and you must be present at the time of distribution.
  • Please remember that being in line and entering the park does not guarantee that you will receive a commemorative ear hat. Ear hats are limited to a supply of 2,000 for guests who enter through the designated turnstiles when Disneyland park opens at 6 a.m. on February 29.
  • Be sure to check the list of items that are not permitted inside Disneyland park as you plan what you will bring with you that day. Admission to the park is subject to capacity restrictions.

See you at One More Disney Day – February 29!


  • My son’s birthday is also leap year! We can’t wait to celebrate! This will be his 2nd official day of his birthday, but he’s technically 8. Can’t wait but now I’m worried about the crowds. UGH!

  • 10pm on the 28th and 4:30am on the 29th that is

  • If we get there at 10 and get the colored bracelet, can we leave and come back at 4:30 after the security check?

  • Hi Erin, your reply to comment #20 above was the first I’ve heard about the online registration needed for the MK Ears…is that over with, or can we still register? I’m nervous that I missed out on this opportunity, so please let us know if you have anymore info!! Thanks!

  • Erin~ If we are staying at a Disneyland resort hotel will be allowed to enter the esplanade from that side or we have to walk around to the east side?

    • Yes – you will be able to walk through the Esplanade to get to the line on the east side. Look for Disneyland Resort cast members if you have any trouble.

  • I can’t wait!! But I don’t even get off until 6 am then we are driving down from Sacramento area. Is Disney expecting to hit max capacity? I already work nights, so I’m ready for the all nighter!!

  • Hi Erin! Can you please clarify something for me, if we choose to line up at 10 pm on the 28th, do I park in the Pumbaa Parking Lot so will I be let IN to the parking lot at 10 or can I park there whenever and everyone meets at the parking lot and we’re walked to form the line in front of the park?

    • Parking will be available in the Pumbaa lot, but the line will form in the Disneyland Resort Esplanade, outside the entrance to Disneyland park.

  • Hi Erin, I had seen something about an online registration for guests who will be at the Walt Disney World -Magic Kingdom park that day, but is there any other information. I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found a thing on where guests at Magic Kingdom can go for these hats…i’ll wait in any line in any place 🙂

  • I am so excited for this event. We are going to do the full 24 hours, although we may leave for an hour to freshen up at hotel. But if there is a wait to get back in we are staying. I dont think I will be getting in line any time before 4:30am for a hat…LOL I do think people staying at the Disney Hotels should get a little guarantee of dibs on hats and a seperate entrance for this day.

    I can’t wait! We leave on the 27th.

  • So just to confirm, just a regular parkhopper pass would be the only ticket required for entrance? They can be bought online now and used on that day?

    Looking forward to this! It will be magical!

  • When will more information come out about the event? We are less then a week away and the Mouse Ears(while exciting) are the only confirmed information to be found, and that isn’t much.

  • What I want to know is what is the schedule for DCA during this time?

    • Disney California Adventure park will be open from 10 am – 8 pm on February 29.

  • @Sarah. While the annual pass parking is supposed to be good for the Mickey and Friends Parking structure only I’ve had no problem parking at any of the parking lots (Pumbaa, Toy Story, Simba (when it’s used) without having to pay.

  • will they be doing this for disney world as well?

  • What happens if midway through the day we have to leave for a little bit but plan on coming back? Will we be granted readmission if we were there earlier that day?

  • Erin, please let us know what the restrictions are for on line registration to receive the LE Ears. Or will having a wristband similar to the candy cane madness be how you receive them? Or will they simply be handing them out at the gate as you enter?

    • There is no online registration for the commemorative ear hats at Disneyland. Guests entering the park when it opens at 6 a.m. on February 29 will receive a limited-edition ear hat, while supplies last. Ear hats are limited to a supply of 2,000.

  • @Catherine. The Pumbaa parking lot is on Disney Way across the street from Garden Walk. It’s between Harbour and Anaheim Blvd/Haster St.

  • What if I have a parking pass on my annual Passport? That usually means that I have to park in the Mickey and Friends parking. Will I be able to park in the Pumbaa lot without having to pay? Hate to miss out!!!

    • You will not be charged for parking at the Pumbaa lot between 10 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28 and 6 a.m. on February 29.

  • Hi, Erin! I’m really excited for One More Disney Day, you mentioned in your article that those lining up between 10 PM and 6 AM are to park in the Pumbaa parking lot – I can’t find any directions regarding how to get to the Pumbaa parking lot online. I could have sworn they closed off The Lion King parking lots a few years ago?! I am confused :c

  • I am flying in from SLC, UT. I won’t be arriving until 2pm or so. Do I need to worry about the park reaching capacity?

  • What are the instruction for the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

  • what time will the mickey and friends parking structure open?
    ig i choose to walk from my hotel on the corner of ball rd & disneyland dr. will there be access to enter from the downtown disney check point at 5ooam?


  • I was only a little bit sad that I can’t make this event, but now I am extremely sad!

    Are they standard production mouse ears are they the locally made kind like those at Club 33? I ask because the shape looks more like the latter.

  • Excited to be there for the 24 Hours but um, the thought of waiting in line from 10pm to 6am for a hat… ummm not so much…

  • I was coming down the day before after to work but I’m not sure that I would want to wait in line from 10pm until 6am (especially since I’ve already got the hotel paid for) just to get those ears. Do you really think that many people are going to be lining up at that time just to get those ears? I agree with the one person that said that if you were staying at one of the Disneyland Hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier or Grand Californian) that you could get one as long as you showed your valid ticket to the park and your key card.
    @Sony – where did you find that thing to preregister to get the ears? I’d be willing to go down there at 4:30 to get the ears but not 10pm.

  • I was totally considering doing the full 24 hours, and the ear hat would be a great bonus. But lining up a 10 the night before? Really? I’m getting too old for his stuff.

    @brett: it says that valid park admission is required. An AP is valid park admission.

    Hey Erin (or anyone else), when I log in to post here it shows me as Jeffrey from FL. My account has my correct address in CA (have never lived in FL). How do I change that?

  • what happen if you are a passholder ? can we still get in ?

    • Hi Brett – Valid park admission is required to enter Disneyland park on February 29, and that does include Annual Passports.

  • AWWWWW! I don’t want to go at 6 in the morning on Feb 29! Nothing too out of the ordinary about that! I want to go at 3 in the morning and stay until they close the gates on March 1! Where are those ears? lol

  • Hi Erin! Do you have any clue how busy the park is going to be that day or when you’re estimating that it will reach capacity? My friend and I are driving from Northern California and wondering what time we should show up that morning 🙂

  • Noooo, I cannot make it then! I wish I could get those ears too!

  • What was the point of registering online to get a “disney day commemorative ear voucher ” and having to print it out and bring it with you to the park that morning at 4:30 AM to check in if there’s no guarantee that you will get a commemorative mickey ear? If people are able to start lining up at 10pm the following day??

    • Soni – The online registration only applied to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. There is no online registration required for guests visiting Disneyland park to receive the ear hat.

  • Any special Pins to be available?

  • Will there be special merch for the event?

  • I really wanted to try to make it on the 29th but it looks like I won’t be able to go until late March 🙁 sounds exiting!

  • Any chance there are going to be fireworks the night of 2/29 at Disneyland? There are not any listed on the park calendar currently. Only the 7 pm parade and the 7:45 MMY show at Its a Small World.

  • Line up 8 hours early for a 24-hour event …

    I don’t think so.

  • Oh man I hope the park doesn’t reach capacity

  • Awe~ Cute! You look adorable in those Mickey Ears 🙂

  • Are there any special plans for Disney World in Orlando Florida? I’ll be there on Feb 29th.

  • Nice picture, Erin!

  • Are the Ear Hats actually limited edition or is it just a limited edition sticker stuck onto regular Ears?

  • I am coming just for the one day. Flying in at 10:30pm on the 28th and then Flying home on the 1st at 9:30 am. I booked a hotel but now it seems like i will not be using it if i need top be in line once I land. This is insaine!

    Does anyone know if there will be special entertainiment opportunities?

  • Sounds fun! It would be great if a hat was guaranteed for Disney guests that were born on Leap year!!
    Birth certificate or ID needed 🙂

  • maybe they should save some and give them to DLR hotel guests who are staying and coming in especially for One More Disney Day… just an idea

  • Now I plan on doing the 6am to 6am thing but there’s NO way I’d make it if I lined up at 10pm the night before that. Having MS it’s going to be hard enough to do the marathon 24 hour thing. Oh man this might hurt. 😀

  • Will there be special ear hats available at the Magic Kingdom in Florida? I’ll be down there from 2/28-3/3 with their 24hr day as part of the itinerary.

  • Will there be special one day park maps distributed that day or just the normal ones?

  • So curious how many really anticipate staying there all night…I really would love a pair..we also will be celebrating my sisters “11th” Birthday, she is a leap year baby too! How will we know which turnstiles they are? Will they be clearly marked? and can’t wait for more details about this celebration!!

    • Hi Carrie – Not to worry, there will be plenty of Disneyland Resort cast members there to help guests find their way.

  • This is awesome! We are going to try to spend the whole 24hours in the park because it is my sister’s birthday! Lucky for her she is born on feb.29.

  • When I first started reading this, I thought, “awesome, I’ll show up at 5 am to be sure I get one.” After reading further and seeing the 10 pm time when guests are allowed to start lining up, I’m wondering if an hour before the park opens will be enough time! It’s awesome that Disneyland has so many diehard fans!

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