Historic Relationship Continues with $5 Million Donation from the Disneyland Resort to Children’s Hospital of Orange County

George A. Kalogridis

by , President, Dev and Enrichment, Walt Disney World Resort

In February 1960, Walt Disney joined a newly formed executive council dedicated to filling the growing need for a children’s hospital in Orange County, California. Fundraising came to fruition and dedication turned to development with Children’s Hospital of Orange County first opening its doors in 1964. Since then, the relationship between the Disneyland Resort and CHOC has continued to grow.

From left, Mickey Mouse, CHOC Children’s President and CEO Kim Cripe, 14-year-old CHOC patient Tommy Conforti and Disneyland Resort President George A. Kalogridis.

This morning, 52 years after Walt helped secure donations for their first building, the Disneyland Resort announced a charitable contribution of $5 million toward CHOC Children’s fundraising goals for their newest building!

CHOC Children’s state-of-the-art, seven-story tower is set to open in spring 2013. It will feature fun and engaging experiences for all CHOC visitors on the second-floor lobby where Imagineers and Disneyland Resort cast members are currently working on some very magical designs.

As a company with 22,000 cast members in Southern California, many of whom have utilized the services at CHOC, we are bound together by much more than just proximity.

It’s about our shared history …starting with Walt Disney more than five decades ago.

It’s about our present relationship … maintaining a great bond through sustainable programs like the CHOC Walk, efforts from our Disney VoluntEARS and charitable donations like this one.

And it’s about our future together … supporting not only the building of a new tower, but the vision of building a stronger community with our friends at CHOC Children’s.


  • Dear Mr. Kalogridis,

    It was very touching to read about Disneyland Resorts newest venture, a donation the the Children’s Hospital, enabling them to build a new building, and better yet, Disney Imagineers working on designs. What a wonderful idea, Pixie Dusting a hospital which can otherwise be a dreary and frightening place.

    I know first hand what a small, pleasurable distraction for a child can mean to a fretful, anxious parent. I can only imagine what your Imagineers will come up with. What a truly inspiring and exciting project.

    I think Disney should Pixie Dust as many children’s hospitals around the nation, to ease little people’s fears and trepidations.

    Thank you for doing this, it will mean a lot to many people in the future and Walt Disney would be very proud!


  • Just awesome – nice to see corporations taking their profits and giving back to the community and, especially children – the ones that Disney matters most to.

  • Yay

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