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Look for These New Kids’ Menu Items Starting Feb. 15 in Magic Kingdom Park

Kids' Menu at Tony's Town Square in Magic Kingdom Park Includes Grilled Cheese Sandwich Starting Feb. 15

While some little ones are content with mac ‘n cheese or a burger, other young guests have a, well, more sophisticated approach to dining. Four Magic Kingdom Park table-service restaurants are adding some delicious new dishes just for kids for ages 3 to 9. At Tony’s Town Square, look for a steak skewer “spiedini” with roasted sweet potato fries and fresh fruit (spiedini refers to cubes of meat cooked on a skewer, an Italian specialty).  Also at Tony’s, a grilled cheese sandwich on multigrain bread sliced into “dippers” with tomato sauce on the side should appeal to just about any child.

Kids' Menu at Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park Includes Barbecued Chicken & Pineapple Flatbread Pizza Starting Feb. 15

Liberty Tree Tavern is featuring a new barbecued chicken and pineapple flatbread pizza with a side of crisp veggies and apples, or oven-roasted turkey with mashed potatoes, veggies and fruit.

Kids' Menu at Cinderella's Royal Table in Magic Kingdom Park Includes Chicken Pot Pie Topped with a Biscuit Crust Starting Feb. 15

At Cinderella’s Royal Table, youngsters can try the new chicken drumette with rice and broccolini, grilled beef skewers with mashed potatoes and corn, or a chicken pot pie topped with a biscuit crust. (We want to try that one.)

Kids' Menu at The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park Includes Grilled Chicken Plate Starting Feb. 15

And The Plaza Restaurant has a kids’ plate with grilled chicken slices, cous cous and a fresh fruit skewer.  Ah, to be a young ‘un again.


  • They sound and look great! As a mom, I’m really happy to see some more interesting options popping up on the kids menus.

  • These look amazing! Our 21 month old was happy to eat Mac n’ Cheese most days during our last vacation- but we worried about his diet (of course!) We will be back in May, and can’t wait to see his reaction to these yum-looking meals.
    Are there any plans to roll out some grown-up versions of this? The Grilled Cheese with Tomato Dipping Sauce looks incredible.
    Thank you, Disney, for continuing to innovate toward varied and healthier options for your guests!

  • So glad to see that the kids meals are FINALLY improving. My daughters suffered through the usual meal choices for so many years! They now must choose from the adult menu but I know they would love some of these new kids’ items.

  • I think these choices are awesome! As someone who enjoys healthier food and likes small portions will these be available for ordering for adults as well? Is it only for kids 10 and under? You know WDW is where we all become kids at heart!

  • Does Disney World have any plans of making half portions for adults?
    I would like to order children’s portions of food items many times, but cannot since I am 61.
    Another reason I would like to order children’s portions is the food items are the correct portions and well balanced food items. Sometimes do not want the larger portions.

  • I hope they will be offering some of these yummy options @ Disneyland Park as well. Some of us adults opt for the child’s portion adding a side salad or fruit and a drink. Also 2 of us adults will share a regular plate and augment with the kids meal to get an extra piece of meat or vegetable. The portions are so generous! I want to try that chicken pot pie as well!

  • That’s awesome! I went to Disney with a six-year-old who is a very picky eater. He doesn’t like chicken fingers, but he loves steak, so this is an awesome change.

  • Brava! Pam, I bet you had a hand in this. Wonderful!
    When my 17-year-old was wee, all we could find was burgers and nuggets everywhere, so we’d buy an extra plate and give her some of whatever we were eating. She’s never, ever been fussy about food. She even had sushi as soon as the pediatrician gave her OK.

  • These look delicious! However, as a family that usually eats at counter service, I would love to see you also offer similar choices at counter service restaurants.

  • This is fantastic news for our kids! I hope the meals are very successful and they are rolled out as kids meals across the parks! I am hoping my youngest will pick the pizza when we eat at Liberty Tree Tavern in 2 weeks. I think it is in line with her tastes. Yummy food that is better for them and more sophisticated, hip-hip-horray!

  • My daughter is going to love that BBQ chicken and pineapple pizza! Nice updates.

  • Applause to Disney, it always irritates me that kids menus only serve unhealthy “fast foodlike” items. The only way kids will learn to like something new is if they try it. Now, I wanna try these delicious meals 🙂

  • Please Please Please bring this to Disneyland ASAP! My kids hate nuggets and burgers. I’m sure the grilled chicken slices and the steak skewers would be a big hit with them! Thanks. 🙂

  • My 9 year-old son and 7 year-old daughter actually had the BBQ Flatbread Pizza at Liberty Tree on January 25th. My son kinda liked it, but only ate about half. My daughter, who normally loves any kind of BBQ sauce, said hers was too spicy. The waiter said that was the 1st day the pizza was on the kids’ menu and that there had been many similar complaints. But, I *was* happy to see other kids’ options besides nuggets and burgers.

  • I hope this quickly spreads to all the other parks and resorts as well! Thanks for the new options for little foodies!

  • I hope some of these will be coming to Disneyland. My kids would love them.

  • I think this is great! Not only are these dishes healthier than hamburgers or chicken nuggets or hot dogs, they’re more “grown up” too. Walt didn’t believe in talking down to children, and I think that is true for food as well. I know that when I was a kid, I always wanted to eat what my parents were eating, not what was on the little kids menu.

  • That is awesome! Sounds like food I would like I want to try!

  • It’s wondurful that kids can enjoy something more than a burger!! Our 6 years old is a fine palate, and often we order from the adult menu just to suit her inspiration of the moment. She is so disapointed not to be able to eat at Victoria & Albert!!

  • Wow!! I am not a big eater and regular meals always serve too much for me. Can I order this when I go to Disney. This is more my size.

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