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Moms Panel Monday: Who Runs the World? Princesses, of Course!

As a tiara wearing mom, I tell my daughter that there is more to being a princess than nice clothes, jewelry and a cute guy (although those ain’t bad!). Princesses must be smart, strong, fearless, and sometimes fight for themselves and those they love. Mulan led an army, Jasmine broke tradition and entered a whole new world, and Tiana started a business. So running 13.1 miles is not even a challenge for any true pinkblood!

Lori Lovell Joins the Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort

In just a few days, thousands of princesses will travel here to the Walt Disney World Resort to embark on a regal journey during Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend February 24-26. Among those running is our very own Walt Disney World Moms Panelist and runDisney specialist, Lori Lovell.

As Lori’s completes her fifth runDisney half marathon this weekend, she shares that getting her whole family involved in physical fitness fun helps her stay motivated.

“When I first signed up to run in a marathon at Disney, I wasn’t a runner,” she says. “But I quickly realized what a great thing this would be for us to do together as a family. My sons, who are eight and 11 years old, take part in the kids’ races and it means so much to see them out there cheering me on too.”

For Lori, being fit is about setting an example for her family and having fun doing so, especially if it includes a trip to Disney Parks along the way. “It promotes activity for my sons, and I hope this will inspire them to be active,” she says.

Lori says that while running in marathons and half marathons may seem overwhelming at first, starting off easy is key. “There is a quote I love from Jeff Galloway, who helps people train for runDisney events, that says the momentum of putting one foot in front of the other is more important than the pace,” she shares. “That is always very inspiring to me.”

I ran my first half marathon after turning 29 years old two or three times. OK. Seven times. It was at the Princess Half two years ago. Running under the finish line, I choked up thinking about my own princess and wondered if achieving this goal would be a good example to her. There were also tears for the Dooney & Bourke purse I promised myself if I finished.

Any running princesses out there? Let Lori and I know your Disney stories below!


  • I ran this past Sunday and it was my 2nd Princess race – my first being the 2010 Princess 1/2. I hope to do many more!!!

  • My wife and I will be there to toe the line for our first half marathon. The Princess theme encouraged her to enter and Jeff Galloway got me in shape to run with her. Well, “with” is a relative term, as she, along with thousands of other princesses will be passing me! As my father always taught me – “Ladies first!”.

  • So excited to be participating in the Royal Family 5K on Saturday … my first runDisney event!!!! Next year….the Princess 1/2 to “celebrate” turning 40!

  • Love this post! This could be me – I just ran my first-ever 5k at Walt Disney World last month (and also got to cheer on my hubbie in his first marathon). The entire weekend was incredibly inspiring and motivating and now I’m hooked! Next stop, Tower of Terror 10-mile weekend in September. Wish me luck. 🙂

  • Due to a bad back and knee pain, I am unable to do any running except for the occassional 30-second jog but I can walk fast! So I am participating in the Royal Family 5K on Saturday. This will be my second time doing it and I am super excited. Unfortunately I will be flying solo this time but that is okay because I am doing for myself anyways, it is a good feeling of accomplishment!!

  • Dear Ms. Spencer,

    This blog is motivating me to ‘get moving’! I hope to be part of a Disney related marathon, in some capacity in the near future.

    The excitement is contagious!!

    Jackie P.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! As it has been said, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and I plan on dancing in my high heels for a loooooong time.

      Run girls, run!


  • This will be my first half marathon and 3rd Disney race. I’m already signed up for TOT 10 miler, Everest, and Disneyland Half so I can get the Coast to Coast Medal this year! Woo hoo!

  • I’ll be there! My first ever race!

  • I’m another runDisney enthusiast! 🙂

    I ran my 1st Walt Disney World Marathon in 2009 with my identical twin sister.

    As of today, I’ve participated in 15 runDisney races.

    I also completed the 2010 Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge and the 2011 Coast to Coast Race Challenge.

    I can’t wait to run the Tangled 5K & Princess Half Marathon this weekend.

    On Sunday, my runDisney race count will be 17 and I won’t stop there! 🙂

  • Hi all!

    I am a running Princess! This Sunday will be my first Princess race, but I ran my first half @ WDW last year and earned my C2C @ DL as well!

  • While I am not a princess, I totally echo the sentiments of Lori. My first half marathon was the 2011 Wine & Dine completed at the end of an 12 month weight loss journey of nearly 160 lbs (started by the desire to get in shape & run that race). The rush of emotions upon finishing was surprisingly overwhelming.

    Now, I am hooked. I really hope to set a good example for my adorable nieces and extended family and it seems to have worked. The nieces are hooked on the kid’s races and I have 8 family members committed to running the Everest Challenge in May. Some of them are already committed to next year’s Wine & Dine as well. As for me? I am gunning for the 2013 Goofy Challenge.

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