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New Star Wars Character Action Figures Arrive in March at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

New Star Wars Character Action Figures Due to Arrive at Disney Parks in March

New action figures featuring Disney characters playing characters from the Star Wars universe are due to arrive at Disney Parks in March. We first showed artwork of these figures in August 2010 (good things come to those who wait!). I spoke with Cody Hampton, developer for Toys and Games, to learn about their development.

“We’ve been working on the wave five figures for more than two years,” explained Cody. “We originally wanted to release them last year at Star Wars Weekends. With so much great new development for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at that time, we pushed out [the action figures] release date to spring 2012. I’m thrilled to see these figures arriving soon as they are some of my favorites.”

New Star Wars Character Action Figures Due to Arrive at Disney Parks in March

Cody has been involved with development of the Disney character Star Wars action figures since series three. His favorite figure in the series is Donald Duck as the Clone Trooper, Commander Cody (how fitting!). I like Donald Duck’s nephews as Jawas (probably because I dressed like a Jawa for Halloween when I was five – still my favorite costume of all time).

Disney Design Group artist Mike Sullivan drew the first sketches for the characters in this series. Then senior character artist Casey Jones used those sketches to create the technical drawings shared with the manufacturer. Cody explained that collaboration between Disney and Lucasfilm was a key ingredient for success.

New Star Wars Character Action Figures Due to Arrive at Disney Parks in March

“The Lucasfilm team was great collaborative partners,” said Cody. “We first thought Stitch would be perfect to play the bounty hunter Cad Bane from ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ animated series because he had blue skin like Bane’s character. The Lucasfilm team suggested turning Goofy blue to play Bane and save Stitch for General Grievous. In the end, this worked better from a character design since Stitch has four arms like Grievous’ character.”

New Star Wars Character Action Figures Due to Arrive at Disney Parks in March

The figures will be released at locations in Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately, they will not be available via the Disney Parks Online Store. If you aren’t visiting the parks soon, you can also contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or email once they are released.

May the Force be with you!


  • Hey I just wanted know if you guys would ever try having Disney and Marvel superhero figures?

  • Looking forward for the series, but my question is that is there going to be new Racers about Star Wars or any other Disney movie? (I would love a Lotso one).

  • I love Stitch!! My husband and I are always looking out for new Stitch merchandise (which there is never enough of). Keep making more of these with Stitch since his always sells out first.

    • @Stephen – I spoke with Cody about your question. He works closely with our Disney Design Group artists when selecting the characters. The art team wants to perserve the integrity of our Disney characters. So characters are usually selected based on their ability to play roles (think of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice). There are some characters, that while unique, would not be used as it wouldn’t make sense for their original stories (Disney Princesses for example).

  • I love all these. I wonder what their criteria are for choosing which base Character to use. They seem to stick with the Fab Five, and sometimes Stich. Once they did Pete as Bob Fett. I personally think that Jiminy Cricket should be used for something.
    Keep these coming!

    • @Jason – I don’t know of any plans for re-releasing droids. I can say that if you are a fan of droids, stay tuned! 🙂 Something really cool is coming for Star Wars Weekends.

  • Any plans on releasing the re-designed droids of STAR TOURS: The Adventures Continue? or any droids? Consider a talking Captain Rex.

  • I greatly enjoyed seeing the concept drawing for these pieces at Celebration V and its truly is awesome to see them here as actual finished product. That being said, Celebration VI is only 6 months away. Due to the amount of effort and love you guys put into Celebration and the whole Last Tour to Endor, a lot of us are absolutely dying to know what will Disney’s involvement be in the upcoming Celebration VI? In addition, there were many delays with the Star Wars Vinylmation series; is there an expected time frame in which we can expect to see these released? Possibly SWW or even Celebration VI? I greatly appreciate this teaser article and look forward to more!

    • @Chris – I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for the feedback. At this point, I’m unsure of the involvement. I know that the teams are currently focused on the upcoming Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If I hear an update, I will be sure to share.

  • I love, Love, LOVE that Clone Wars characters were added! I can’t wait to see more. These are great! I think the Jawas and Commander Cody are my favorites, but I do like Aurra Sing too.

  • Very cool,stich is a must have

  • These are great! I agree, the Jawa nephews are my favorite. And though I’m sure “adorable” isn’t quite the character of General Grievous, Stitch is just that.

  • I assume that’s Daisy as Aurra Sing? (Seeing as it’s a female character.)

    • @Eric – You are correct!

  • Would be cool for these figures to branch out and expand beyond the Mickey crew and Stitch.

  • I dunno which I love more, Stitch or Daisy! I have pins of them in those looks, I may have to get the matching figures.

  • Oh yes!!! I must have all of them!

  • These look fantastic!!! My 4 yr. old and 7 yr.old sons love everything Star Wars and are huge fans of Mickey and the gang dressing up as the characters. We won’t be at Disney World until December. We may not be able to wait that long to buy them 🙂

    I hope to see more Star Wars characters brought to life using classic Disney characters.

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