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PhotoPass Photographers Make Picture Perfect Memories Happen at Walt Disney World Resort

Kelly Glassburn

by , Manager of Marketing & Communications, Disney’s PhotoPass Service

Park Goers Pose for Disney PhotoPass Photographers at Walt Disney World Resort

Being part of a team that snaps an average of 300,000 photos a day, you would think there isn’t any time left to actually be a part of those memories – but that’s not the case for Disney PhotoPass photographers. Doug Fey, guest service manager for Disney PhotoPass, was recently reminded that taking photos is just a small part of the magic created by photographers every day.

While waiting in line to pay for his groceries, Doug was approached by a gentleman who asked, “Do you work with PhotoPass?” Doug remembered taking a photo with their camera and explaining PhotoPass, pointing to the next photographer up Main Street, U.S.A. and proclaiming, “That’s the best photographer at Walt Disney World Resort right there!” The gentleman, whose son has Down syndrome, quickly began telling Doug about all the poses the photographers had his son make while his son was in the background proudly recreating them. Doug started explaining that photographers are trained to do this, but he was cut off by the father who said, “You don’t understand, my son is not like that. He’s an introvert. It takes a week to get him to be comfortable with a relative and your photographers drew him out, making him feel so special that all he wanted to do was pose for the camera all day.”

Doug was touched by this encounter and the following morning thanked his team of photographers. I would like to thank Disney PhotoPass photographers too for making memories like this happen.


  • We were at Disneyland and the photographer had my niece pose with her hands cups for a picture with Tinkerbell. My niece didn’t really understand that Tinkerbell would be in the picture so her photo was a little stiff. However, when we were leaving the park and all the fairy lights were twinkling on the trees I told her to look at all the fairies. She immediately cupped her hands for Tinkerbell. This made my evening!! The memories that were created in one day! Both my niece and nephew are eager to go back to Disneyland!!! Thank you Disney for making such a magical place!

  • We LOVE the PhotoPass photographers. In December 2010 we ended up with over 200 photos they took of us on our CD. Our favorite pictures are the ones in front of the large Christmas tree at The Wilderness Lodge. That photographer was wonderful. He took pictures of all 4 of us together then just our 2 young daughters. He posed them and really got them giggling. He gave us his schedule and asked us to come back and let him take more pictures sometime in the next few days. We are so sorry we were never able to make it back when he was there. He was so nice and took some wonderful photos!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • We use it every year. They take excellent pictures. The only negative I can say is the price of the pictures, expensive!

  • When we went to the parks in 2010, we had family photos taken at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our photographer was excellent, keeping my 4 year-old engaged. She also worked extra hard to coax real smiles from my daughter, rather than the fake-for-pictures one. One of those photos is still my wallpaper on my computer. None of my pictures of the trip are as good as these pictures of my family.

  • The second story was in Hollywood Studios. My wife and I really wanted a picture taken in front of the Muppets Fountain. We couldn’t find a PhotoPass photographer in the area. We walked a ways away and found one. We asked if it was possible for him to take out picture at the fountain. Said he couldn’t that he was positioned there for the Power Rangers who were due in a few minutes.

    After a few minutes talking with him on how PhotoPass people are positioned in the parks and why they have to stay in the area, he gave a quick look around and said that if we hurry he would take some pictures before he got caught. We rushed over, took a few shots, and he made his way back to his spot (he even got cornered by a few others wanting their picture taken there).

    It’s those little things that make a huge difference in the experience at the parks. Those two photographers made for a very memorable time. Thanks for the memories!

  • Considering all the people who line up waiting for pictures, they do an amazing job! I have 2 wonderful stories of PhotoPass photographers going the extra mile for my wife and I.

    The first was at the Magic Kingdom during Extra Hours. It was ~2am and the Castle was going through the color changes. My wife and I wanted a shot at night, little to no people and a blue castle. The photographer was willing to wait as it went from pink to purple to…pink…and staye don pink….back to purple. She was as confused as us as to why it wasn’t changing to blue! She stood and chatted with us for close to 30 minutes as we waited. It was a great 30 minutes. We finally gave up and got a pink castle. We started walking away and by the time we reached the gates it had turned to blue. 🙂

  • They do a great job and have a lot of patience. I turned it around last year on our trip when I asked to photograph one of the PhotoPass photographers at the Magic Kingdom. I think she got a kick out of it. She posed and had a big smile on her face.

  • They really do a bang up job, not only with their own cameras but even the ones I hand to them. They did an amazing job with my children and coaxed great smiles right out of them.

    I love the PhotoPass service.

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