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Preview of Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Merchandise at Walt Disney World Resort

Erin Catalano

by , Merchandiser

Ear Hat for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World Resort

A few weeks ago my fellow Disney Parks Blog author Michelle Harker gave you a first look at some merchandise created for the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon held at Disneyland Resort. The article sparked a lot of interest, so I figured I would share a first look at some of the merchandise we’ve created for the upcoming Disney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend being held Feb. 24-26 at Walt Disney World Resort.

Apparel for Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort

One item that caught my eye was the “I Did It!” shirt which contains a map of the course on the back. I also liked the shirt that contains the running shoe on a pillow logo. John Smith, product developer for Sports Merchandise, told me the logo may look familiar to runners.

“The logo with the running shoe on the pillow has been used on collateral and signage for a few years,” explained John. “We liked the logo so much that we gave it some new colors and added it to merchandise.”

Light-up Tiara Created for Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort

John also added a light-up tiara to the mix this year which also contains that shoe pillow logo. The tiara will have an on/off switch and several of the blue jewels will light up when activated.

Dooney & Bourke Bags Created for Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort

Some of the most anticipated items will be new Dooney & Bourke items that have a Disney Princess theme. There will be a tote, cross-body bag and a wristlet. Similar to the bags released for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, there will be a specially designed medallion attached to the tote and cross-body bag.

These items and others will be released at the Disney’s Fit for a Princess Expo starting on February 24 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Good luck to all of the participants! I can’t wait to see photos.


  • I ran in the marathon and purchased a few items as keepsakes, but one of the items I would have liked to have was the Special Edition Dooney Bourke purse. Unfortunately I got to the EXPO after they were all sold out. However if I really really want one I can now buy one off of EBay for a very inflated price. I agree with Elizabeth from Florida. The sale of these items should be limited to only those actually running in the race and only 1 per person.

  • I ran the 1/2 this weekend and didn’t have a chance to purchase additional merchandise can you tell me where to purchase the items I didn’t get.

  • The map on the back of the t-shirt looks different than the map they have published. I now it’s not to scale, but the Magic Kingdom part looks different.

  • I absolutely must have that Dooney Princess Tote. Do you know if we could be able to purchase these if we are not part of the marathon. Does anyone know if they will have these after the marathon is over?

  • I was thinking about the idea for a Hercules race. Although being the all powerful God that he is it might be more fitting to do a triathlon. It really could take place at either (or both) Disneyland and Disneyworld as both have proxmitiy to the ocean where the race could begin. After there would be a bike course and then it could conclude on foot at a theme park. somthing to think about…

  • What are the prices of the purses? Very cute!

  • I really hope some of this stuff is still there on the Saturday of the Expo. 🙁

  • Is the blue Princess shirt the official race shirt or an extra purchase?

  • @John – I’m a girl and I think a Hercules Half would be awesome! A great theme for first marathon for anyone!

  • So, I realize like 60% of the runners in a half marathon are women, but you should totally do a Hercules Half Marathon.

  • Also…have they ever considered restricting the purchase of these bags to race participants? At least at first? It’s a shame that re-sellers buy them before racers can get there.

  • Awesome stuff!! I’m so jealous that the one year I don’t run is when they decide to really kick everything up a notch! Love the “I Did It” shirts!

  • I wish they would make a zippered wristlet instead of the snap closure…who can use those? Do they never carry change? LOL

    The race medallion on the other bags is cute, though.

  • More chick stuff in Disney…

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