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Splitscreen: A Tale of Two Disney Parks

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

Today, for the first time ever, both Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park are staying open for 24 hours for an extra day of magic called “One More Disney Day.” And to kick things off, we’ve created a special splitscreen video for Disney Parks Blog readers called, “A Tale of Two Parks.” It’s 24 hours of memories at both parks for Leap Day.

Watch it and then let us know what you’d do with “One More Disney Day” in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #disney24.


  • Woo. That looks fun.

  • Susan I thought I was going crazy when I watched the video. There was definately no firework or Monorail at Disneyland that day. I was very suprised the fireworks didnt happen. Hopefully Disneyland learned their lesson. It was crazy after 9pm that night.

  • i loooove this video! it makes me miss disneyland so much and i have never been to walt disney world but this gave me a good look at the similarities and differences it has with disneyland. nearly had tears in my eyes when i saw the two boys come up to the screen one named walt and the other roy! that was too cute

  • There was no Monorail at Disneyland on One More Day!!??

  • There were no fireworks at Disneyland??!!

  • Love the video! My sister and I were at the MK, WDW…just couldn’t resist being a little part of Disney history. We were at MK for it’s first year anniversary in October 1972, were there during the 25th and 40th anniversary celebrations so we just couldn’t pass up the chance to do 24 hours in the park. We had “dinner” at the plaza at 230am, rode space mountain at 345am and were on the haunted mansion a little after 4am…it was a BLAST!

  • I think this was an awesome ides- I only wish Iwas there to celebrate-Me and my family just spent 6 days there about 3 weeks ago-and I think it was the mos memorable visit I haev ever had-and there have been alot of trips to Walt Disnry World in my past. Dineyland is on my bucket list-and I hope very soon and I able to bring my family and especially my 3 year old grandson!

    Thanks for a job well-done!

    Coral Springs, Florida

  • This video was so great, I watched it multiple times. Wonderful way of showing the similarities and differences through the parks. Even though I’m experienced in video, I am still astonished at how accurately both images lined up.

    I also enjoyed the little “geeky” tributes. Aside from the Walt and Roy one – I noticed that in the scene with the little girls going to meet Mickey/Minnie under the archways in the castle were dressed appropriately for the respective princesses of the castle — Sleeping Beauty – (Pink), Cinderella (Blue)

    Nicely done!

  • I had to pass this on to my husband who is a film editor and a total Disney Freak. I’m a Disney Freak too…he will enjoy the split screen and the editing. LOVE IT!!!

  • Amazing, that was really cool

  • Great video, I really wish I could’ve been there for One More Disney Day. I would’ve gone on all my favorite rides, seen all shows, eaten breakfast, lunch & dinner at Magic Kingdom, I would’ve also taken the time to sit down and just take in the atmosphere. I love Disney, but everytime I go, I rush through everything!

  • Great piece of video magic!

  • I absolutely love the video! Side by side with the same attractions – cool! I have the photos from the Disneyland and WDW trips I took rotate on my computer, so something ‘Disney’ is always showing. Love it! I would love to be there for the first One More Disney Day and enjoy all the attractions; sorry that it is so hard to travel that far from Hawaii, but hope I will be able to make it for the next Leap Year!

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