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Take a Peek Inside Walt’s Apartment with Diane Disney Miller in the ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD Combo Packs

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

It’s a place of history and lore here at Disneyland park – a place many people have heard about but few have seen. But your chance is here to take a peek inside Walt Disney’s famous apartment – above the Fire Dept. on Main Street, U.S.A. – with his daughter, Diane Disney Miller!

A special bonus feature on the new Diamond Edition release of “Lady and the Tramp” – available today on Blu-ray and DVD – takes you inside Walt’s apartment as Miller explains the story behind its development and history. Walt Disney was working on the film at the same time he was opening Disneyland park, so “Lady and the Tramp” has its own special place in Disneyland Resort history.

Plus, the “Lady and the Tramp” Diamond Edition includes another special feature: Disney Second Screen, which brings you exclusive digital content through your computer or iPad – including a tour of Walt’s apartment with an interactive VIP tour guide!

Here’s a special sneak peek of Diane Disney Miller’s interview. See the whole thing in the “Lady and the Tramp” Diamond Edition – now available on Blu-ray and DVD!


  • I love how they’re showing fans the apartment…but what does this have to do with Lady & the Tramp?

  • Will the full version ever be available to watch anywhere else? I own the last “special edition” DVD of LatT, and don’t really want to buy another (as much as I’d like to see the rest of the tour!).

    Warren and Joseph, thanks for sharing your stories and info 🙂

  • What a lovely thing to see. Thank you for sharing more of the magic with us.

  • Joseph, thanks for that reminder. There is a recreation of the interior front window with the chairs seen in the famous National Geographic photo. The actual lamp in that photo is (I think) still in the apartment but off to the side. The Disney’s changed things around just like anybody else. However there is a bit of what I might call accidental themeing. The apartment has a tiny standard bathroom with shower. The shower has a three vertical shower head arrangement. Walt put this in to try to alleviate pain from his bad shoulder. What’s interesting is these were first introduced around 1890-1900. In other words, the same time period as Main Street USA. They went through a resurgence of popularity when Lyndon Johnson had a major shower arrangement installed in the White House. Most people couldn’t copy what was in the White House so they brought back this old triple shower head idea. They never caught on. You need heavy water pressure for them to be effective.

  • You can see a small replica of Walt’s Apartment with the actual furnishings at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

  • By the way, there is a video on youtube of the music box. No it wasn’t me who played it. The second music box which my family owned is a sister to the one in Walt’s apartment. It’s now at Pier 45 in San Francisco.

  • I’m one of those lucky few who have been inside. It’s a beautiful but extremely tiny space. The deck is larger than the interior.

    How was I so lucky to see it? A relative of mine sold Walt the Regina Music box. My family actually had two of them. They sold it to a man named Laurie H. who had done some freelance work for my relatives at Playland in San Francisco. What they didn’t know was that Laurie was also working for Walt. Walt used Laurie as a middle man in order to keep the price down. I find this funny because my relatives were well known collectors and they used a middle man to procure the music box from it’s previous owner. Whats really hilarious about this is what happened the day my relatives visited Mr. and Mrs. Disney in the apartment. (My relatives name was George) George’s grandson Whitney was also present. I’ll relay the story as best I remember it. When George saw the music box he just stopped and stared. He then looked at Walt and the two of them busted up laughing!

    I do wish that Disneyland could open the apartment to guests but there’s a few problems with that. The only entrance is up a very narrow and steep stairway. It’s not wheel chair acsesable (spelling?). Plus it’s so tiny that lines would be horrendous. Plus much of the furnishings are owned by Walt and Lillians decendants. They could build a replica on the esplanade between the two parks.

  • Well, I’ll have to buy the “Lady and The Tramp” Blu-ray edition in Belgium 🙂 .

    Thank you for sharing this video, although I knew already many things about this place.

    Last summer when I was in Disneyland, I’ve had the oppotunity to ride the Lilly Belle Parlor Car. This was a great experience!

    I wish i’ll have the opportunity to visit Walt’s appartment myself someday 😉 .

  • What a special insight into Disney’s life. Thanks for sharing!

  • To bad I can’t get the DVD. But, thanks for posting just this little part of it on here…. I have always wanted to see the inside of the infamous Disneyland Apartment.

  • Our grandkids check the light in the window everytime we enter or leave Disneyland. ;D

  • Thank you for sharing, I didn’t want the clip to end.

  • Dear Ms. Glover,

    We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Disneyland over Christmas break and found it to be very cozy, extremely detailed and the most special aspect of visiting that theme park was following Walt Disney’s footsteps.

    We spent countless hours, gazing at the famous apartment window over the Fire Hall, knowing who used to gaze out that window. Walt’s special touches all through the park, made Disneyland very special. On my next visit, I plan on going through the park to simply observe all of the details.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video and allowing us a peek inside.


  • That is great! I love seeing inside the apt. Everytime I go to Disneyland looking at it and I want to go in so badly! Disneyland should give tours that walk you through it. Make an attraction of it somehow.

  • I love Disneyland, its got such a rich history. 🙂

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