VIDEO: Disneyland Park Opens for One More Disney Day

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Earlier today, we posted photos from the opening of Disneyland park for One More Disney Day. We’re back now with video! Take a look below to see the fun for yourself, and meet some of the guests who are spending Leap Day at Disneyland park.


  • @G: yeah, my gf enlightened me to that fact later. it also explains why Sofia Vergara was there. still would have liked to see Disney post their own video after the park filled up. i feel bad for everyone stuck in the traffic… ever so much more thankful i left early.

  • The film crews were for Modern Family, which were still there today.

  • @ Makenzie: A surprising number (albeit still a small percentage in the general percentage of Disney Parks guests/locals) do the “bi-coastal” Disneyland and Disney World visit in a day. With alot of planning (or just alot of luck), folks visit one WDW park at rope drop, catch a nonstop back to Southern California and then end the night at Disneyland.

    @ Steven: The extra film crews were for a an ABC sitcom, probably to be aired during sweeps week or as a season finale.

  • DL got so full last night that you could of open DCA and it could fill up! Definently staying the full day in 4 more years!

  • We feel so BAD, (a Roz term)that Leap Day was announced after we had booked and paid in full for our mid February Disney vacation. We would have been near the front of the crowds had we known earlier. We will keep 2/29/16 in mind just in case our 60+ bodies can handle the Leap Day morning rush. Kudos to the woman going to both parks in one day. After 48 Disney World vacations the Magic is still fresh and just 1,000 miles from home. TTFN

  • I saw the camera crew moving about at Disneyland. Where’s the additional footage?! Now would be interesting to see, since I keep hearing it’s at capacity with a line to get in. My girlfriend and I just did a quick visit this afternoon (2p to 6p). The timing couldn’t have been better. It seems a lot of the morning crowd had bailed and ride wait times were no more than 30 minutes. It was also fairly easy to move about from land to land. On our way out, though, things were changing. Wait times were getting close to an hour (55 minutes for Star Tours) and the gaps between groups of roving guests got smaller (harder to get around). My only complaint is that Cast Members aren’t kept on constant traffic duty (“Keep to the right!”) in known trouble areas (Main St. to Tomorrowland is a biggie).

  • I want more interview of the woman going to BOTH resorts! That’s insane.

    I’m hoping there are special food carts stocked solely with energy drinks.

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