What’s the ‘Attraction’ at the Disneyland Resort, You Ask?

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

Disney California Adventure park attraction posters, of course! I know that many of you have been eagerly waiting to find out when the attraction posters artwork would actually be ready for a sneak peek. Not only was I was able to get some details on when you can expect to see them, and which ones will be released first, but I also managed to snap a couple quick pics of some of the attraction poster-inspired products to share with all of you as well.

Disney California Adventure Park Attraction Poster-Inspired Tees, Deluxe Prints and Metal Signs Arriving in Late March/Early April

So which images will be released first? Luigi’s Flying Tires, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, Radiator Springs Racers and the ever-popular Red Car Trolley. Expect to see these images in stores in late March/early April, on an array of items including tees, deluxe prints and metal signs.

Disney California Adventure Park Attraction Poster-Inspired Tees, Deluxe Prints and Metal Signs Arriving in Late March/Early April

What about pins? Wonder no more.

Disney California Adventure Park Attraction Poster-Inspired Pins Arriving in Late March/Early April

So if you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t see my favorite attraction poster here,” I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every three months or so, a new collection of attraction poster-inspired merchandise will be released. So if you don’t see it now, it might be in the next series. For details on attraction poster merchandise, visit www.ArtofDisneyParks.com.

Do you have a favorite attraction poster?


  • For other fans who, like me, have been waiting for that book, it appears that Amazon now has a listing for it. It’s listed as “Poster Art of the Disney Park” and Amazon claims the publication date is September 4, 2012. Obviously, nothing’s official until Disney says it is, but this seems promising.

  • Great Artwork!!! Love it!

  • really want a WOC poster.

  • Yay!! LOVE the Cars Land posters!! So excited to get the tin signs for my boys bedrooms! their 2 favorite things in one: Cars and DLR!

  • The metal signs look great! Are there more of these being released than pictured above?

    Also in January 2011 on this blog there was an announcement that a book was being released named “The Poster Art of Disney Parks” by Walt Disney Imagineering’s Danny Handke and Vanessa Hunt. Can you tell me more about the release date?

  • Love the new attraction posters- any chance of releasing them as frameable prints? I’m not such a fan of the poster artwork on Tin signs.

    • Eric, the attraction poster artwork will also be available in a matted deluxe print format, similar to others you have seen in the past.

  • These attraction posters are awesome. Would love to see some iPhone cases with these posters.

  • amazing; We can’t wait! love the pins; Love the merchandise! can’t wait!

  • We absolutely love, love, LOVE the new ‘retro’ look to these posters and the imagery! We’ve been waiting to add all of the posters to our collection and deluxe prints are a MUST! Can’t wait for the Little Mermaid Attraction poster and Tower of Terror! Really hoping these new ‘classic’ posters will be made available in the actual attraction poster size as well – keep ’em coming! We think these will be a big hit and we’ll be ordering as quickly as they are released!

  • Will own Red Car Trolley t-shirt!

  • Any word on if these posters will be featured on a set of “toothpick holders” like the ones I’ve been seeing at the parks recently with Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, and a couple other Disneyland attractions I’m not recalling right now? Ride posters make amazing toothpick holders.

    • No word on that yet Robert, but I’ll keep you posted.

  • I LOVE them ALL! If I had to choose one though, it would be the red car trolleys.

  • Yes, I second Stephen’s question!? Do you have a release date on that yet!!??

    Also, can you tell us why the colors are so drastically different on each item? I’m hoping it’s just the images online.

  • You guys have gone and outdone yourselves! These posters are so well done and so in line with all the other classic attraction posters from years ago.

  • I just got my life with this post today! I have been waiting for news about the new posters for months!!!!! So excited!

  • My daughter loves the Little Mermaid ride poster…can’t wait for that one!!!

  • So classic – instant hits and iconic merchandise. Looking forward to viewing them and wearing them!

  • What happened to that Disney Parks poster art book? When is that coming out?

    • You know Stephen, I’m not sure, but I’ll see what I can find out.

  • i love everything i want them all i love the 1920’s 1930’s when does is come out ?

    • Brett, you’ll definitely be able to find these in late March / early April.

  • Those all look awesome! I especially love the artwork for the Cars Land attractions.

  • I’ll take one… of each. Amazing artwork is even better when you wear it and hang it on the wall. Can’t wait for the Tower of Terror and Little Mermaid art to come out! But in the meantime, I’ll gladly grab one of those snazzy Red Trolley shirts. (And please tell me none of this is limited edition…)

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