A Day at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

As we recently reported, Blue Sky Cellar has been updated to give Disney California Adventure park guests even more to see from the development of Cars Land, opening this summer. Among the updates is a brand-new video that takes you through “A Day at Disney California Adventure Park” in a whole new way. Take a look at the sneak peek below!


  • Oh my. I have always had a soft spot for Disney California Adventure. But this video gave me a whole new “emotional” feeling for the park. I truly believe this summer DCA will be the BEST second gate of all the Disney resorts.

  • My wife and I love California adventure. We went to the park for our first time together and have never been with out each other. It is our park.

  • i just love the video thank you erin. i remember a day at disneyland back in 1993 i wish they can make a new one a day at disneyland resort with the holidays at disneyland and new rides i just love the name of a day at California adventure will they ever make a new a day at disneyland video like from 1993 =-) it put a smile on my face to see the video

  • Beautiful video, definately creating a ‘fresh’ perspective of Disney California Adventure. Great shot of World of Color…that show is amazing!

  • Great video.

    Its going to be an awesome summer at Disney California Adventure. 🙂

  • Great vid! It’s been 5 years since my son has been to DCA. He was only 2 years old! He’s been to WDW a ton since, but it’s time to go back to California. February 2013, here we come! 😀

  • No matter how many times we go to DCA, we still find the trips enjoyable. We’re APs and we go an average of once a month. We were there last Friday and watching the video makes me wish I was there again. 🙂 Looking forward to all the attractions this year.

  • I have always loved this park so much and this video makes me love it even more! THANK YOU!

  • Looks Great!

  • Can’t wait for September we are going to CAP for the first time! It looks so fun.

  • This video made me shed a tear. So beautiful and emotional.

    Such an under-rated park.

    (now, if you could just make something like this for Animal Kingdom…)

  • Our family is going to Disneyland and DCA for the first time this summer. This video just gets us even more excited (If that’s possible)! It’s going to be wonderful!

  • R.I.P Robert Sherman, he and his brother were a great pair for making Disneyland full of joy and life, and as California Adventures is underway, new songs will be created following a legacy that Disney Parks rides and lands are known for. Mr. Sherman will be missed 🙁

  • DCA is a great park. I love getting there at 9:50 so I can ride Toy Story Midway Mania twice. The Carsland expansion is going to be epic.

  • amazing! this video just summed up what i always want to tell people, but can never put into words, how i feel about the parks! put a smile on my face

  • This is a fantastic video!!

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