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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Style at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I’m looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not only the birthday of a good friend, but March 17 also falls on a Saturday this year – two perfect reasons to celebrate all day long. To get in the celebratory mood, I looked around Disney Theme Park Merchandise for some new St. Patrick’s Day items. One of the most noticeable items I saw was an ear hat designed by Disney Design Group Artist Tim Whalen. I asked Tim about the design for the hat.

“I used last year’s ear hat as a starting point for the design,” explained Tim. “The 2011 hat was popular with guests, so we made a few tweaks, including updating the font used on the hat. We also added an image of Mickey Mouse wearing a mini-bowler hat similar to the mini hat attached to the ear hat.”


The Disney Pin Team released a few new pins and a decorative deluxe lanyard with sublimated printing. I think my favorite pins are the simplistic Mickey Mouse icon (simple designs are sometimes the best) and the Chip and Dale pin (I need all the luck I can get!).

We also re-introduced the 12-inch Duffy the Disney Bear who is dressed for the holiday. This will be the final year that this version of Duffy will be released. The Duffy team is considering a costume for the 17-inch bear next year.


Speaking of attire, new this year is a women’s graphic tee-shirt that features a Mickey Mouse icon comprised of approximately 800 tiny shamrocks and one giant shamrock. Disney Design Group artist Dave Keefer created the mosaic-like design, and he told me that tiny rhinestones were originally planned for several shamrocks. The final design, however, didn’t include them, but it has a treatment that makes the design shimmer in certain lights.


There is one item that won’t arrive until July, but it’s so cool that I couldn’t resist sharing. Last July, I discussed a new series of ear hat ornaments. I’m happy to report that another wave of those hats will include an assortment of holiday-themed hats. I was most impressed with the level of detail found on the sculpted ear hat pictured above.

I hope you have a festive and happy St. Patrick’s Day!


  • There wasn’t any of those pins in DL on St Patrick’s day, well at least 10 minutes after park open on that super rainy and light crowd level day. Checked multiple stores. 🙁

  • Can you purchase any of this online for those who aren’t lucky enough to be there this weekend?

  • Do the men/boys receive options to purchase any type of Tee shirt with Mickey clover print?

    • @Salvatore – Sounds like an incredibly awesome day! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! 🙂

      @Josh – Sadly, there will not be an option for men/boys using that Mickey Mouse icon. I spoke with Lenny who works at Downtown Disney Marketplace in planning. He said that the Design-A-Tee location has three different options for St. Patrick’s Day – Mickey Mouse with a pot of gold, a cool Mickey Mouse crest design and Goofy with a pot of gold. All three options are available now at Design-A-Tee.

      The Downtown Disney team is printing a few shirts with the crest logo that will be sold on a cart near Raglan Road this coming weekend.

  • I’m going Friday after work to WDW for St.Paddy’s Day. This trip I’m finally going to take in a Braves game at Champions Stadium on Saturday. Doing Epcot after that to take in some Starship, ride Test Track a couple more times before the refurbishment and then finish the day at Raglan Road Pub for some Irish fun, food and drink.

  • I’m so excited to hear that 17-inch Duffy may receive a St. Patrick’s Day costume in the future, and I hope this comes to pass, perhaps for other holidays as well. I would love to have more seasonal outfits in which to dress my Duffy!

  • Steven, do you know if Mickey or any of his friends will be dressed up in green outfits on St. Patrick’s Day at Disneyland? Best Regards.

  • Going tomorrow! Can’t wait to get the St. Patricks Day merchandise. Hope they have antenna toppers as well! But the Pins are mine for sure and that ornament when it comes out in July. So cute!

  • I’m headed to the parks this weekend! Keeping my fingers crossed that the women’s graphic tee will be available for purchase – I love it!

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