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Confirmed: The Pleasures of Laniwai, a Disney Spa at Aulani

Laniwai, a Disney Spa at Aulani

A few months ago, I shared a video about Laniwai, a Disney Spa at Aulani, along with a confession that I’m not someone who usually takes advantage of spa opportunities, no matter how attractive.

Well… last time I was at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, on O‘ahu, Lucia Rodriguez, the spa manager who has contributed so much to the wonders of Laniwai, convinced me that – if only for the sake of putting some firsthand Laniwai experience into the Disney Parks Blog – I should have a spa treatment. I was still hesitant, but we narrowed it down to a facial and (once Lucia convinced me that none of the Laniwai cast members would be too horrified by my feet) a pedicure.

Wishing Stones at Laniwai, a Disney Spa at Aulani

After selecting a “wishing stone” and traveling through the “transformation corridor,” I – like most Laniwai guests – had time to enjoy Kula Wai, the outdoor hydrotherapy garden (the only one on O‘ahu). This truly is a memorable, relaxing experience in a beautifully landscaped garden with two herbal pools, a jetted hot tub, a circuit of six different showers and a cold plunge (I didn’t “plunge” exactly, but I did cautiously submerge).

Laniwai, a Disney Spa at Aulani

Finally, of course, were the treatments themselves, which left me feeling very pampered, not to mention grateful for the restraint of the cast member who worked such wonders on my nasty feet.

I’m still not sure I can ever become the kind of guy who’d do this on a regular basis… and yet, it’s something I think everyone should experience at least once. If you’re going to have a “first spa” experience, you couldn’t ask for better than Laniwai, a Disney Spa.


  • Oh yes, the Laniwai Spa, aaaaaahhhhhh…… My 3 adult girls and I spent 5 glorious hours of pure relaxation there in February. Everything there was wonderful, and so much personal attention. We will be enjoying Laniwai massages and the spa garden every time we stay at the Aulani.

  • My family and I were there in Feb (a nice 40th birthday present to me). I got to spend an early afternoon at Laniwai while my husband relax by the pool and our kid participating in “Fish are Friends” activity at Aunty’s Beach House.
    I loved the experience I had there including napping in the quiet room and the teas the assistances provide throughout my visit in the spa.
    After reading this article, my eyes swelled with tears because it brought back so many wonderful memories from our Aulani Resort vacation.
    Can’t wait to come back!

  • you know John, if you really didn’t want a treatment at the spa in Hawaii I would have done you a solid and stepped it up for you. Next time you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. 😉

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