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Finally, the Dole Whip Shirt Has Arrived at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

The Dole Whip and Churro Shirts at Disney Parks

I’ve had a long time obsession with the Dole Whip. I’ve enjoyed many of them while visiting Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. I know I’m not the only one who loves a Dole Whip (or pineapple float or the amazing citrus swirl). I spoke with Disney Design Group artist Casey Jones about a newly released shirt featuring this heavenly treat.

“I think everyone I know loves a Dole Whip including me,” exclaimed Casey. “That is probably why I’m excited to see the release of [the Dole Whip] shirt. We used the success of the turkey leg shirt released last year as inspiration for a new collection of retro-style shirts.”

Besides the awesome Dole Whip, the softlines team also created a shirt based on another Disney Parks favorite – churros. Casey enlisted the help of the talented artist Richard Terpstra to design both shirts.

“Richard has a great eye for retro design,” said Casey. “I let him run with both the Dole Whip and churros designs. He actually created a few different versions of Dole Whip shirts including one that had a tiki drummer. The design for the churros shirt was based off a poster from the Casa de Fritos restaurant that opened in 1955 at Disneyland park. I love how Richard captured a cool retro vibe!”

Retro-Style T-Shirts at Disney Parks

Two other shirts were inspired by 1960s newspaper advertisements for Disneyland. These shirts feature specially designed characters that were inspired by the four theme parks found at Walt Disney World Resort and the various themed lands found in Disneyland park. I think my new favorite word is “friendlyable.” Disney Design Group Artist Doug Strayer and Richard Terpstra assisted with the designs.

Turkey Leg T-Shirt at Disney Parks

Casey told me that a video shown at the D23 Expo last September inspired a new turkey leg shirt.

“There was a video shown at the D23 Expo featuring Tom Staggs, the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts,” said Casey. “In the video, Tom worked as a cast member in many different roles including someone who sold turkey legs. As he presented the camera with a turkey leg, he said, ‘Nice and juicy.’ We immediately knew we found our tagline.”

Tiki Room ‘Glee Club’ T-Shirt at Disney Parks

Speaking of taglines, I almost forgot – it’s time to wake up the glee club (this one is coming soon!).


  • These are fantastic! Would love love LOVE to see these in women’s fits/styles. V-necks or Scoop necks would be so awesome.

  • I LOVE Dole Whip! Cool shirt, too. But why isiti only being released in WDW, or did I miss something?

    Also, how about featuring those GREAT summer hits, the Disney Hawaiian shirts? I look forward each year to the acquisition of a new print design for my collection. I really love my large embroidered surfboard shirt. I get so many compliments at the beach and the park.

    Any chance of getting another in a color other than black?


  • I want that tiki room shirt!

  • I bought one last week! I love Dole Whip hmmm

  • I would love to see antenna toppers to match these shirts.

  • Whoo-whoo! T-shirt paying homage to both my and my daughter’s favorite WDW snacks. (She’s churro girl; I’m Dole Whip diva.) I never thought it was possible for there to be a Disney shirt I loved more than the monorail “por favor” shirt, but this new one might have the old T-shirt “whipped.”

  • I just ordered my Dole Whip t-shirt from Disney Merchandise. I’ll have it soon.

  • Thank-you for posting the item numbers! My husband’s Dole Whip shirt is on its way.

  • I’ve decided I’m buying the Dole Whip shirt and BFF is buying the Churro Shirt for our Sept trip BUT I’m still hoping they will consider the Popcorn shirt. Isn’t popcorn a staple of Disney World? It is in my world – can’t watch Wishes @ MK without my popcorn and coke! Go Team Popcorn! 🙂

    • @Jennifer – The retail on the shirts is $21.95 each. The original Glee Club shirt retail hasn’t been determined yet.

      @Alvin – The shirt would be more of a traditional shirt.

      @Cheryl – It’s not an odd question at all. The goal would be to carry the shirts for awhile provided they continue to be popular with guests. I know that we plan to carry the shirts via the Disney Parks online store in May (which is another option for you). Have a safe trip – May is a great time to be here.

      @Ana – Team Popcorn rules! Now I’m hungry.

      @Shawna – That’s awesome! I’m glad to help. Too bad it won’t come packaged with a Dole Whip … probably wouldn’t last in transit.

  • This might sound like an odd question but, will the Dole Whip shirts for Walt Disney World be available for a while? I would love to buy one in person and there’s a possibility of going in May. The reason I ask is last year a Figment Pook-A-Loo was released in April & by the time I went there in May they were all sold out. I would be sad if the same thing were to happen with the Dole Whip shirt. =(

  • I was wondering if the tshirt fit for Dole shirt is traditional tshirt or the slim fit tshirt. THANKS

  • Thanks @Steven for the blog! Wish they had the Dole Whip shirts out when I was there in December! I will definately be ordering this. Could you give us a price by any chance? I’m looking at a family set and would love to have a ball park idea of the cost.

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