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First Look at 2012 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Topiary-Themed Mugs

With the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival kicking off on March 7, I paid a visit to the Festival Center in Future World to catch a glimpse of some new merchandise we have created for the annual event. The Festival Center, located between the Mission: SPACE and Universe of Energy attractions, is home to a variety of seminars, demonstrations and an extensive merchandise location. I spoke with Bob Holden from Disney Design Group about the main artwork that features Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as topiaries.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Topiary-Themed Merchandise

“For this year’s assortment, we used artwork provided by our Disney marketing team,” explained Bob. “My role was to apply that artwork to a variety of apparel items, mugs, key chains and more. I like how the artwork relates to things that guests will see at the event such as the topiaries.”

Topiary-Themed Signature Poster, Designed by Disney Design Group Artist Randy Noble

The topiary theme continues with this year’s signature poster designed by long time Disney Design Group artist Randy Noble. I love the colors used in this print (and the happy sun makes me smile).

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival Features Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Garden Gnomes Merchandise

There will also be a variety of items to decorate your own garden including my favorite Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as garden gnomes (now if I only had a green thumb).

Here are a few more favorite items from this year’s event. The Festival Center will operate daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through May 20, 2012.

2012 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise 2012 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise 2012 Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival Merchandise


  • My wife and I had the privilege of experiencing the International Flower and Garden Festival last year, during a trip to Epcot. I love how whimsical all the items are, any chance they would be made available here at the Disneyland Resort, in California?

  • I think I just might be ordering some of those yard items!! I went to the F&G in 2006 and LOVED it!!

  • Hello – will all of the 2012 F&G festival items be for sale on I noticed that some of them already are, but am hoping to see all of them on there!

  • Love the Minnie Garden Gnome!! Will it be available online?

  • Hopefully they put this stuff up online I would love to buy alot of it!

    • @Cindy and Donald – I know that the Mickey Gnome is currently available via the Disney Parks online store –

      I have sent a note to our online team to find out if additional items will be offered.

  • I love all the merchandise. I want to the Minnie Gnome because I have Mickey in my garden already — I have a Green Thumb I just need to get a job at Disney with the Design Team so I can go to the Flower & Garden everyday… That would be so cool

    Mouse Fan Diane

  • Hello blog disney parks. I opened a new Italian blog about Disney parks.
    can I have your site as a source. please answer

  • Does the mug actually say Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival on it any where??

    • @Francesco – Ciao! Best of luck with your site. I hope the information provided on the Disney Parks Blog is useful for you. I still need to visit Italy one day. The closest I get is the Italy Pavilion in Epcot 🙂

      @Charles – It does. You can sort of see the end of the words just under Mickey’s nose. It’s opposite the side with the handle.

  • Can’t wait to get there!! Coming down in April for my 25th Anniversary I am so excited!!

    • @Susan – How wonderful! Thanks for celebrating with us. Have a safe trip and happy early anniversary.

  • I am SO excited to the garden gnomes! We will be there this weekend, I can’t wait to get these for my yard! 🙂

  • Will the tote pictured in the above pictures be available online?

    • @Lisa – I’m unsure at this point if the tote will be offered. One option would be to contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or via email:

      Please note that I spoke with the Guest Services team. The Minnie Mouse Gnome should be available to be ordered now as it is an item that lives in our home/decor category. The other items associated with the Flower and Garden Festival (that is specifically created for the event) won’t be able to be ordered until after May 20. Availability of items are subject to change and orders would be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

      Here is a listing of a variety of item numbers you can reference:

      Minnie Mouse Gnome – 400005522253

      Mickey Mouse Topiary Pink Tote – 400005786518
      Topiary Reusable Tote – 400005834479
      Coffee Mug – 400005647536
      Water Bottle – 400006254887

      Topiary Mickey Shirt Small – 400006481832
      Topiary Mickey Shirt Medium – 400006481849
      Topiary Mickey Shirt Large – 400006481856
      Topiary Mickey Shirt X-Large – 400006481863

      Mow & Grow Shirt Small – 400006124395
      Mow & Grow Shirt Medium – 400006124401
      Mow & Grow Shirt Large – 400006124418
      Mow & Grow Shirt X-Large – 400006124425
      Mow & Grow Shirt 2X-Large – 400006124432
      Mow & Grow Shirt 3X-Large – 400006165732
      Mow & Grow Hat – 400006165237

  • I’ll take one of everything! Love it!!

  • This will be the 1st time in all the times I’ve been to Disney World that I will be able to The Garden Festival..I’m so excited…

  • I LOVE this stuff !! Only 29 days until I can see it in person !! Hope I can fit the Gnomes in my suitcase !! And that mug is to die for. Can’t wait !!

  • Will these be available on the Disney Store site? My friends that live in Florida or that are visiting are posting pictures of some other cool F&G Festival merchandise and I’m interested in buying some! Thanks!

  • I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Flower and Garden show and the merchandise is always so adorable. I hope that we can make it down there this year! Thanks for sharing Steven!

    • @Patti – That’s great! It’s such a nice time to visit Epcot – the weather has been perfect. Have a fun trip!

      @Catherine – I love the mug too (which is probably why I made it the lead image). I think the butterfly detail on the handle was a nice touch.

      @Janice Lynn – I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have enjoyed sharing the comments with the team. It’s a great feeling to know that people like what we’ve created. 🙂

  • Love it! I really like the Donald mug. Ditto on the question of if these items will be available on the Disney store website. I unfortunately will not make the Flower & Garden festival this year. 🙁

  • Will this merchandise be for sale at World of Disney at Downtown Disney? We’ll be in Orlando this week, and unfortunately won’t be visiting the parks, but may be able to stop in to Downtown Disney to pick some up!

  • THe merchandise is really adorable I hope it is available at the disney store.

  • we went last year and loved it. We are going again this year (March 20-27) looking forward to it.

  • THe Mickey and Minnie gnomes are great. I know they’ll be in our garden. Unfortuneately, we can’t make the show this year. We can’t get there until a couple days after the show dates are done. Will the topiaries still be up??

  • This years items are really cute. I hope they’ll either be available online or still available when I attend the last weekend of the festival in May. Can’t wait! ºoº

  • How can I buy the Minnie Garden gnome?

    • @Justin – The majority of the items specifically created for the Flower & Garden Festival will be found at Epcot. I have provided a list and links of items that may help if you won’t be attending.

      @Pamela – Awesome! Glad you are coming back. It’s beautiful out there (and the weather is gorgeous!).

      @Reese – It’s difficult to say how long the topiaries will remain. I recall seeing some of them after the last day of the festival in 2011. Yet, the horticulture team is pretty quick in transforming the park. I hope you have a great trip.

      @Pamela from MO – One option would be to contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or via email:

      Use this is a reference: Minnie Mouse Gnome – 400005522253

  • Can’t wait it will be my little family’s first time at the FG Fest. We are coming in a couple weeks and ditto on the awesome mug. I am beyond ecstatic to see the Toy Story 3 display!!

  • Will be attending the FG fest for the second time this year and can’t wait! The 2010 fest was tremendous. Hoping this year’s merchandise includes some character topiary forms — I bought a Mickey head years ago at The Land garden shop, and a friend permanently “borrowed” it )=. Do you know if they’ll be available this year? I’d love to add them to my front gardens for all my neighborhood walkers to enjoy.

  • Do you know the UPC for the mug by any chance?


  • I can’t wait to but the Mickey mug and tote bag! My husband is taking me in 3 weeks for my birthday. This will be our 3rd visit to Disney World together and our first time to go to the F&G Festival! : )

  • My husband and I enjoyed the Flower and Garden Show when we were at WDW during our honeymoon in 1997. We are coming back to celebrate our 15th Anniversary in April. Looking forward to coming in April and will be back again in June with our children to WDW for a few days and then we sail on the Disney Fantasy for a week’s cruise! A fun couple of months ahead for us and so glad we will be able to enjoy the FG again.

  • Last year I cut a picture of topiary Mickey out of a Flower and Garden brochure to put on my locker at work. I love his adorable little face with the butterfly. I am SO glad he’s all over the merchandise this year! Now to find someone to hide my wallet, so I don’t go overboard buying things. 🙂

  • Marilyn: I would like to see more items, maybe a little less whymsical? How about a few small real topiaries at the front entrance, some unusual live plants for us Florida residents to purchase? When I attend garden events here I always want to take a plant home!

  • This will be the first year weve been able to make it for the Flower & Garden Festival, can’t wait to be there!!

  • 39 days to Disney. Staying at Polynesian for the first time.Looking forward again to the Flower Show and taking home another memory.

    • @Tiffany – That’s great to hear you will be visiting us! I hope you have a wonderful time. One of the new items this year is Haiti: Garden of Many Colors which is located near Germany Pavilion. A teammate said they have a delicious beverage they are offering and there are some fun kids activities.

      @Cynthia – I don’t recall seeing those topiaries in the Festival Center. I did see a Mickey Mouse one which we are offering online:

      @Charles – Here you go: 400005647536

      @Kayla – A happy early birthday! What a great present.

      @Eileen – Happy Anniversary! I’m glad you will be celebrating with us. And the Disney Fantasy?! Lucky! I just spoke with a co-worker who is leaving tomorrow for a 7-day cruise on the Fantasy. I asked if she had any extra room in her suitcase. 🙂 I can’t wait to sail on the ship; it looks beautiful. Bon voyage!

      @Jose – I’m not too involved with the design aspects for the Flower & Garden Festival. I know there are svendors who have unique plants for sale at the festival. The events team was telling me about a vendor who sells plumeria trees.

      @Diane – Aloha! I hope you have a wonderful stay at my favorite Disney Resort. Now I’m craving a Dole Whip. 🙂

  • We have some of this where I work (Meijer) in the garden department. I was wishing for a Donald gnome as I love him best. But my favorite is the Bambi with the butterfly on his tail–precious.

  • I am SO buying that ºoº mug when I am at the F & G Festival in 70 days (not like I’m counting or anything :-)). I am so glad that our pre-Disney cruise trip will be while the F & G Festival is wrapping up. BTW, is there any news regarding who will replace Davy Jones at The Flower Power concert? Thanks

  • I bought my mom the Mickey Gnome last year as a present, the Minnie one will be another great one for her! Will that be available through the online store or is a park exclusive? Also, any plans on other characters like Goofy, Donald, or Pluto in Gnome form?

  • Cute merch! I hope those mugs are regular sized and not the huge size. I can’t buy 90% of the mugs at Disney because they are too big!

    Sad that Wonders of Life has been relegated to “Festival Center” though.

  • everything is great! i hope to buy something online as well, tho I wish I could be there to visit the Center (and bask in seeing the inside of Wonders of Life once more). Had the good sense to take pictures inside when we were there for the Food and Wine Festival in 2010 🙂

  • Hi Steven. Will there be a Flower and Garden Vinylmation this year?

    • @Kathy – You may want to visit this page about the Flower Power Concert series. Currently, it lists “TBD” for the final weekend: I’m happy to share that Micky Dolenz from The Monkees will be performing from May 18-20 –

      @Marcus – I have not heard of plans at this point for other characters. I know Minnie Mouse is new this year but I don’t have an ETA as to when (or if) she will be carried via the online store.

      @Courtney – The mug is “normal” size.

      @David – There is not a Vinylmation figure planned for this year.

  • Have you heard back from the Duffy team about a chef mickey for the food and wine festival for this coming October? Please let me know.
    Thanks so much

  • Too bad there won’t be a Garden Gnome Mickey & Minnie in Vinylmations.

    Will Disney Design Group artist Randy Noble be making appearances during the Festival to sign the poster?

  • @Steven Miller

    Thank you. I tried and they have told me they are currently not available for mail order. But Thank You for your help.

  • Hello! Will the coffee mug be available online? They are so WOW!!!

    • @Daniel – I intend to interview Randy soon about the creation of the poster for an article. No word yet if he will be making an appearance at the Festival.

      @Lisa – I’m sorry for any confusion. I spoke with the Guest Services team who said that the items created specifically for the Flower & Garden Festival won’t be able to be ordered until after May 20. The Minnie Mouse Gnome however should be able to be ordered since it is an item that lives in our home/decor assortment (and wasn’t created specifically for the event).

      @Friend – There are no plans at this time to carry the mug on the Disney Parks online store.

  • Did you hear back from the Duffy team about chef duffy? Please let me know.
    Thanks so much,

    • @Jessica – Good news. There will be a chef Duffy for the upcoming Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I’ll have a look at him in a future Disney Parks Blog article, so please stay tuned.

  • Thanx, Steven. I checked the topiary you referenced, but it’s sold out, so I’m hoping there’ll be something at the park when I get there. I’ll keep an eye on the blog to see if you have any further info to post.

  • Thank you so much Steven!!! I can’t wait to buy my 12 inch chef Duffy as soon as it comes out!!! Talk to you soon. 🙂

  • Thank you so much Steven. I am so excited about buying the 12 inch chef Mickey. I await your upcoming blogs on Duffy.

  • Sad to know I can not possibly get the mickey topiary mug until after May 20th. Just ruined my day. Suppose it is my fault for not reading the fine print.

  • Soooooo in LOVE with it all… but…. I am trying to get the ornimental garden peices that you have pictured above. There are two I love, one has the little dragonfly and bronzy looking Mickey head with the glass ball in it !! So far they are not shown on any shopping areas I have found…. so in order to have family go and get one or both for me,….. can you tell me roughly the cost of those , and where they can be found in the Floral and Garden show area by the lake and international buildings ? I MUST HAVE THEM ! 🙂

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