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First Look: Park-Inspired Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Game

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences


Have you heard? Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers is coming soon and it’s the first social game inspired by our very own Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Yes, it includes “The Tree of Life,” and during game play, you’ll have a chance to create and nurture your own wildlife nature preserve around it – with exotic animals. A few of the game’s locations will be familiar to Disney Parks Blog readers.

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Coming Soon Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Coming Soon Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Coming Soon Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Coming Soon

When it launches on Facebook, players will also be able to search for hidden objects in some spectacular natural settings, from the Rocky Mountains to the Amazon rainforest to the Australian outback. We can’t wait to experience it. Take a first look at the new trailer for Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers and let’s us know what you think.


  • ..Now all we need is a return of Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) – was a great game that had so much potential promoting the Disney Parks.

  • So this is what the Playdom acquisition was used for. Nice!

    I agree with many others– please consider making an app for this, for iPhone/iPad.

    The game looks great. Rich in detail, lots to explore and do, quality-looking product. Fantastic!

  • That would be so cool if they made a game like VMK for facebook or even mobile media! Aw, I miss VMK. I don’t think Disney truly realized how many people they had as massively loyal fans during VMK’s run.

  • What you need is a Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom – Animal Kingdom version. Like I don’t Anti Poachers of the Animal Kingdom or something of the sort. I’m addicted to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, and collecting the cards is so much fun. Now do it in all parks! Please? 😀

  • Looks interesting, I will have to try it. I enjoyed playing VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) and wish Disney would create something like it again.

  • ANY social game Disney makes will always be judged against VMK–It just instinctively hit all the right notes.
    It wasn’t even supposed to be a long-term game, just a one-year in-park promotion for Disneyland’s 50th, but it instinctively did everything right that Cars, Pirates and Fairies tried to figure out….And it was a place you -wanted- to spend time hanging around. 🙂
    The fact that it was free, and existed before we all had to be tied to Facebook, so anyone could play, were pluses too, but the game just got the entire Disney park experience in one, what could anyone do for an encore after it?

  • I agree with Melissa – I do not ever play facebook games/apps as I do not want them to access my info. I also think my son would enjoy this game – maybe as an iphone game?

  • i wish they would make a game like vmk. that was the best game ever.

  • Looks really cute and I know my kids would love it but I do not, never, ever, play games via Facebook. I don’t let any FB applications touch my contact data.

    I’d really love it if Disney would consider also making an iOS app (And Android for that matter) version of this where you could log in via a FB login if you wanted, but you don’t have to, similar to the way Words with Friends does their authentication.

    Just a thought.

  • You know I’m rather shocked that Disney hasn’t started using Augmented Reality to incorparate games into their parks at a much higher tech level.

  • I am so excited! I am glad it is on facebook and not on a cell phone! I also wish Disney would have another game like Virtual Magic Kingdom! I never got to play that game but heard and seen so much I am sad I missed out on that one!

  • It looks like an updated version of the original Zoo Tycoon game. If so, that’s a good thing.

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  • This looks like fun!! I wish Disney would make another game like VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom) again!

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