Imagineer Alice Davis to be Honored with Window on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Last night, during a special event at Club 33 inside Disneyland park, Kim Irvine announced that her fellow Imagineer – and Disney LegendAlice Davis will be honored with her own window on Main Street, U.S.A., on May 10.

Alice Davis is well known for her costume design work and has styled some of the most beloved characters at Disney Parks – including those found in the classic attractions, “it’s a small world” and Pirates of the Caribbean. She first designed costumes for the Walt Disney Studios during the production of “Sleeping Beauty.” It was common for animators to use live-action footage as reference – it helped them to see how the actors, fabrics, hair and other elements moved. And you Disney history fans may remember that it was her former art instructor (and future husband), Marc Davis, who recruited her to make the dress that would be worn by the actress portraying Briar Rose in the reference footage.

Dolls on the 'it’s a small world' Attraction at Disneyland Park Designed by Disney Legends Alice Davis and Mary Blair

She continued to design costumes for the Walt Disney Studios until 1963, when she undertook a costuming project that would go on to become one of the most famous theme park attractions in the world. Along with fellow Disney Legend Mary Blair, Alice supervised the creation of more than 150 costumes for “it’s a small world,” helping to bring to life the iconic dolls who would sing the unforgettable theme song.

Concept Art for the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction at Disneyland Park

Two years later, she translated her husband’s drawings for the Pirates of the Caribbean into designs and patterns for all the costumes that would be seen in the new attraction.

In addition to the extraordinary work seen by thousands of Disney Parks guests through the years, Alice’s influence at Walt Disney Imagineering extended to the development of manufacturing, quality control and refurbishment standards for the three-dimensional characters created by Walt Disney Imagineering.

The Disneyland Resort is proud to award Alice Davis one of the highest honors one can receive at the Walt Disney Company – her own window on Main Street, U.S.A.


  • Congratulations to a wonderful and talented lady. Thanks to her, all of us get to enjoy her creations many times over. What time is the ceremony on May 10th? Would love to witness this.

  • That is great news, we love Alice she is a wonderful person and it is a well deserved “award” for a great and talented person.

  • Good for Alice!!!! Her rightful place next to Marc! Congrats my friend!

  • Congratulations! Alice is so talented. I love all the work she has done!

  • Well deserved, a fitting tribute to an incredible lady.

  • It’s about time! I’m so happy for Alice. She is a wonderful lady and a true Disney legend. Can we please give her a window at WDW also? It’s impossible to ride Small World or Pirates without thinking about all of Alice’s great work.

  • I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! Alice is one of my favorite Disney Legends(alongside her late husband, Marc Davis) and I’m pleased that she will be receiving this high honor. Thanks for sharing the great news!

  • Any chance there will be a Disney Parks Blog Meet Up for this awesome occasion? Please!?!

  • Alice, Thank you for the magic!

  • I am glad to see that Alice is getting the window next to Marc’s!

  • Kim- My family and I happened to be there when they recently gave a door for the Sherman Brothers. The ceremony was open to all and was during park operating hours. Was a great thing to witness

  • This is long, long, LONG overdue, but it’s very good news to hear this has finally been fixed. Bravo to Mrs. Davis and all the wonderfully famous and talented work she did for the park for decades!

  • FINALLY!!! Well deserved and long overdue. Maybe all the prodding helped (every time we’d see Marty Sklar or Tony Baxter, we’d ask, “When is Alice getting her window?”). I think it will be right next to Marc’s above Disneyana. We were hoping that was what the refurb of Marc’s window last year was leading to, and note the fake “curtain” in the one next to Marc’s. Congratulations Alice!

  • I ADORE Alice Davis!! She is one of my all time favorite imagineers and one of the reasons I decided to become a costume designer. Both Alice and Marc have inspired me so much. This honor is well deserved and long overdue.

  • Well, it’s about time. I’m so glad they are finally honoring this true Disney Legend with her own window. Congratulations Alice. I look forward to hearing many more of Alice’s tales. I wish I could be there for the unveiling.

  • That great!

    I’m looking forward to seeing it after it gets installed.

  • Wonderful honor for a wonderful artist. It’s A Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean are two of my favorite rides. I would say millions have seen Alice’s fantastic work through the years.

  • Any idea of what the window will be?
    (A high-fashion dressmaker, we ‘re guessing.) 🙂

  • YAAY For Alice! Long overdue for sure.

  • Well deserved, and as said above, long overdue! I can’t wait to see the final design and location.

  • Well deserved for this talented, Disney Legend. I’ve had the honor of meeting her several times, and the stories she has of her days working alongside Walt are treasures themselves! Congrats to you Alice!

  • It’s about time – this honor is long, long, long overdue. Congratulations Miss Alice. What time is the ceremony and will park guests be allowed to watch?

  • That is wonderful news! She is such a nice lady and what talent!

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