It’s Almost ‘T’ Time at Disney California Adventure Park!

Robin Trowbridge

by , Entertainment Show Director, Disneyland Resort.

Beginning June 15, Disney California Adventure park guests will be invited to step through the Rabbit Hole and into an all-new fantastical world filled with music, games, dancing and fun for whole family!


At the Mad T Party, you’ll be able to party the night away with a wild and wonderful cast of characters. Would you like to meet them? I thought you might!

First of all, there’s our very own Mad T Party Band …


… which provides the most awesome array of party tune favorites. Each member of the band, inspired by a character from the film, has his or her own superlative sense of style!

Here’s our lineup:

  • Mad Hatter – the host with a hat … and a voice to “TOP” it all off!
  • March Hare – pumpin’ up the bass!
  • Dormouse – rockin’ out on lead guitar!
  • Caterpillar – jammin’ on the keys!
  • Cheshire Cat – smiling and keepin’ a beat on the drums!
  • And, what would a Mad T Party be without Alice herself? Lucky for us, she “drops in” for her own special moment in the spotlight!

You’re going to love this band – they absolutely know how to get down, get “MAD” and rock the park! But there are more to meet … and more who want to meet you!


This one knows how to keep you hoppin’ with rockin’ remixes … and all the latest party hits! Get ready to meet … the White Rabbit DJ!


Prior to entering the Rabbit Hole, this party-loving pair will help get you ready for a night of frabjous fun! I’m talking about … Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!


And no matter how you deal ‘em, these dancers make for a full house of shufflin’ dance floor fun at the Mad T Party! It’s the Hottest Deck in Town!


During the day, as you make your way through the park, you might come across these helpful hosts, who will give you the latest scoop and share some secrets about the Mad T Party … the Hatters!

Believe me, there are plenty of sensational surprises in store when the Mad T Party begins June 15, 2012.

There’s lots to do before we’re ready for you!

But ready we’ll be, when it’s time for “T.”

So get ready … to go “MAD” at Disney California Adventure park this summer!


  • Can not wait for this! Looks soo cool! I agree though. They need to keep FLYNNS and I think tomorrowland arcade is the perfect spot… but how would you get the same effect of the entrance with the big FLYNNS letters? Where would you put the signage? But great idea! And bring back the people mover! PLEEEEASE!!!!

  • I love the Tim Burton version of “Alice in Wonderland,” but I rarely go to Disneyland. Most of my Disney trips take place in Walt Disney World. It would be cool if something like this opened in the Florida parks… maybe in Hollywood Studios.

  • Definitely would rather have Electronica “/ who knows it might be interesting though. Maybe if they come out with a Tron 3 then Electronica will be back again =]

  • Today I attended the Passholders CarsLand event and there was a preview of the merchandise that will be sold at The Mad T Party. I talked to the employees there and they said it will be a nightly dance party atmosphere similar to the GlowFest that was there before ElecTRONica which was a more festive neon party. I’m really excited because I enjoyed GlowFest much more than ElecTRONica. BTW in case you couldnt tell already, it is an homage to the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland.

  • @Merwin – Of course it would fit in Tomorrowland! That’s where the old arcade used to be! “- ) I just want it to stay where it is and maybe actually be OPEN when I go? “- P (It’s ALWAYS closed!!)

    My only beef about the Mad T Party would be if this is going to be a “rap” or “hip hop” style of presentation. Not everyone enjoys those “style” of music and to push it on folks is not right. At least ElecTRONica wasn’t total immersion, you know? Just make sure to let it breathe!

  • I will miss ElecTRONica, but this does look like fun! Cant wait!

  • HEY OTHER NAOMI! DPB did an article on the ending of eElecTRONica, which unfotunately closes April 15th! I will sorely miss it too!!

  • When is the last day of ElecTRONica? I want to make sure to see it one last time before it leaves. I’ll miss it 🙁

  • Yeah I agree with Brian, Flynn’s arcade should stay and if not move it to tomorrowland. It would go great there anyways. I remember when we had the peoplemover wasn’t there a small segment where you went into the world of TRON? I dont know I honestly feel that many people will miss Flynn’s Arcade.

  • I love the costumes! They look so amazing!

  • I understand the need for change to keep things fresh and up-to-date (though Alice in Wonderland came out last year), but I am still going to miss ElecTRONica quite a bit. I spent so much time in Flynn’s Arcade you wouldn’t believe. I love that place. Please keep it if at all possible even if you have to move it somewhere. Or just move the machines to Starcade and rename it Flynn’s Arcade. Since it’s based on Tron it fits the Tomorrowland theme sort of right? 🙁

  • I am OBSESSED with Alice In Wonderland…i even have an entire sleeve tattooed on my left arm of all Alice In Wonderland….& ive always hoped for MORE things at Disneyland that incorporated AIW. So im SUPER EXCITED about this!!

    Wasnt a huge fan of the Tron thing anyways…this looks fun & exciting! CANT WAIT! 🙂

  • Shannon, the Mad T Party is going to replace what is now ElecTRONica 🙂

  • I’m a little confused as to what this is exactly. Is it taking the place of the High School Musical show or something entirely different? I think it’s the “party the night away” bit that is throwing me off. It eludes to being some sort of club, but nothing in this piece actually states what it is. A moving dance show/float, night time entertainment show (ala Star Wars Weekend Dance Party in WDW), or a permanent attraction. I love all things Alice – so more info please! :o)

  • I am still going to miss Laserman

  • I really need to get to Disneyland for once!! And the Mad Hatter in the top pic looks like Steven Tyler a little!!

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