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John Carter Vinylmation Due to Arrive This Fall at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


Disney’s newest live action film “John Carter” arrives in theaters on Friday, March 9. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen (with a mix of Mars as a setting, one of my favorite actors Willem Dafoe, and director Andrew Stanton – sign me up!). I recently spoke with Thomas Scott, a lead Vinylmation artist, about his work on new John Carter Vinylmation figures that are due to arrive this fall at Disney Parks. You may recall that we’ve created Vinylmation figures based on live action films before, like “Tron: Legacy” or ”Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” With the help of our Disney Destinations Synergy team, we created this video for recent sneak previews of the film held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members. I thought you would enjoy seeing it too.

After you see the film, I invite you to stop by D Street at Downtown Disney West Side as these figures will be on display from March 9-19.


  • The Vinylmation figures look great, but I really hope to be able to buy Woola-related merchandise – plush toys, action figures, beanbag chairs, posters, T shirts (with more than just the Woola logo), backpacks etc.

  • Really no St. Louis Cardinals Vinylmation?????? The team not only won the world series but had like the most memorable series ever! I was shocked it wasn’t with the first group released. We are not only known as the best fans in baseball but you made a cubs one!!! You really need to make one!

  • Can I second Khanada on this, there is a severe lack of John Carter merchandise and I am feeling like there isn’t anywhere near enough merch out there

  • Ok, I’ll take these, simply because I want to own everything I can of John Carter. It’s one of my very favorite films of all time! But, what I REALLY want is a plush Woola (and other Woola toys), an 18″ Tars Tarkas action figure! A 12″ fashion doll of Dejah Thoris! John Carter, Kantos Kan, etc, 12″ action figures! I want accessories, jewelry, the whole shebang! It’s been so disappointing to find hardly anything of John Carter anywhere! I sure hope this changes, maybe some stuff can be rolled out near Christmas time! BEG!!! (oh, and I know LOADS of other fans of the film who want this stuff, too!)

  • Hope these are out when I make my trip in the fall! Any news on when they will be out?

  • will these be available from the disney store website, or only from the park? also, would disney cancel these if the movie doesn’t do well?

  • Hi Steven – any chance Disney is going to do NHL vinyls? I’d love to see a Philadelphia Flyers vinyl next to my Philadelphia Phillies one!

    • @Angela – I have not heard any plans at this time for a NHL series. But being from Columbus, Ohio, I know which one I want to add to the collection on my office desk if one was created. 🙂

  • Do you know when are you going to release the Four figure vinylmation of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger tides?

    • @Ricardo – At this point, I don’t have a release date. Sorry.

  • When do we get John Carter action figures and a Woola stuffey ?

    • @Cheryl – The Disney Parks team has decided not to release the Vinylmation – Furry Friends series. I do not have an update at this time about the 25th Series or the other Vinylmation – Tunes figures. Sorry.

      @Ashley – Thank you for being interested in Vinylmation and for sharing your thoughts.

      @Jeff – I want both! I took my son to see the film on Saturday. We REALLY enjoyed it! Sadly, I’ve not heard of any plans at this time for either items you mentioned.

  • My partner and I love the Vinylmation figures and we’re up to almost 70 now, but man do we miss the old design with the nose! They were so charming! We’ve almost entirely stopped buying them because of the change and have moved on to the occasional pop instead.

  • Any updates to Furry Friends re-release or the 25th anniversary series? And Donald and Dale Tunes?

  • When will we see the Duffy the Disney Bear vinylmation? I’m looking forward to this!

    • @Katie – At this time, we are not planning to create a St. Louis Cardinals figure. Sorry. It is something we may consider for the future.

      @Brooke – At this point, we are targeting a fall 2012 release. There will be two different styles of Duffy the Disney Bear figures released. Stay tuned for more information on these. I can say they look adorable 🙂

  • Please tell me when there is going to be a St. Louis Cardinals Vinylmation! It seems like there is one for every time except the team that won the world series!

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