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Kunekune Pigs Ham it Up and an Artful Pig Paints, All at Affection Section at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Some rare pigs made their debut late last year at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. And these are some pretty smart swine.

In a previous post, Disney Parks Blog author Jackie Ogden told us about the arrival of the intelligent (and surprisingly agile) kunekune pigs. The pigs, found in New Zealand but believed to have originated in China, once faced extinction. Thanks to breeding and conservation efforts, they have since come back in a big way.

When I heard about these plump pigs in our park (“kunekune” means “plump” in the Mãori language), I knew I just had to meet them.

The Animal Care cast members at Conservation Station work with the three little pigs regularly on a variety of behaviors. This work helps the pigs stay fit, intellectually stimulated and comfortable around guests. They also help teach park guests about the real dangers of extinction.

“Most people have heard about endangered species in reference to wild animals, but many domestic animals are at risk of extinction as well,” Jackie said. “By showcasing rare domestic breeds, like babydoll sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats and kunekune pigs at Affection Section, we are helping our guests learn more about them and how they can help.”

Join me as I experience some of the great work the Animal Care team does with the kunekune pigs. Also, keep an eye out at the end the video for another rare and intelligent pig, an African Guinea hog named Mindy. She loves to paint.

All of the pigs are quite a hit with guests at Affection Section, so be sure to stop in and say hi next time you’re at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.


  • Awesome! I live in New Zealand, and we were last at AK back in early November…were the pigs there at that time? In any case, we’ll definitely visit them when we are at our home away from home again!

  • Hi there. I am from New Zealand and I must say the Kunekune really are smart pigs. They even move out of the way of cars when you drive down the driveway, then go back to their sunny spot. They have such wonderful personalities, it is almost like having a pet dog LOL

  • Gary
    This video is soo cute can not wait to see these little guys when we come to disney world on April 15 2012 !! thank you for doing your videos they make me and my family smile everytime !!!

  • Gary,

    I always LOVE watching your videos!! You are such a goofball, and you have the BEST job!! Keep em coming…


    • Thank you Kim. That is so nice of you to say. We appreciate you taking the time to watch the videos on the Disney Parks Blog. There’s definitely more fun to come!

  • I spent way too much time with these 3 little pigs when I was at AK ealier this month. They are totally cute and really hold their own among the goats and sheep. They are a great addition to the Affection Section. Too Cute for words!

    • They are quite a sight to see. I spent a long time watching them myself as they scurried about Affection Section. I had as much fun as the Guests just watching them!

  • Funny video! Those pigs are wonderful. And Rob is always good.

  • Those are some hairy pigs, they look loveable. Can’t wait to see them.

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