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Neon Signs to Light Up the Night at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure Park

The finishing touches just keep coming to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park. And, by “finishing touches,” I mean large neon signs!

When you travel the real Route 66, you see great, classic neon signs in the towns along the road — and our Route 66 will be no exception. Watch this video and see our two primary graphics designers explain how their research led to the final product.

We’re really focused on getting all of our neon installed right now and, as you can see, we’ve got some beautiful pieces in place already. I can’t wait to see them all lit up and animated, just as they appear in the “Cars” movies. Enjoy!

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  • This really is going to be an amazing new land! I am so excited to see the waterfall on Radiator Spring Racers!!

  • Gosh all this talk about AP previews… BRING ON THE DVC PREVIEWS!!!! lol!

  • I’m excited at this “carsland”news.
    Thank you for your wonderful information!Nice neon signs!
    I want to go to carsland together with a family &
    my friends;)

  • The more I see new updates the more excited I get!!!! Please let there be AP previews!! It’s crazy how much it looks like the movie!

  • I can hardly wait! California Adventureland is going to be awesome at night.

  • The signs look great. When are we going to get to see more of the lighting throughout the land? I hear that a lot of the lights are getting turned on and I’m sure the mountains will look beautiful when it’s done.

  • @Thor: That’s exactly what I did on my last trip… for about an hour. Something so exciting about looking over the walls.

    Anyway, what i saw of cars land looks gorgeous, and it really does look like the movie. The mountains especially really add to the experience, but I think my favorite time of day to look over the wall is at dusk, when it’s not quite dark but the neon lights are glowing and Mater’s junkyard jamboree is being tested, with the little white lights hung over it.

    Can’t wait till the 15th 🙂

  • Yuck, a failed attempt at doing a graphic comment! Well, I tried at least! Go ahead and leave it unpublished…

    But the neon looks fantastic!

  • CC OO OO L !! !!

  • I can’t wait!


  • This is going to be so amazing at night and ditto to Thor’s AP comment 🙂

  • Oh, wow! These look great! Cars Land already looks amazing when I stand on the Blue Sky Cellar patio at night and look over the walls, but it’s just going to be soooooo cool!

    Kathy, I know you will be working with all your close friends in Team Disney Anaheim to make sure there are weeks of special Annual Passholder Previews for all of us to attend before Cars Land opens! I log onto the Disney Parks Blog several times per day waiting to see when the sign-ups for our special AP Previews begin! I’m so looking forward to this May and June!!!

  • Ahhhhhh!!!!! I’m dying here! I cannot wait for Carsland. OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!

  • OMG, getting sooo excited, hope they have an ap preview while we are there the week before. Don’t want to have to wait til end of year to go back!

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