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New Looks Sail into The Pirates League in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort!

Erin Catalano

by , Merchandiser

Just last year, The Pirates League in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park mesmerized all of us with a deluxe package called The Mermaid Transformation, as we celebrated the release of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” This hidden treasure was only available for a limited time, but we have heard the sirens’ calls and are excited to announce that this enchanting package has made its way from the depths of the sea back to The Pirates League beginning today, Monday, March 19.


The new Mermaid Package is for daring new recruits who want to evoke the radiant and cool colors of the sea. The new package includes a luminous make-up transformation that evokes the iridescent and vibrant colors of the ocean, a shimmering makeup palette, a mermaid-inspired hairstyle complete with color-changing hairclip, sparkling face gems, trendy teal nail polish, a special Mermaid Pirates League sash and a color-changing necklace to finalize your transformation.


The Mermaid Package isn’t the only new look making its way to The Pirates League. We’re introducing a new package just for young buccaneers! Jake and the Never Land Pirates are setting sail for The Pirates League with a brand new package! Inspired by the hit show on Disney Junior, the new Jake and the Never Land Pirates Package transforms guests ages 3 and up into Jake! The package is complete with Jake facial features, a Jake Bandana with faux spiked hair, plus the official Pirates League Sword and Sheath, Treasure Bag and Pirate Coin Necklace!


Of course, recruits of The Pirates League can still be transformed into First Mates and Empresses! We’ve updated the Empress look to be vibrant and trendy, plus we’ve added the Blackbeard Facial Effect option to the First Mate Package! Both the First Mate and the Empress receive Pirate Facial effect or makeup application, pirate bandana and earring, sword and Pirates League sheath, plus an official pirate coin necklace and treasure bag. Plus, Empresses receive their choice of lip gloss and nail polish!


So what are you waiting for? The new packages are waiting for you now at The Pirates League! Join the Crew! It’s a Pirate’s Life for You! For reservations at The Pirates League and to learn more about the whimsical Mermaid Package and the swashbuckling Jake and the Never Land Pirates Package, please call 407.WDW.CREW (407.939.2739) or visit us online at


  • Out of my four daughters, three are die-hard BBB princesses. So, I thought this mermaid option would be great change for them! Well, my 7 year old shocked me today and said she wants to be an Empress instead of the Mermaid. My two 20 year olds decided to be Mermaids (yes, that’s right…20 year olds!). But, the true shocker is that my 18 year old, my “flower child”, says she wants to be an Empress!! I booked them all immediately!

    This just adds another aspect of excitement for our trip! I’m so glad this new option is now available!

  • I can’t wait to go and get the mermaid one! Thanks for bringing it back! I am so excited!

  • I want to be a mermaid!:)

  • So glad this was brought back. We missed it last year as we were there in August. Both my daughter and I were bummed — she’s too old for BB Boutique, but NOT to old to become a mermaid — and neither is her mama!

  • Love it! I want to be a mermaid for a day. 🙂

  • I am so excited!! We have always done the BBB so this will be a “new” fun thing to do. Our daughter is 7 and says she is getting to old to do the BBB. What a great surprise!!!

  • This is one of the BEST values for what you get at DW in my family’s opinion. We went to DW twice last year and did it both times, and I even did it with the kids the second time. We are headed back this year and plan to do it again. The kids also get to participate in a Pirate Parade at 4 pm the day of their make over and get a front row seating to the Jack Sparrow show he does, our kids even made it on stage with Captain Sparrow (and did a sword fight with hi!) Be sure to take make-up remover to ease getting make up off at night. Also keep in mind the rest ofthe day the kids (and maybe you!) will be in Pirate make-up, so if there are photos you want without make-up, take them before…but the kids are super cute in the pics afterwards too!

  • I got mermaided last year as a grown up and so did my 17 year old sister, so not just for kids! 😀 I am jealous of this new hair clip and necklace. Can’t complain too much, though, as the swag we go last year was pretty nice too!

  • Is the blue POTC vest pictured on the boy with the Blackbeard face available for sale at the Pirates’s League?

  • We did the pirates league during our dec. 2011 trip. We ended up with a 5 yr old skeleton pirate and a 3 yr old empress. The kids loved every bit of the pirates league and want to do it again. After seeing the mermaid pic my daughter already wants to become one. Thanks for adding another girl option! The entire event was UNFORGETTABLE!!

  • I’m so excited about this! We are headed to Disney in 3 days and already have reservations for Pirates League! My 2 girls now want to be mermaids and my younger son wants to be Jake!

  • I agree Jennifer!!! Is there any plan to have this available at Disneyland?

  • Can moms get the mermaid makeover too???

  • Are these permanent additions (or as much as they can be) or just for a limited time please?

  • why don’t they have this at Disneyland too?? that would be awesome!

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