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New Story Rooms Open Today at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort at Walt Disney World Resort – With a Regal Twist

Michelle Baumann

by , Walt Disney World Public Relations

The much anticipated Royal Guest Rooms officially open today at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside at Walt Disney World Resort.

More than 500 rooms have been transformed with beautiful décor and majestic touches – fit for royalty. They really immerse guests in beloved Disney tales full of princes and princesses. There is a lot to discover, from the art work and custom bedspreads to cool fixtures and glittering headboards (I won’t give away the surprise with the headboards…). So if you are looking for a new experience at a Disney resort, these specialty rooms may be just right for you. FYI, all the rooms at Port Orleans are undergoing a renovation that is set for completion in June 2012.


  • I’ve been to WDW many, many times and have stayed in All of the different Value and Moderate resorts. For my 50th birthday this past October, my mom, sisters and I stayed at Port Orleans-Riverside right on the water (next to the footbridge going to the lobby area). It was BEAUTIFUL, quiet, clean–and is now my favorite place to stay on the Disney grounds! I’m starting to plan a trip for next year to take my goddaughter for the first time and will DEFINITELY stay at PO-R, and hopefully can get into one of the new rooms. Also, to those who feel WDW is too expensive, I work at an Inn in a midwestern tourist town, and our prices are about the same–and we’re not even close to offering the services that WDW does (hope my boss doesn’t see this)! I love how, when making a reservation with Disney, you can pay for your reservation alittle at a time, seems less painful that way

  • We have stayed here numerous times! What a surprise for my girls to find the rooms totally made over in such a great way! Between this and the New Fantasyland, I can’t wait for September to get here!

  • Booked our December ’12/January’13 trip on February 14th! 291 days left to go now! This will be our fourth trip with our daughters to WDW (We’ve been to Disneyland twice). We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside in the new Royal Rooms. Can’t wait! My little pricesses are so excited too 🙂 It’s always nice to find a little different way to experience the Magic of Disney.

  • So looking forwarded to our stay in a Royal Guest Room later this year!

  • I’m bringing my mom in October for a mother-daughter Disney week! Can’t wait, the room looks amazing!

  • Correction: My family and I whent to WDW in August 2010 (where the average temperature was around 100 degrees (I would advise going earlier in the summer time)).
    And, when not staying at WDW, you also have to pay for parking, which was expensive.

  • Lula,
    My family and I stayed at Walt Disney World in August 2009, and we found that staying at Disney World was incredibly cheaper then staying at a hotel near by. The cheapest price we found for a hotel was over $100 and, because my family called Disney World and asked what deals they had, we spent about $48 a day, far cheaper then a hotel.
    You also must consider the amount of money you spend on gas and parking, that is if you drove to WDW. If you got to WDW by plane and are staying at a hotel, you have to pay for taxi services to your hotel and back.
    When you stay at WDW, they offfer timely and FREE transportation to the parks and resorts, making you not have to pay foparking and gas.
    Also, if you stay at WDW, you get to stay at the parks longer on certain days—as late as 2am! You are also able to be one of the first people to arrive at the parks. (Think of all the long traffic lines you will have to indure to be able to get into the park and to get out if yoy don’t stay at WDW).
    All the time WDW has great deals, such as the ‘longer you stay the cheaper the room’ or even a free dining plan! (I would recommend the quick-start one).
    Most importantly, staying at Disney adds to the magic of the whole trip and my whole family and I truly loved it.
    Please consider all of the information above before planning your next trip. Hope this was helpful

  • Anything you conceive(think) and believe(hold in your mind) you can achieve(bring from mind into the real world).

    The magic in your mind and heart will make it happen!

    Here once again is living proof of the magic in each of us. Disney is sharing the grand secrets of the real magic in each of us…

  • Wonderful news! The rooms look like so much fun to stay in.

  • Only 256 of the new Royal Guest Rooms were opened yesterday (the whole of building 90, Oak Manor) with the remaining 256 rooms in Parterre Place (building 95) due for completion around 13 April (work starts there tomorrow in fact).

    The rest of the Riverside general refurbishment (12 more buildings in the Alligator Bayou section) will probably be completed a little later than June though, more likely the end of July/August.

    But don’t those new rooms look just gorgeous?

  • We’re planning a trip with our son in Feb 2013. I know exactly which room type to request. Can hardly wait till then. Keep sprinkling the magic fairy dust.

  • We have never been to Disney before. We have a Royal Room booked for Monday! I don’t know who is more excited the kids….or ME!!!!!

  • Do we know what buildings the Royal Rooms are located in? It’s just my hubby and I and we’re staying at Riverside in December and I requested the building on the right on the water, closest to the check in area.

  • I booked this several months ago, have 2 little grandfriends who are princesses that are making their first visit to not only Florida but coming to Disney World as well and I wanted them to be treated to the best. I can hardly wait…..

  • My family loves Port Orleans. We have stayed there several times and are never dis appointed. We have stayed at other resorts but come back here. I can’t wait to see what these rooms look like.

  • Rooms at French Quarter were already done.
    If you are staying at POR you need to have a Royal Room reserved.

  • That was a lovely video. It’s a shame that I will never stay there. Disney’s prices have increased too much. I simply can’t afford to stay on property any more. I have been going to Disney for the past 15+ yrs, sometime twice a year. But do to there outragious prices I will be staying off property this year. This saddens me because half the fun is staying on property, but changes haveto be made.

  • We will be there Monday morning!! YEAH Cannot wait! First time at PO-R – these rooms are all sold out already 🙁 oh well! Next time! They look gorgeous!!

  • I’m so excited 🙂 We are on our way, be there Sunday. This will be our 12th year in a row going, and we always stay there 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I love this resort… this just makes it even better!

  • WOW!! I cannot wait until June 4th. The girls don’t know…

  • I want to go to there.

  • I hope they plan a similar refurbishment at French Quarter. That is our favorite but we were just there in 2011 and the arch between the room and sinks was broken and we had a long list of complaints about the service…that has NEVER been the case in any of our previous trips…. and there have been a lot! 😀

  • Have stayed @ Port Orleans twice in our 20+ visits and enjoyed it. Can’t wait to return to see the renevations and stay in one of the rooms!

  • WOW!!!! I can’t wait to stay there!!!

  • We will be there in 9 days!! Cant wait

  • I’ve stayed here twice when it was Dixie Landing and loved it…Hope to come back again to see the new decor…This resort is in the perfect location to all the parks and Downtown Disney..Being on the Sassagoula River and all…:-)

  • We will be there in 9 days! Cant wait!!!

  • Can’t wait to try them out! 🙂

  • My 8 y/o granddaughter is taking me to WDW for my birthday later this month and booked one of these rooms…just don’t tell me it’s a surprise! I never go to Disney without my tiara so this is right up my alley.

  • I have always loved Port Orleans Riverside! Now it’s a Disney Princess’ dream! Great job!

  • OMG!! My hubby and I are staying at the Riverside for the first time in August for our 3rd anniversary and cannot wait to see the new rooms! YAY!!! This is so exciting! 150 days!!!

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